Making and Utilizing the Eye of Ender in Minecraft

Making and Utilizing the Eye of Ender in Minecraft

Whether you’re a novice exploring Minecraft or a seasoned speedrunner tackling Minecraft seeds, the Eye of Ender is an essential item. However, it doesn’t spawn naturally and behaves uniquely compared to other game items, leading to confusion for many players. Fortunately, we’re here to provide a straightforward guide on crafting and using the Eye of Ender. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Eye of Ender in Minecraft (2022)

What is the Eye of Ender?

The Eye of Ender, an uncommon utility item in Minecraft, doesn’t spawn naturally. It’s the primary item needed to visit the End dimension, where the Ender dragon resides. Items from the overworld and Nether dimensions are required to craft it, effectively connecting all Minecraft dimensions.

Items Needed to Make an Eye of Ender

  • 1 Ender Pearl
  • 1 Blaze Powder
  • Crafting Table (Optional)

To ensure activation of the End portal, gather sufficient ingredients for 12 or more Eyes of Ender at once. This safeguards against potential loss during transportation, as Eyes of Ender can randomly break upon use, rendering them irretrievable.

Ender Pearls

Obtaining Ender pearls in your Minecraft world is straightforward. They can be acquired through:

  • Killing Endermen across all three dimensions of Minecraft
  • Looting chests in Woodland Mansions and Strongholds
  • Trading with expert-level cleric villagers (for more on Minecraft villager jobs, click here)
  • Bartering with Piglins in the Nether dimension

To enhance your Ender pearl collection, consider constructing an Enderman farm in Minecraft. It offers an unlimited supply of Ender pearls and XP. However, only one Ender Pearl is necessary to craft an Eye of Ender.

Blaze Powder

Follow these steps to acquire the necessary blaze powder for crafting the Eye of Ender in Minecraft:

1. Make a Nether portal and journey to the Nether dimension.

2. Locate a Nether fortress, the spawning site for Blaze mobs.

3. After finding the fortress, roam until you stumble upon a Blaze. Then, kill it for Blaze rods. Keep in mind not every Blaze drops rods, so you may need to fight more than one.

4. Finally, place the blaze rods in the crafting area to convert them into blaze powder. You can do this using crafting tables or your player inventory.

Minecraft Eye of Ender: Crafting Recipe

Making and Utilizing the Eye of Ender in Minecraft

Once you have Blaze powder and Ender pearls in your inventory, it’s time to create the Eye of Ender. You can place both ingredients anywhere in the crafting area. We’ve positioned the Eye of Ender and Blaze powder next to each other to obtain an Eye of Ender. The recipe here doesn’t require a strict order, and they don’t need to be adjacent.

The crafting recipe for the Eye of Ender consists of just two items, allowing you to create it directly in your player inventory, eliminating the need for a crafting table.

Eye of Ender’s Functions in Minecraft

  • Crafting Ender Chests
  • Locating Strongholds
  • Activating End Portals

Crafting Ender Chests with Ender Eye

Using the Eye of Ender, you can craft one of Minecraft’s most innovative storage blocks: the Ender chest. This unique chest grants you access to stored items from any location. Crafted Ender chests are linked to individual players, ensuring the security of your treasures.

Note: To craft an Ender chest, you’ll need Obsidian blocks and an Eye of Ender.

Locating Strongholds with Eye of Ender

To find Strongholds in your Minecraft world, follow these steps:

1. Ensure you’re in the overworld dimension. Then, throw the Eye of Ender into the sky using right-click or the secondary action key. It will automatically fly 12 blocks toward the nearest stronghold.

2. If the stronghold is distant, the Eye of Ender will ascend, and it will descend if the stronghold is close. If the Ender Eye consistently descends to the same spot, that’s where your Stronghold is. Now, simply dig down.

Activating the End Portal in Minecraft

Once you’ve located the stronghold, it’s time to fulfill the main task of the Eyes of Ender:

1. Explore the stronghold structure until you discover the portal room, housing the End portal atop lava alongside a mob spawner.

2. Proceed to each End portal frame, utilizing right-click or the secondary action key to insert the Eyes of Ender. Once all 12 are in place, the portal activates.

If delving deeper into locating this structure, we recommend perusing our dedicated guide on finding the stronghold in Minecraft.

Create and Utilize Eye of Ender in Minecraft

Whether you’ve struggled to locate the End dimension or craft an Eye of Ender, our guide aims to resolve your queries. Before venturing into the portal, ensure readiness to confront Minecraft’s formidable mobs. We advise carrying top-tier Minecraft potions and a set of tools enhanced with Minecraft enchantments. Now, share with us your favorite Minecraft dimension in the comments below!