12 Top Alternatives to Blinkist

12 Top Alternatives to Blinkist

Blinkist caters to book lovers and knowledge seekers, offering insights from over 4,000 nonfiction bestsellers in concise micro-book formats, available in text and audio, requiring just 15 minutes to absorb. While admirable, Blinkist has limitations: it supports only English and German, offers a restricted freemium version with pre-selected blinks, and charges a steep premium starting at $12.99 per month. If these drawbacks deter you, consider these top alternatives to Blinkist in 2020.

Top Alternatives to Blinkist

Some apps in this lineup are priced lower than Blinkist, ideal for users seeking a cheaper alternative. Additionally, several book summary apps offer larger libraries and support more languages.

Furthermore, certain services offer a personalized experience with features like curated lists, intuitive audio listening, and tracking functionality to enhance your reading. Therefore, let’s explore the best alternatives to Blinkist based on your priorities!

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1. StoryShots

“StoryShot” offers much to admire, with three key features distinguishing it as a formidable alternative to Blinkist. Firstly, boasting one of the largest book collections spanning various genres such as management, history, science, communication skills, and economics.

Moreover, it regularly updates its library with new titles, ensuring a constant stream of fresh content. Secondly, its sleek UI rivals Blinkist’s renowned interface, offering flexibility to either read or listen to summaries at your convenience.

As a visual learner, you’d appreciate its well-thought-out videos. StoryShot comes free with basic features. You can subscribe to the $2.49/month premium plan for an ad-free experience and extra features like offline reading.

Considering the low price and extensive features, StoryShot stands out as one of the best Blinkist alternatives available.

  • A vast book collection
  • Books in various categories
  • Impressive UI


  • The freemium version is bloated with ads

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

Pricing: Free, $1.99/monthly

2. Instaread

“Instaread,” a formidable contender against Blinkist, caters to aficionados of nonfiction literature, likely already within your purview. Housing a diverse collection of over 800 titles, this app furnishes succinct synopses of bestsellers and renowned works.

Beyond its array of professionally crafted summaries, Instaread grants access to New York Times Magazine articles, enriching your intellectual arsenal. Moreover, it boasts original content spanning significant subjects and notable figures. Should Blinkist leave you yearning for more distinctive material, Instaread emerges as a fitting alternative.

Ensure you don’t forget to check out a special article or book; it allows you to track completion rates. Additionally, download favorites to listen during long trips or free time.

Regarding price, Instaread offers a 7-day free trial, with its basic variant starting at $4.99. With a diverse library and high-quality content, it’s a top alternative to Blinkist.

  • Over 800 titles
  • Includes The New York Times Magazine articles
  • Offers originals on important topics and notable people
  • Allows tracking of completion rates

Platform Availability: Android, iOS, and Web

Pricing: 7-day free trial, $8.99/month or $89.99/year

3. Quiddity

If you seek a Blinkist-like app without cost, Quiddity fits the bill. It effectively tracks major takeaways and insights from popular nonfiction books.

The app boasts a library of over 150 summaries, not matching Blinkist in quantity but offering quality. With new titles added monthly, there’s always something new to discover.

Whether you prefer books on self-improvement & psychology or science & technology, Quiddity offers diverse options for learning. Access nonfiction books in both text and audio formats.

Quiddity stands out as one of the best free alternatives to Blinkist. It regularly adds new books across various categories.

  • Adds new books weekly
  • Books available in many categories
  • Free

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

Pricing: Free

4. 12min

If price isn’t a concern, consider this alternative to Blinkist. 12min mirrors Blinkist’s intuitive UI and features. It extracts ideas from best-selling nonfiction books, delivering convenient micro-books for reading or listening. Like Blinkist, it provides both text and audio versions for flexible consumption.

12min also presents a curated list for easy discovery of preferred nonfiction books. Accessible offline, you can enjoy your favorite titles while traveling. Similar to Blinkist, it’s free with restricted title access.

To access the entire collection without restriction, subscribe to the premium version for $49/year. Language support includes English, Portuguese, and Spanish. 12min offers micro books in text and audio formats and works efficiently offline. Platform availability extends to Android, iOS, and web. Pricing options include free or $63.99/year.

5. BookRags

Seeking a Blinkist alternative providing helpful essays, lesson plans, and top-quality education resources? Look no further than BookRags. Featuring an extensive collection of educational resources and literature study guides, it serves as a comprehensive platform for teachers and students.

The summaries, neatly written, offer valuable insights. While the interface may appear outdated, the library’s contents, including bios, essays, lesson plans, and more, compensate for this drawback.

The free version offers only brief article summaries. To access the full range of resources, a subscription of $19.99/month is required. Considering the vast library, this fee is reasonable.

  • Top-quality education resources
  • Well-crafted summaries
  • The web app operates smoothly

Platform Availability: Web

Pricing: Free, $24.99/month

6. getAbstract

If personalized reading is a top priority, consider “getAbstract.” The app offers insights from over 20,000 nonfiction books. Summaries are concise, taking less than 10 minutes, compared to Blinkist’s 15 minutes.

Even amidst a busy life, finding time for enriching reads remains feasible. With over 350 categories, boredom finds no entry into your literary pursuits. From TED talks to innovation and leadership, content tailored to your taste awaits.

Regarding UI, getAbstract’s interface remains clutter-free, requiring minimal learning. Its language support extends beyond Blinkist, encompassing English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and Russian.

While lacking a freemium option, getAbstract’s premium version starts at just $5.99.

  • Personalized reading experiences
  • Insights distilled from over 20,000 nonfiction books
  • Summaries aren’t time-consuming
  • The web app feels slow
  • Doesn’t offer enough tools to organize the library

Platform Availability: Android, iOS, and web

Pricing: 3-day free trial, Starts at $99/year

7. ReadingIQ

For those unsatisfied with Blinkist’s children’s book library (up to 12 years old), “ReadingIQ” is a superior option. The app boasts a roster of over 7000 award-winning books, including more than 700 voiced titles for enjoyable listening. In addition to the full ABCmouse library, it offers collections from publishers such as National Geographic, Whitman, Charlesbridge, and others.

With its guided reading feature, ReadingIQ enhances children’s reading experience, allowing parents to track their progress conveniently. All books align with the school curriculum and include comprehension quizzes.

ReadingIQ differs from Blinkist by not offering a free version. However, for $7.99/month, you gain access to its entire library, matching Blinkist’s monthly pricing.

12 Top Alternatives to Blinkist
  • Over 7000 award-winning books
  • 700 voiced titles
  • Includes the entire ABCmouse library
  • Comprehension quizzes

Platform Availability: Android, iOS, and web

Pricing: 30-day free trial, $7.99/month

8. Snapreads

As a book summaries app, “Snapreads” excels. Whether you seek an expansive library or a sleek user interface, it stands as one of the premier Blinkist alternatives. What intrigued me about this app is its vast array of thousands of books tailored to diverse reading preferences.

It provides concise analysis and key takeaways (up to 15 minutes) that require minimal time investment. The app monitors your book selections and provides tailored suggestions accordingly.

Hence, no need to spend excessive time searching for content you enjoy during leisure. Regarding pricing, Snapreads’ premium version costs $14.99/month. Despite being relatively pricey, if cost is not an issue, it stands as a top Blinkist alternative.


  • Extensive book collection
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Diverse book selection

Availability: iOS and web

Pricing: 7-day free trial, $14.99/month, or $89.99/year

9. CatchUp – Bite-Sized Summaries

Featuring an expansive library of over 700 titles, “CatchUp – Bite-Sized Summaries” stands out as a viable alternative to Blinkist. Notably, this app boasts a sleek UI and efficiently delivers key insights from bestselling books in a user-friendly format, facilitating quick comprehension. Regarding content selection, Booknotes rivals Blinkist, offering top-tier book selections.

With offline functionality, users can access their preferred books without an internet connection. Whether on an extended vacation or constantly on the move, this feature enables reading anywhere while conserving cellular data.

The app lets you monitor completion rates. Booknotes offers a 7-day free trial. Afterward, subscribe to the pro version at $89.99/year.

  • A library of over 700 titles
  • Offline support
  • Option to track completion rates


  • Expensive
  • iOS-only

Platform Availability: iOS

10. Joosr Book Summaries

Whatever your reading taste, “Joosr Book Summaries” has you covered. From business to fitness to self-help, it boasts a comprehensive library to keep you engaged in your free time. If Blinkist lacks the variety you seek, consider making the switch to this app.

The freemium version of this app restricts you to a few eBooks per month. Upgrading to premium unlocks features such as offline reading, unlimited eBooks, and access to unlimited audiobooks.

Customizing the app provides basic features to enhance reading and keep your library clutter-free. Compared to Blinkist, its user interface appears less intuitive. Joosr Book Summaries’ premium version starts at $6.49, much cheaper than Blinkist’s $12.99/month.

  • Large collection of eBooks and audiobooks
  • Books available in 21 categories
  • Reliable offline mode

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

11. SparkNotes

If you seek a Blinkist alternative for literary learning, consider SparkNotes. Its standout feature is a vast collection of over 500 literature guides. Utilize these guides for chapter summaries, questions, and quizzes to bolster your knowledge.

SparkNotes provides immediate feedback for effective progress tracking. The user interface is clean, ensuring effortless navigation. Tailor your experience by adjusting text size and activating dark mode for comfortable reading, particularly during nocturnal study sessions.

SparkNotes may lack Blinkist’s extensive UI features and customization options, but it still provides a tidy experience.

SparkNotes excels with its engaging blog, while also offering a 30-day free trial before requiring a subscription ($0.99/month or $4.99/year).

  • 500+ literature guides
  • Quizzes available
  • Interesting blogs
  • Clean interface

Available on: iOS, Android, and web

Pricing: 30-day free trial, $0.99/month, $4.99/year

12. Four Minute Books

Lastly, “Four Minute Books” serves as a popular alternative to Blinkist. If you favor concise books that you can peruse in minutes, it meets your needs effectively.

Regarding the library, Four Minute Books boasts an extensive collection of 800+ book summaries. Each summary is crafted meticulously, emphasizing key points for effortless comprehension.

For enhanced knowledge, Four Minute Books offers three valuable lessons from each book, ensuring quick comprehension. While not as extensive or customizable as Blinkist, it serves as a decent free alternative.

Notably, Four Minute Books releases a new, free book summary every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can opt to receive them upon publication or in a weekly roundup.

  • Bite-sized books
  • An extensive collection of over 800 book summaries
  • Each summary highlights three valuable books

Platform: Web

Pricing: Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free app like Blinkist?

Several notable free alternatives to Blinkist include StoryShots, Quiddity, and 12min.

Is Blinkist worth the money?

Considering its vast collection of book summaries, Blinkist is worth the investment.

How can I get Blinkist premium for free?

You can obtain Blinkist Premium for six months at no cost by utilizing the auto-generated voucher code.

Which is better, Audible or Blinkist?

While Audible offers audiobooks for purchase, Blinkist focuses solely on providing summaries of popular non-fiction books. The choice between the two depends on your personal preference.

What books are on Blinkist?

Blinkist boasts a vast library of books. Among them, standouts include “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” “Thinking, Fast and Slow,” “Getting Things Done,” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Explore popular titles on Blinkist through this link.

Discover Top Book Summary Apps Comparable to Blinkist

There you have it! Now equipped with a comprehensive selection of top summary apps akin to Blinkist. Opt for the one best suited to enhance your reading experience efficiently.

If your reading habits are sporadic, the free versions may suffice. However, avid readers should seek feature-rich options with extensive title selections. I’m eager to hear your thoughts on the standout apps you’ve encountered.