12 Extensions for Customizing Chrome’s New Tab

12 Extensions for Customizing Chrome's New Tab

We’re all familiar with Chrome’s New Tab page, but not everyone likes it. While some appreciate Google’s approach, many find it bland. Chrome lacks built-in customization options, whether you explore settings or experimental features. Fortunately, the Chrome Web Store offers numerous extensions to personalize this page. Some refine its appearance, others add functionality, and some completely overhaul it. Whatever your preference for Chrome’s New Tab page, these extensions have you covered.

Top Extensions for Chrome’s New Tab Page Customization

Using the extension doesn’t require an account, but creating one grants access to extra features. It’s free for individual users, and team pricing may be available in the future.

2. Momentum

The popular Momentum extension ensures your new tab is both visually pleasing and productive. It presents a new wallpaper and motivational quote daily, along with a clock, weather info, and shortcuts for apps, custom links, and search. Additionally, it displays your to-dos discreetly and allows you to set daily goals.

Momentum, while not packed with features, boasts a minimalistic design with key functionalities. If you encounter issues with Momentum, consider trying Leoh, a similar and equally commendable option.

3. Speed Dial 2

Speed Dial 2, another popular Chrome extension, replaces the new tab with visually appealing bookmarks that can be organized into groups for quick access. It also features a sidebar on the right edge, providing access to recently closed tabs and installed Chrome apps. Moreover, Speed Dial offers a variety of customizable themes to enhance its aesthetics.

Last but not least, we appreciate its insights into your most visited websites throughout the day and its ability to sync settings across devices. Speed Dial 2 prioritizes quick access to your favorite websites, and it excels in this regard.

4. Dayboard

Dayboard ranks among my favorite Chrome extensions, offering customization for the New Tab page. Unlike others, Dayboard’s primary focus is on reminding you of important tasks to complete. Once installed, it transforms Chrome’s new tab page into a task list limited to five tasks.

Focus on listing only your most important tasks for the day. When you input your tasks, each time you open a new tab page in Chrome, you’ll see a reminder of those tasks. This serves as a prompt to prioritize your work over browsing the web. Additionally, experiencing the satisfaction of checking off completed tasks upon opening a new tab adds a positive reinforcement.

5. Start.me

Start.me is a comprehensive new tab extension designed to enhance productivity. It offers various widgets such as calendar, bookmarks, email, webpage embed, Google tasks, and news. These widgets are customizable, allowing you to personalize your Start.me page with different backgrounds, layouts, and transparency settings. Additionally, you can create separate pages for personal and work-related tasks.

Summing up, Start.me ensures your new tab page provides all necessary information. However, the extension can feel overwhelming, particularly after making changes. Additionally, Start.me pages may load slowly on unreliable internet connections.

6. Muzli 2

Muzli stands out as the most visually stunning new tab extension available for Chrome. Developed by InVision, a leading design software company, its primary goal is to inspire users with fresh designs. Although ideal for designers and creators, anyone can appreciate its beauty.

12 Extensions for Customizing Chrome's New Tab

Besides stunning designs and artwork, Muzli enables users to choose publications and showcases their top articles daily on the new tab page. It’s an excellent method to track stories from preferred publishers. I appreciate the extension’s design, functionality, and enhancement of the Chrome new tab page.

7. Tab for a Cause

Ever pondered if opening a new tab could aid someone? Well, that’s precisely what Tab for a Cause accomplishes. This extension substitutes your new tab, displaying sponsored content and ads each time you open one, with the resulting ad revenue directed towards charity. But there’s more; it also integrates functionalities such as widgets for your favorite websites, bookmarks, calendar, and notes. Additionally, it offers the nifty feature “Tabber stats,” providing insights into how many times you’ve opened a new tab and the app’s impact on the world.

8. Earth View

Earth View swaps your new tab with a stunning satellite image from Google Earth. Images change each time you open a new tab, enhancing the experience. You can locate the image on Google Maps, download it, or explore the web gallery with numerous breathtaking images. Keep in mind, a stable internet connection is required for the extension to display new images. Alternatively, you can try Dream Afar, offering fresh, beautiful images every other day.

9. Blank New Tab

Chrome lacks the option to display a blank screen on new tabs, but the Blank New Tab extension fills this gap. Once installed, it presents a white screen on new tabs.

10. Markdown New Tab

Markdown New Tab caters to writers who prefer markdown formatting over rich-text editors. The extension provides a simple markdown text editor for the new tab, enabling easy copying and pasting, adding links, saving reminders, including checklists, and more. It offers a convenient method for jotting down quick notes and links before transferring them to permanent notes.

I appreciate its ability to eliminate the need for switching between applications. I can store everything here and export it at day’s end. While acknowledging it may not suit everyone, markdown enthusiasts should consider giving it a try.

11. Tabby Cat

Not everyone desires a productive NewTab extension for Chrome. Some simply seek something uplifting. For cat enthusiasts, Tabby Cat is a delightful choice. This extension integrates your beloved feline companion into your browser’s new tab, offering a new cat with each tab.

What sets Tabby Cat apart is its dynamic nature. Tabby cats blink, sleep, and even respond to your virtual petting. Occasionally, they might even leave small surprises for you. Tabby Cat consistently brings joy every time I open a new tab.

12. FlashTabs

FlashTabs is ideal for students or anyone seeking to master spaced repetition for remembering facts. Spaced repetition is a learning technique employing flashcards to aid memory retention. What better location for these flashcards than your browser’s new tab? Every time you open a new tab, a flashcard appears for you to test yourself. If you can’t recall the answer, simply click the flashcard to reveal it.

Next time the same card appears, hopefully you’ll remember the answer. If not, the process repeats. What I love is that you introduce learning in web browsing without compromising the experience. You need to create an account to use it. There are both free and paid versions. The free version gives you access to 3 decks (with hundred cards each). If you want more, it will cost you $19/year.

Ready to spice up your New Tab page on Chrome?

The new tab page is something we visit numerous times daily, so why not make it more fun, functional, or productive? This is what these extensions do. Install these Chrome extensions and spice up your Chrome new tab. We have extensions that enhance productivity, change appearance, and even show cats. Check them out and let us know your favorite Chrome New Tab page extensions by writing in the comments below.