Top 15 People Search Engines for Effortless Discovery

Top 15 People Search Engines for Effortless Discovery

Life often surprises us with its interconnectedness, such as chance encounters in unexpected places. Yet, when seeking out a long-lost friend or a fleeting acquaintance from the airport, the vastness of the world becomes apparent. Fortunately, the internet serves as a vast repository of knowledge, offering solutions to many queries.

Among the myriad of online services, numerous people search engines stand ready to assist in locating individuals and accessing their details. Beyond reconnecting with acquaintances, these platforms prove invaluable for finding roommates or initiating professional collaborations. Hence, without delay, here are the top 15 people search engines for your convenience:

Note: Some search engines on this list perform better in specific countries like the USA or UK. Be sure to verify if your country is supported before purchasing a subscription.

Before proceeding, review the list of people search engines below to locate individuals efficiently. Access the relevant website quickly by clicking the provided link. Then, read our explainer to understand the benefits of utilizing people search engines.

List of People Search Websites You Should Utilize

1. Truthfinder – Premier People Search Engine

Truthfinder, the premier people search engine, delivers precise information sourced from diverse outlets. Uncover police and court records, social media photos, contact details, and more.

Truthfinder goes beyond mere connections, focusing on online people search. For instance, relocating to a new area makes Truthfinder the superior choice among the top people search engines listed. It taps into Federal, State, and County data. Yet, Truthfinder operates exclusively within the US.

Truthfinder offers various tools such as reverse phone lookup, address lookup, dark web scan, and more. Previously, it had a Family Tree feature, but it’s no longer available. For those in the US, Truthfinder appears to be the top choice for reconnecting with old friends or avoiding scams. However, it’s essential to note that the service isn’t entirely free. Free users can only access basic information like age and potential location. Additionally, the search process may take some time as information is gathered from multiple sources before generating a final report.

Similar to other people search engines, Truth Finder prohibits users from using the product for purposes requiring FCRA compliance.

  • Best for background checks
  • Accurate US-only results
  • Huge database of criminal and court orders
  • Multiple tools including reverse phone
  • Takes considerable time to show results


Starts at $28.05/month

2. Intelius – People Search, Lookup Phone Numbers, & Background Checks

Intelius is among the best people finder services, offering comprehensive coverage. Whether you need people search details, email lookup, social network search, property records, background check, criminal records, or reverse phone lookup, Intelius delivers reliable results. The website ensures secure searches with 256-bit encryption.

However, Intelius has drawbacks: it’s not free and the results are only catered to the US. Different subscriptions are available, combining various services. For instance, detailed people search and address lookup with location details, ownership history, crime stats, and evictions cost $29.78 per month. If you only need a reverse phone lookup, Intelius offers it for $34.95 per month.

  • Reconnect with old friends
  • Review property data
  • Exhaustive criminal and court records
  • Best for background checks


Starts at $29.78/month

3. US Search – Best Way to Search People in the US

US Search is a reputable website for finding people across the US. Its simple UI requires only a name, phone number, or address for results, available within seconds. Additional information can expedite filtering. In my experience, the website efficiently located desired individuals.

Similar to other people search engines, free users receive basic details such as age, past residences, and potential relatives. Complete information, including recent addresses and phone numbers, requires a monthly subscription starting at $19.86, granting unlimited report access.

To conduct a comprehensive background check, expect higher pricing. Overall, US Search stands as one of the oldest and most reliable people search engines, offering extensive data.

  • Limited free information


Starts at $19.86/month

4. BeenVerified – Background Checks, Public Records & People Search

BeenVerified is a top choice for people search, known for its user-friendly interface and diverse search options. You can search by name, email, phone, or location.

The platform provides expected details, including social media accounts, pictures, friends & connections, professional records, address history, and more.

Basic details are accessible upon sign-up at BeenVerified, but a full background report, encompassing criminal records, court records, and additional information, necessitates a membership ($26.89 monthly).

While BeenVerified offers global coverage, certain features may be restricted to the US. It’s accessible via a website and Android (Free) and iOS (Free) apps.

  • Integrates social graph and public records
  • Provides authentic information
  • Includes criminal records
  • Affordable service
  • App for smartphones


Starts at $17.48/month

5. Pipl – People Search and Identity Verification

Pipl, arguably the most popular people search engine, works in almost all countries and offers accurate results. The platform provides professional, social, and contact info.

You can find people using their name, email, username, or phone number. While Pipl was once free, it is now a professional identity information service.

Though highly efficient, Pipl distinguishes itself from other search engines in this list by catering exclusively to professional users. Its website explicitly states that the service is not for personal, non-commercial use. Pipl provides APIs for integration into websites and applications for search services.


6. TruePeopleSearch – Free People Search Engine

For a free people search engine, TruePeopleSearch is ideal. Easily search by name, phone number, or address. Input details, get instant results, and adjust age for further refinement. Unlike other options, TruePeopleSearch is completely free, providing addresses, phone numbers, and email IDs.

Being a free people search engine, TruePeopleSearch lacks extensive search options. While it doesn’t provide comprehensive background reports, including court records, criminal data, and property records, it relies on for such detailed reports, which come at a cost. However, it serves as an effective tool for locating individuals based on their name, offering search results for addresses, phone numbers, and email IDs. TruePeopleSearch also offers a free Android app, albeit without an iOS counterpart, though it can be added to an iOS device’s home screen via a browser.


7. Spokeo – Search and Reunite People

Spokeo, a popular people search engine, aggregates details from white pages listings, public records, and social networks. You can find individuals on Spokeo using their name, email address, phone details, or location.

What sets Spokeo apart from other people search sites is its extensive data collection. The reports draw from 130 million property records, 6 billion consumer records, and 120+ social networks. It serves as a valuable tool for discovering information about online sellers and reconnecting with lost friends. Additionally, Spokeo utilizes proprietary deep web technology to scour billions of records.

The service offers a paid subscription starting at $29.95/month. However, note that it functions exclusively in the US. Although usable internationally, results are US-based.

While I accessed the service without a VPN, I couldn’t locate any of my non-US friends. Yet, I did find my cousin who resides there. If you’re seeking people in the US, this is among the top people finder services available.


Starting at $29.95/month

8. FastPeopleSearch – Free People Finder

FastPeopleSearch, a free people search engine, features an easy-to-use interface and delivers accurate information. You can search for individuals by name, phone number, or address. The site provides US-only results, making it unsuitable for global searches but highly effective for locating individuals within the United States. With access to a vast database of 16.5 billion records, it offers comprehensive results and supports reverse phone number lookup as well as address-based searches.

However, it’s important to note that FastPeopleSearch isn’t a consumer reporting agency and shouldn’t be used for employment, credit, or tenant screening purposes. Nonetheless, it excels at quickly locating long-lost loved ones or obtaining official addresses.

  • Limited to US-only searches
  • Paid detailed report
Top 15 People Search Engines for Effortless Discovery


9. Instant Checkmate – Background Check

Instant Checkmate offers a public records search service, providing important details about individuals. The US-only search engine enables easy access to criminal records, court documents, addresses, age, and phone numbers.

It aggregates data from online profiles, federal, state, and county sources, delivering comprehensive results through advanced search technology. The resulting report is concise and informative.

Instant Checkmate offers a powerful service. Despite the wealth of details in background reports, it also functions as a people finder. However, accessing reports requires purchasing one of the subscriptions, which start at $35.12.

  • Search publicly available data
  • Best for criminal and background checks
  • Advanced search filters
  • Access property data

10. PeopleFinder – Get Addresses for Free

To reconnect with lost contacts, consider PeopleFinder. It indexes millions of publicly available data from federal, state, and country sources, enhancing accuracy. Additionally, PeopleFinder utilizes Intelius’ backend service for detailed reports.

Notably, PeopleFinder provides complete addresses for free users, a rarity among similar platforms. Subscribing for $24.86/mo grants unlimited access to reports containing financial details, relatives, phone numbers, court records, and more. For comprehensive information, choose PeopleFinder.

  • Recent address for free users
  • Affordable
  • Backed by Intelius
  • Check criminal and social records


Starts at $24.86/month

11. Whitepages People Search for Free

Whitepages needs no introduction. It’s more than just a person finder service. It’s a tool for users who want more than basic social or professional information. The tool provides phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, relatives, property records, background reports, and more of the people you search for.

If you seek a person, Whitepages excels, providing family details, associates, and current contact information. Search by name, phone number, or address. Accessible on Android (Free, in-app purchases) and iOS (Free, in-app purchases) apps.

While basic details like address, family, and locations are free, a full background report requires a premium subscription, starting at $4.99/month. Premium services are exclusively US-based.

  • Optimal for hiring, tenant screening
  • Precise contact details
  • Complimentary basic information
  • Global search available


Free, Premium plan starts at $4.99/month

12. LinkedIn – Professional Profiles and Work History

If you want to search people by their professional details, LinkedIn is the top choice. The Microsoft-owned service offers robust search capabilities. You can search keywords with names & location, use Boolean searches, and more.

The search page on LinkedIn includes a handy sidebar for filtering your search. So, if you’re seeking someone from a professional meeting, LinkedIn should help you locate them easily.

  • Excellent platform for employers
  • Access professional details

13. Quora – Connecting with Like-minded Individuals

Consider exploring Quora. Originally a Q&A platform, Quora facilitates swift searches to connect with individuals who share your interests. Simply enter the person’s name on Quora.

To narrow down results, switch to ‘Profiles’ from the left-side menu. If basic details are filled in, finding the profile is easy. Use Quora to find a person; success depends on their interests. Give it a shot if you can’t find them elsewhere.

  • Basic filtering sidebar
  • Great for finding friends interested in reading and writing
  • Free
  • Global availability

14. Truecaller – Find People via Phone Numbers

If you received a missed call and wonder how to find the caller, Truecaller is your solution. It allows you to search phone numbers to identify the caller. Concerned about privacy? Learn about Truecaller’s privacy handling in our article. Follow our guide to completely delete your Truecaller account if unsatisfied or wishing to leave the platform.

  • Effective for Indian users
  • Identifies name and approximate location using phone numbers
  • Accessible via web
  • Free

15. Google Search and Reverse Image Search

Google Search, while not marketed as a people search engine, effectively performs that function. You can search for individuals using specific keywords such as location, job, or interests.

In addition to standard searches, you can conduct reverse phone number and image searches to locate people. Google provides tools like filters for time and country, along with an advanced search page to refine your results. For further enhancements, explore our article on optimizing Google Search techniques.

Bonus: Twitter

Among social media platforms, I’ve found Twitter incredibly useful for online people searches. With Facebook’s privacy concerns, many are abandoning it by deleting accounts. Yet, individuals can still be found on Twitter without divulging personal information.

Absent from Facebook, I rely on Twitter as my primary news source and to track specific individuals. Direct messaging and networking are effortlessly facilitated, making Twitter an ideal platform for engagement.

If you’ve never utilized Twitter as a people search engine, I encourage you to try it out. Explore our Twitter tips and tricks article for optimizing your experience.

Advantages of People Search Engines

When we hear “people search engine,” we often think of reconnecting with individuals from our past. While these services facilitate such reunions, they serve various practical purposes beyond nostalgia.

Consider a business owner managing remote employees. Verifying their backgrounds before divulging sensitive information is prudent. Similarly, as a college student seeking a roommate, ensuring trustworthiness is paramount.

Note: Some services, such as TruthFinder, prohibit the use of their platform for employment, consumer credit, or tenant screening. Ensure you avoid using services like TruthFinder for Consumer Reports.

Perhaps you’re seeking to purchase property and aim to verify the seller’s reputation. In numerous instances like these, the aforementioned people search websites can greatly assist you.

They can help you find people’s social profiles and also determine if they have any criminal or arrest records. In simpler terms, these search engines can also find email addresses and phone numbers for hard-to-find individuals. Now that you understand the importance of using people search engines, it’s time to choose the best one to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some free people search sites?

While few services offer detailed reports for free, you can use FastPeopleSearch and TruePeopleSearch at no cost. Additionally, PeopleFinder provides basic yet informative results.

2. Best Free Person Finder Websites:

Pipl and Intelius stand out as websites enabling free person searches, albeit with limitations.

3. Optimal Method for Person Search:

Utilize People Search Engines for efficient person searches. Refer to the previously mentioned websites to discover your preferred platform.

4. Top Website for Address Lookup:

Based on my experience, FastPeopleSearch efficiently provides recent and past addresses of individuals at no cost. It’s worth a try.

Discover Individuals with These Finder Services

Explore these top people finder services for 2023. Some excel within the US, while others offer global reach. Expect success using these capable platforms. Share your experiences with us after trying them.