Revamping Your Reddit Username

Revamping Your Reddit Username

Reddit, often dubbed the front page of the internet, initially bestows new users with generic usernames like Unhappy-Round436 or IntroductionSecret7. While these usernames aren’t mandatory, users frequently seek methods to alter them afterward. If you’re among them, here’s a guide on changing your Reddit username and display name.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Altering Your Reddit Username (2022)

Reddit boasts 52 million daily active users worldwide. Yet, its ‘suggested usernames’ often befuddle newcomers, prompting many to seek a change. If you’re among those seeking a more personalized Reddit handle, read on. Below, we’ll elucidate the process of altering your username and display name on both the app and website.

Considerations Before Changing Your Reddit Screen Name

Foremost, understand that altering your Reddit name is only feasible if Reddit suggested your username and your account is relatively new, with limited activity. If you’ve already selected a custom username or used Reddit extensively, changing your screen name isn’t an option.

Regardless of your username status, you can modify your ‘Display Name’ on Reddit at any time. Your Display Name will appear on your profile page, while all your posts, comments, and replies will retain your existing username. If you wish to avoid this, the only solution to permanently eliminate your Reddit username is to delete your Reddit account. Afterwards, you can begin anew with a fresh account.

Steps to Change Username Using Reddit App (Android and iOS)

Note: The following screenshots are from the Reddit Android app, but the steps are applicable to iOS as well.

  • Open the Reddit app and log in to the account whose username you wish to change. Then, tap your profile avatar at the top-left corner and choose ‘My profile‘ from the slide-out menu.
  • Reddit will now prompt you to confirm your Reddit-assigned username or select a new one. Choose ‘Change Username’ and enter your desired username. Tap ‘Next’ in the top-right corner when finished.
  • Finally, select ‘Save Username‘ to confirm and update your Reddit username. Your new username will be visible on your profile and all your posts and comments.

Change Display Name on Reddit App (Android and iOS)

  • Launch the Reddit app and tap your profile avatar in the top-left corner. Then, in the slide-out menu, choose ‘My profile‘.

Changing Your Display Name

  • To edit your profile, tap the ‘Edit Profile‘ button on the following page.
  • You may change your display name to any within the 40-character limit. Remember to save by tapping the ‘Save‘ button at the top-right corner. Your new display name will then appear on your profile.
Revamping Your Reddit Username

Changing Your Display Name on Reddit

  • Sign in to Reddit and select your profile avatar at the top-right corner, then choose ‘Profile‘ from the menu.
  • Access the settings by tapping the gear icon next to your profile avatar.
  • Now, change your display name to anything within the 40-character limit. Changes will auto-save.
  • Return to your profile page to view your new display name.

Note: If your new display name doesn’t appear, refresh the page to clear the cache.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many times can you change your username on Reddit?

Reddit allows only one username change, exclusive to users with the auto-generated username. Manual changes are final.

Q. Can I create multiple Reddit accounts with the same email?

Yes, Reddit permits creating multiple accounts with the same email address, enabling users to establish distinct accounts for various purposes.

Q. How to Change Username of an Old Account?

If you’re unable to alter your username due to your account’s age or because you’ve already changed it once, your sole option is to establish a new account with your preferred username. Luckily, a fresh email ID isn’t required for this process.

Q. Are deleted Reddit accounts permanent?

Deleting your Reddit account is irreversible. Furthermore, you cannot reuse the same username. However, deleting your account does not remove past comments; they will display as “[deleted].”

Change Your Username and Display Name on Reddit Easily!

Changing your username and display name on Reddit is simple, whether using the app or website. So, go ahead, update your username and display name on Reddit, and share your experience. Also, explore our other Reddit guides, such as disabling the ‘open in app’ prompt and hiding online status.