Top 10 Alternatives to Google News

Top 10 Alternatives to Google News

Google News offers a convenient platform for accessing news and tailoring your information feed. Recently, it has improved significantly through user interface updates, support for local languages, introduction of dark mode, offline reading capabilities, and more. Despite these enhancements, concerns have arisen regarding the infiltration of fake news sources and unreliable information onto the platform, often circumventing Google’s AI algorithms. To address this issue, we advocate for the incorporation of human curators and editors into Google’s news curation process. In the meantime, if you’re seeking an alternative news service, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 options for you to consider. These alternatives boast similar features to Google News, ensuring a seamless transition. Let’s delve into the list and discover the ideal replacement for your news consumption needs.

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Top Google News Alternatives in 2020

Here are 10 alternatives to Google News with two additional bonuses. Most platforms curate news to maintain a clean homepage, often offering dark mode and offline reading. Now, let’s dive into the list.

1. Microsoft News (MSN)

Microsoft News, also known as MSN, stands as one of the oldest news portals online, originating in 1995, predating Google News by seven years. With its extensive history in news curation, MSN emerges as a prime alternative to Google News. Like Google News, it offers customizable news sources, allowing users to select preferred sections. The homepage provides real-time news updates, encompassing comprehensive event coverage. Furthermore, it supports various local languages, facilitating access to news sources in regional dialects. Additionally, features include a dark mode, dedicated apps for Android and iOS, and the option to save articles for later reading. In summary, Microsoft News encompasses all essential features of Google News, making it a viable choice for users.

2. Apple News

Google News offers a standalone web portal accessible from any device, while Apple News is exclusive to iOS and macOS. For those in the Apple ecosystem, it serves as a viable alternative to Google News, boasting similar features with tight integration to your Apple ID. Notably, alongside personalized news, users can subscribe to newspapers, magazines, journals, and more. What sets Apple News apart is its human-curated content, minimizing the risk of fake news or unreliable information. Additionally, it provides dark mode, unlimited magazine downloads, and offline reading. In essence, for iPhone, iPad, or MacBook users, Apple News stands out as the premier news consumption platform.

Installation: Pre-installed on Apple devices (Free, Apple News+ starts at $9.99/month)

3. Yahoo News

While Yahoo fades from memory, Yahoo News remains a classic choice. Like Google News, it offers local and global news, section-wise coverage, and real-time weather updates on its homepage. While its web version lacks feed customization, the app allows personalized news sources. Overall, Yahoo News rivals Google News in selection and coverage. Former Yahoo users may find it worth a try.

4. Bundle

If you seek a mobile app offering quality news with great design, Bundle stands out as a top Google News alternative. It rivals Google News features and excels in some aspects. Bundle delivers personalized news feeds from numerous sources including blogs, magazines, and more. It provides notifications for breaking news, live scores, and local events. Additionally, it offers excellent accessibility features such as offline mode, dark theme, and reader mode, popular on Google News. Furthermore, it includes a low data mode, reducing article size for uninterrupted reading. These features position Bundle as a premier news consumption app worthy of exploration.

Install: Android, iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

5. Flipboard

Flipboard, available for Android and iOS, is a news aggregator app that tailors news feeds to your interests. Using AI and user preferences, it curates a list of articles likely to interest you. Like Google News, you can follow sections and topics for relevant articles. Flipboard prioritizes personalized reading, making it a viable alternative to Google News.

6. Feedly

Feedly, a true news aggregator service, offers a modern alternative to RSS readers. If you enjoy Google News for its customizable news sources and topics, you’ll adore Feedly. With Feedly, select from various news outlets, blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter handles, and Google Keywords to create a personalized feed, categorizing all news into dedicated sections tailored to your interests. Additionally, enjoy reader mode for clutter-free article reading and save and organize articles for later viewing. Overall, Feedly stands out as one of the best alternatives to Google News, providing a personalized news feed experience.

Install: Web, Android, iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

7. Inshorts

Top 10 Alternatives to Google News

Inshorts, a unique news app, offers concise summaries, contrasting Google News’ extensive features. Providing news in under 60 words, it’s ideal for those with limited time. However, it’s exclusive to Indian users. Inshorts delivers crucial information in English and Hindi, learning user preferences for tailored content. While distinct from Google News, both aim to deliver news efficiently. To stay updated effortlessly, choose Inshorts.

Install: Android, iOS (Free – for Indian Users only)

8. Associated Press

Associated Press, not a news aggregator like Google News, is a media agency that gathers reports and local information globally through its correspondents. AP, one of the world’s oldest media agencies, provides factual and unbiased information, distinct from traditional media, renowned for its local reportage, photo stories, videos, and confidential reports. If you seek news devoid of jargon or opinion, Associated Press is your go-to. It offers a web portal and apps for Android and iOS.

9. Pocket

While Pocket isn’t a direct Google News alternative, it functions similarly. Pocket’s primary purpose is to save articles for later reading. However, it evolves as you use it, learning your preferences and suggesting popular articles and news currently trending among users. It features a “best of web” section curated by humans. Additionally, it offers a dark mode and a unique “listen to article” feature, distinguishing it from Google News. While its main use is for saving articles for later, you can expand Pocket’s functionality to serve as a comprehensive alternative to Google News.

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS (Free, with in-app purchases)

10. Inside

Inside offers a unique newsletter service known for its curated selection of news and informative articles. It’s not merely a Google News alternative; rather, it delivers insightful content from various industries and topics directly to your email inbox. Think of it as a tailored morning newspaper sent to you via email. You can subscribe to broad topics such as technology, security, politics, lifestyle, or more niche subjects like specific locations or sports figures. Having curated news tailored to your interests is an efficient way to stay informed, and Inside excels at this. If you value curated news, give this app a try.

Install: Web (Free)

Unlocking Insights: Twitter News and Reddit Lists

Frankly, Twitter and Reddit offer invaluable insights into global events. In today’s world, breaking news often originates on Twitter before reaching traditional media outlets. Leveraging these platforms can keep you ahead of the curve. Utilize Twitter’s List feature to curate tailored feeds for your interests. Compile lists encompassing preferred topics and associated Twitter handles. Include mainstream news sources, field reporters, and journalists for a personalized news feed akin to Google News. Stay informed about unfolding events effortlessly.

Utilize Reddit to consolidate your interests into a single feed. Follow various subreddits aligned with your preferences. For news, subscribe to r/news, r/politics, or region-specific subreddits. Likewise, engage with r/technology for updates on tech. Twitter and Reddit offer comparable features to Google News, including bookmarking and dark mode. In summary, for those seeking an alternative to Google News, Reddit and Twitter present compelling options that promise a satisfying user experience.

Download Twitter: Web, Android, iOS (Free)

Download Reddit: Web, Android, iOS (Free, with in-app purchases)

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The Best Google News Alternatives Ranked

Here’s our list of top Google News alternatives. Whether you want news aggregation or personalization, we’ve got you covered. It’s your choice which service to go for. If you enjoyed our picks, let us know in the comments.