Awakening Fruits in Blox Fruits

Awakening Fruits in Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, a Roblox game inspired by One Piece, fruits grant unique powers. You trade fruits based on their values, but to fully unlock their potential, you must Awaken them. This process significantly boosts your fruit’s power and skills. Some may find it daunting, but fear not! Let us simplify the process of Awakening fruits in Blox Fruits for you.

Requirements for Awakening Fruits

Before Awakening fruits in Blox Fruits, acquire Fragments, a special currency. Obtain fragments by starting and completing raids, where teams defeat enemy waves. Follow these steps to participate:

Mysterious Scientist in Blox Fruits

To begin a raid, acquire a raid chip, unlocked at level 1,100. Chips are exclusively available from the two Mysterious Scientists.

The first one hides in a secret Laboratory room on the cold side of Hot and Cold Island in the Second Sea. The second Scientist resides in a room within the Castle On the Sea in the Third Sea.

Once found, ensure you hold the correct fruit. Interact with the NPC and choose the raid type matching your fruit (e.g., if you have a Flame fruit, select Flame theme).

After selecting the theme, trade a Physical fruit for the raid chip from your inventory. Alternatively, spend 100,000 beli every 2 hours for the raid chip.

2. Join the Raid

To start a raid, you need to be at level 1100 and possess a chip. Alternatively, if you have a higher-level friend with a chip, they can host the raid for you, allowing you to join regardless of your level. It’s advisable to reach level 1100 at least, as all raids consist of five waves of enemies that increase in strength and numbers with each wave.

Each raid yields between 250 and 1,000 Fragments. This amount is augmented by a bonus tied to the remaining time on the timer, calculated as 4.5 times the remaining seconds. However, this bonus isn’t applicable if you’ve already reached the maximum of 1,000 Fragments.

If you fail to complete the Raid within the time limit, you’ll still receive a consolation prize of 60 multiplied by the island number you’re on. For example, on Island 4, you’d earn 60 x 4 = 240 Fragments.

Awakening Fruits in Blox Fruits

How to Awaken Fruits in Blox Fruits

Now that you have completed a raid, follow these steps to Awaken your fruits:

Meet the Mysterious Entity & Buy Awakening

Warning: The Mysterious Entity is located at L’Église de Prophétie. You can use the Flash Step glitch to reach this place normally, but doing so will not let you buy awakening. You can get Awakening only by teleporting there after completing raids.

Mysterious Entity in Blox Fruits

This step is brief but potentially costly. Upon completing the raid, you’ll teleport to a yellow room where you’ll encounter a Mysterious Entity for purchasing Awakening upgrades.

Each upgrade demands fragments. You must awaken your fruit in this sequence: Z > X > C > V > F (exceptions: Quake – 4 moves, Rumble, Phoenix – 1 extra after F).

Awakening the Phoenix fruit requires clearing the advanced raid and mastering it by reaching at least level 400. Then, locate the Sick Scientist in Cake Land on Third Sea who offers an advanced raid chip for either 1,000 Fragments or a fruit worth 1,000,000 beli. As there’s only one advanced raid, it’s notably more challenging than others.

Eligible Awakening Fruits and Prices

To awaken fruits in Blox Fruits, note that only 11 fruits are eligible. Here’s the list of these fruits, their awakened abilities, and fragment costs:

Fruit Name Z Ability X Ability C Ability V Ability F Ability Bonus
Flame Burning Blast – 500 Prominence Burst – 3000 Flaming Vortex – 4000 Flaming Destroyer – 5000 Rocket Flight – 2000
Ice Ice Spears – 500 Glacial Surge – 3000 Ice Dragon – 4000 Absolute Zero – 5000 Ice Skating – 2000
Sand Desert Blade – 500 Sand Coffin – 3000 Sandstorm – 4000 Deep Sand – 5000 Tornado Flight – 2000
Dark Dimension Slash – 500 Abyssal Darkness – 3000 Endless Hole – 4000 World of Darkness – 5000 Ghastly Step – 2000
Light Divine Arrow – 500 Swords of Judgement – 3000 Light Speed Destroyer – 4000 Wrath of God – 5000 Shining Flight – 2000
Magma Magma Shower – 500 Volcanic Assault – 3000 Great Magma Hound – 4000 Volcanic Storm – 5000 Beast Ride – 2000
Quake Fatal Demolisher – 1000 Air Crusher – 3000 Spatial Shockwave – 5000 Seaquake – 8000
Buddha Shift – 500 Heavenly Impact – 3000 Light of Annihilation – 4000 Twilight of the Gods – 5000 Retribution Dash – 2000
String Thermal Laceration – 800 Silk Prison – 3500 Eternal White – 4500 Heavenly Punishment – 6000 God’s Highway – 2500
Rumble Lightning Beast – 500 Thunderstorm – 3000 Sky Judgement – 4000 Thunderball Destruction – 5000 Electric Flash – 2000 Pole v2 – 5000
Phoenix Cremation Cannon – 500 Blue Flames – 3000 Flame Exodus – 4000 Blazing Plumage – 5000 Swift Flight – 2000 Tap (Dive) – 4000

Easily Awaken Fruits in Roblox Blox Fruits. Which fruit will you Awaken first? Let us know in the comments.