Getting Adhesive in Starfield

Getting Adhesive in Starfield

Starfield, like other RPGs, features a detailed crafting system, requiring workbenches and essential resources. Adhesive is among the most crucial resources in the game, utilized for weapon mods and outpost construction. However, it’s notoriously challenging to obtain. Having faced this challenge ourselves, we’ve compiled effective methods to acquire adhesive. So fire up Starfield and learn how to swiftly obtain adhesive.

Acquiring Adhesive in Starfield

Adhesive is a rare compound in the game. Not every enemy type drops it. You can purchase it from specific shops, detailed below, or source it from plants. However, not every planet yields adhesive due to Starfield’s procedural generation.

We’ve identified a planet abundant in adhesive-producing plants: “Gagarin” in the Alpha Centauri System. Follow these steps to obtain adhesive:

1. Locate “Gagarin” in the “Alpha Centauri” system and aim for a landing spot near the swamps.

2. Upon landing, activate your scanner and explore the area. Seek out the abundant “Sweetwater Cactus” plants, identifiable by their distinct appearance. Select a plant and harvest it to obtain adhesive.

3. The adhesive will be in root form, serving its purpose effectively. Once gathered, it will be added to your inventory.

Utilize this adhesive for crafting purposes within Starfield. Seek additional sweetwater cacti and repeat the aforementioned process to acquire more adhesive.

Acquiring Adhesive in Starfield

Getting Adhesive in Starfield

While acquiring adhesives for free may sound appealing, the process can become tiresome swiftly. If you prefer not to gather them manually, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can purchase adhesives in Starfield. While not universally stocked, they are readily available at all major outlets, including Jemson Mercantile in New Atlantis, which we’ll use as it’s the closest option. Follow these steps:

1. Upon arrival in New Atlantis, head out and begin walking. You’ll find Jemson Mercantile within a few minutes.

2. Enter the store and engage with the shopkeeper to initiate trading. Navigate to the “Resources” section using the sidebar.

3. Hover over “Adhesive”, review its details, then click to purchase. If multiple quantities are available, select accordingly. It’s affordable, so consider buying all. Purchased adhesive will appear in your inventory for crafting.

Keep in mind Jemson Mercantile stocks only 12 adhesives daily. To acquire more, rest at your ship or a bench for a day and return. This method offers an easy and economical way to obtain adhesives in Starfield.

Adhesive Utility in Starfield

Adhesives in Starfield are primarily used for crafting, particularly for crafting weapon mods at weapon benches scattered throughout the game.

At these benches, players can select a weapon and install mods for various parts, with many mods requiring adhesives as a resource. Insufficient adhesive means inability to craft mods, emphasizing its importance.

Acquiring adhesives in Starfield is straightforward. If unavailable, try Trade Authority locations. If inventory space is an issue, learn how to sell excess items. Share your adhesive-finding experience in the comments.