Finding Coal in Minecraft

Finding Coal in Minecraft

By day, Minecraft radiates warmth and welcome, but as night falls, it can turn daunting, especially for newcomers. Yet, knowing how to find coal can shift the tide in your favor. This resource serves as both fuel and material for crafting light sources and tools. Let’s delve into the realm of coal within Minecraft!

Obtaining Coal in Minecraft (2022)

Coal, among the plethora of ores in Minecraft, is ubiquitous in the overworld and serves as its primary fuel. In the following sections, we’ll delve into its uses, crafting methods, and mechanics.

Coal’s Location in Minecraft

Typically, players find coal in Minecraft caves. Additionally, coal can be obtained through chest loot, mob drops, or mining coal ore. Let’s explore each method:

Chest Loot in Various Locations:

  • Dungeons
  • Mineshafts
  • Igloos
  • Shipwrecks
  • Strongholds
  • Ancient City
  • Woodland Mansion
  • Underwater Ruins
  • Village

Among these, igloos and underwater ruins have the highest chances of containing a chest with coal. However, Ancient Cities in Minecraft can yield chests with up to 15 coal pieces, whereas other locations offer a maximum of 8.

Obtain Coal by Killing Hostile Mobs

If exploration isn’t your forte, you can acquire coal by defeating mobs. However, coal drops exclusively from Wither skeletons, found in the perilous Nether dimension. Unless you’re establishing a mob loot farm, it’s advisable to steer clear of them. Instead, rely on the conventional method of mining for coal in Minecraft.

Mine Coal Ore (Simplest Method)

To obtain coal in Minecraft, mining is the most common and reliable method. It spawns as coal ore in mountains and caves throughout the overworld. Any pickaxe can be used to mine the ore directly, causing it to drop coal as an item. Coal generates twice in the overworld based on ore generation.

In mountainous areas, coal ore blobs generate between the world heights of Y=136 and Y=320. At ground level, the second set of coal block blobs generates between Y=0 and Y=190.

The second set of coal blocks is typically hidden beneath other blocks and not directly exposed to the air. Additionally, Minecraft biomes do not affect its spawn rate, and the highest amount of coal ores can be found at Y=95.

How to Obtain Coal in Minecraft

Coal, found naturally in Minecraft, typically bypasses crafting. Should you encounter a coal block, placing it on a crafting table yields 9 coal pieces. Alternatively, mining coal ore with a silk touch pickaxe permits smelting in a furnace to obtain coal.

However, such occurrences are rare in standard Minecraft gameplay with friends. Smelting coal ore only yields one coal piece, making it inefficient fuel usage.

Utilizing Coal in Minecraft

  • Fuel: Coal powers furnaces and blast furnaces in Minecraft for smelting various items.
  • Trading: Minecraft villagers such as fishermen, armorers, toolsmiths, weaponsmiths, or butchers may offer emeralds for coal.
  • Crafting: Coal is a key crafting ingredient for various useful items. Learn more in the following section.

How to Make a Torch in Minecraft

Crafting a torch is a crucial early task in Minecraft survival mode. Follow the recipe below:

Minecraft torch (above) and Minecraft soul fire torch (below)

In the crafting area, place coal in a block and then a stick underneath to craft a torch. This recipe works in both a crafting table and your inventory’s crafting area. Additionally, with a piece of soul soil block beneath the stick, you can craft a soul fire torch, emitting blue flames for a striking visual in your Minecraft house builds.

Craft Other Items with Minecraft Coal

Besides torches, coal is essential in crafting the following:

  • Campfire: Combine with sticks and log blocks to craft a campfire, used for cooking and illumination.
  • Block of Coal: Combine 9 coal pieces to craft a block of coal, serving as both fuel and coal storage.
  • Fire Charge: Mix coal with blaze powder and gunpowder to make a fire charge, handy for igniting fires and Nether portals in Minecraft.

Exploring Coal’s Uses in Minecraft

Whether you’re lighting up your Minecraft abode or stocking up on efficient fuel, coal is your go-to. Our guide enhances your coal experience in the game. Once you’ve amassed coal, delve into dark caves for other crucial ores, illuminating your path with torches. Check out our diamond-finding guide for a head start. How will you wield coal’s power in Minecraft? Share your strategies in the comments!