Reporting Bad Apps and Scams in Apple App Store on iPhone

Reporting Bad Apps and Scams in Apple App Store on iPhone

While Apple’s App Store policy is stringent, scammers exploit loopholes to release fraud apps and extract money. Previously, users could only wait for Apple to remove these apps. However, iOS 15 introduces a ‘Report a Problem’ button in the App Store, allowing direct reporting of fraud apps and scams on iPhone and iPad. Here’s how to flag scam apps on iOS.

Reporting Scam Apps in App Store on iPhone and iPad (2021)

Prior to delving into the step-by-step process, let’s distinguish the new ‘Report a Problem’ button from the previous reporting feature and explore its accessibility along with instructions for activation on your iPhone.

The New ‘Report a Problem’ Button in the App Store

  • Request a refund
  • Report suspicious activity
  • Find My Content
  • Report a quality issue

Truthfully, these options existed to appease users and inflate statistics, lacking a clear avenue to report scams or subpar apps. Moreover, the ‘Report suspicious activity’ choice often redirected users to Apple Support, a rather irksome experience.

Now, the Apple App Store enables direct reporting for every free app with in-app purchases. Notably, separate options exist for reporting scams, offensive, illegal, and abusive content. From a user’s perspective, this implementation is much better. Yet, why did it take Apple so long to make this change?

Is there a caveat? Unfortunately, yes. Currently, the ‘Report a problem’ button is only accessible in the United States. So, if you reside elsewhere, combating fraudulent apps is challenging. It’s a shame, considering Apple’s emphasis on “Security” in its ad campaigns. However, there’s a workaround to test this functionality, even if you’re outside the US.

Reporting Scam Apps and Abusive Content on the App Store

1. Launch the App Store on your iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 device. Then, find the app you wish to report and scroll down to the information section. Tap “Report a Problem”.

2. You’ll be directed to Apple’s website ( Sign in with your Apple ID and password. If your Apple ID is locked or disabled, follow our guide to regain access.

3. After signing in, tap the drop-down menu under ‘What can we help you with?’ to report the app from your iPhone.

Reporting Bad Apps and Scams in Apple App Store on iPhone

4. The drop-down menu offers various options, such as:

  • Request a refund
  • Report a quality issue
  • Find my content
  • Report a scam or fraud
  • Report offensive, illegal, or abusive content

Select the preferred option as per your needs and hit Next. For this guide, I’ll choose the fourth option to report a scam or fraud.

5. Describe the issue and submit the report. After submission, Apple will review the app and use your feedback to improve the service. Note that Cupertino giant won’t send you a reply based on your report. You can only wait for the desired action.

How to Get App Store’s New ‘Report a Problem’ Option Outside US

While there’s no confirmation about the rollout of this newly-added feature outside the US yet, you can access it now through an age-old hack. It requires you to create a US Apple ID or change your App Store country/region to the US. I suggest you go with the latter as it’s a simpler workaround.

To change the App Store country in iOS 15, go to Settings -> your profile icon -> Media & Purchases -> View Account -> Country/Region. Then tap on Change Country or Region and enter a US address and phone number.

After changing your country, navigate to the App Store and visit the information section of a free app with in-app purchases. Look for the ‘Report a Problem’ option. If it doesn’t appear immediately, restart your iPhone.

Apple’s Struggle with Halting Scam Apps in App Store

Apple employs only 500 human app reviewers, compared to Google’s 20,000 content moderators. Facebook boasts 15,000 content moderators, while Twitter has 2,200 reviewers.

Considering the enormity of the App Store, Apple needs a larger team of human app reviewers to prevent scams on a large scale. With such emphasis on boosting security and privacy, the App Store deserves better safeguards against fraud. It’s inexplicable why the Cupertino giant is so passive on this front.

Report Fraud and Scam Apps on iPhone and iPad

This is how you can directly report scams and abusive apps in the Apple App Store on iPhone. Only time will tell how effective this feature will be, but I find it more user-friendly than the previous implementation. It will be interesting to see whether Apple takes serious action against the reports. What’s your take on this new app reporting feature? Do you find it helpful? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.