Streamlining Your Instagram Identity: Effortlessly Changing Your Name and Username (Across Android, iOS, & Web)

Streamlining Your Instagram Identity: Effortlessly Changing Your Name and Username (Across Android, iOS, & Web)

While altering your name proves cumbersome on Facebook, Instagram presents a refreshingly straightforward process. Despite being under the umbrella of Mark Zuckerberg’s expansive social media empire, Instagram allows ample flexibility in modifying both your display name and username. Waste no time; let’s delve into the seamless procedure of updating your Instagram identity on iPhone, Android, and web platforms.

Revamping Your Identity: Simple Steps for Name and Username Modifications on Instagram (2021)

Instagram differs from its parent company, Facebook, in terms of name change restrictions. However, certain caveats exist, which we’ll discuss before delving into the step-by-step guide. We’ll also address distinctions between display names and usernames, along with key considerations before altering them. Now, let’s explore the straightforward process of changing your Instagram name and username.

Understanding the Distinction Between Name and Username

Before changing your name on Instagram, note the distinction between display name and username. The display name is either your own name or an alias, alterable twice in 14 days. It can match others’.

  • Username must be unique.
  • Username must be under 30 characters.
  • Username can include only letters, numbers, periods, and underscores.
  • Username must avoid profanity or restricted language.

What to Know Before Updating Instagram Profile

Instagram doesn’t impose the same name change restrictions as Facebook, but there are essential considerations before updating your profile info. For regular users, your username updates instantly, and followers are notified. However, if your account has significant reach, the username change might undergo review. Instagram notifies you upon completion of the review.

Note that Instagram doesn’t specify what constitutes “a lot of people,” so the threshold to activate manual review remains ambiguous. Changing the ‘Name’ field won’t alter anything except the displayed name on your profile. However, altering the ‘Username’ will modify your account URL, resulting in a 404 error for your old Instagram URL. Nonetheless, your account link will automatically update elsewhere (like embedded posts, etc.), allowing users to engage with your account as usual.

Instagram preserves your old username for 14 days. If you decide to revert to your old handle within this period, you can do so. Afterward, it becomes available to the public, potentially claimed by someone else. Regardless, all other account information remains unchanged, including followers, liked posts, and followed accounts.

Now, onto changing your Instagram name and username on Android, iOS, or the website.

Streamlining Your Instagram Identity: Effortlessly Changing Your Name and Username (Across Android, iOS, & Web)

Change Instagram Name and Username on Android

  • Launch the Instagram app and tap your profile image at the bottom-right corner. Then, select ‘Edit Profile’.
  • To change your name or username on Instagram, first, choose either ‘Name‘ or ‘Username‘ based on your preference. Then, input the new name/username and tap the blue check (tick) mark located at the top-right corner to save.

If your account doesn’t have a large following, the changes will take effect immediately. However, if “your account reaches a lot of people”, Instagram will review the changes before applying them, as mentioned earlier in this guide.

Note: If your desired username is already taken or doesn’t meet Instagram’s standards, you’ll receive a red exclamation mark and a message stating ‘Username not available’. Keep trying different options until the message disappears.

Changing Your Instagram Name and Username on iPhone

  • To change your name or username on Instagram, open the app and tap your profile image at the bottom-right. Then, select ‘Edit Profile‘.
  • Type your desired new name or username, then tap ‘Done‘ to confirm the change.

Similarly, on Android, your updated display name or username will promptly appear across all Instagram platforms, except for specific instances.

Changing Name and Username via Instagram Website

  • Log in to the Instagram website, then click your profile image at the top-right. From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Profile‘.
  • Next to your username, click ‘Edit Profile‘.
  • To update your Instagram name or username, simply adjust your profile information and click ‘Submit’.

Note : Unlike the app, the website won’t alert you in real-time if your preferred username is taken. Hit ‘Submit’ to confirm availability..

Simplify Your Instagram Profile

Now that you’ve mastered updating your Instagram handle, explore our guide for changing your Facebook name. You can also refresh your identity on Zoom. Additionally, discover more Instagram tips like hiding message requests and disabling contacts sync. Concerned about privacy? Explore alternative apps for Android and iOS.