Top 12 Strong Female Demon Slayer Characters (Ranked)

Top 12 Strong Female Demon Slayer Characters (Ranked)

The Demon Slayer anime boasts a diverse cast, featuring powerful demons and supernatural humans. However, its standout elements lie within its female characters. While not entirely breaking genre stereotypes, the series presents a myriad of formidable female icons, with one even pivotal in defeating the main villain. So, who reigns supreme among them? Let’s delve into our ranked list of the most powerful female characters in Demon Slayer.

Spoiler Alert: Our ranking guide delves into plot intricacies to gauge the strength of Demon Slayer characters. We advise either reading the entire manga or skimming over descriptions cautiously.

1. Nezuko

Nezuko, among our strongest characters in the Demon Slayer list, stands out as one of the most powerful females in the anime. As a demon, she surpasses all human characters in strength and uniquely withstands sunlight, rendering her nearly invincible. Moreover, she has demonstrated her prowess against numerous upper-rank demons in the manga.

She has overpowered demons, including Daki, Gyutaro, Susamaru, and Hantengu, the Upper-Rank Four. While other demons rely on human flesh and blood to regenerate and attain power, Nezuko is self-sufficient, relying solely on proper sleep. Though her fighting skills are subpar, a well-rested Nezuko can stand against almost anyone. It’s fortunate she sided with the Demon Slayer Corps rather than Muzan.

2. Daki

Daki, the Upper-Rank Six demon, is an antagonist of the Entertainment District arc and a master at flesh manipulation. She has killed seven Hashiras and controlled an entire district effortlessly due to her wits. We rank her second to Nezuko primarily because of her dependence on her brother Gyutaro.

Her power surpasses his by far. Daki’s primary ability is manipulating her Obi, a traditional Japanese belt, which autonomously slashes enemies from a distance. Countering or dodging her attack is nearly impossible due to its speed and multiple points of contact. As the Obi is sentient, Daki doesn’t need to fully control her attacks. If our heroes had to face Daki individually, she would undoubtedly emerge victorious.

3. Mitsuri Kanroji

Hashiras, the strongest swordsmen in the Demon Slayer world, few rival Mitsuri in physical strength. As the Love Hashira, she exudes a friendly demeanor, yet transforms into a powerhouse at the sight of a demon. Season 3 of Demon Slayer anime will showcase her prowess.

Mitsuri wields a whip-like extra-long Nichirn sword to slay demons, requiring both immense strength and extreme flexibility for control. Only Mitsuri can handle her blade without injury. She notably battled Gyokko, Hantengu, and Nakime in the Infinity Castle arc. Additionally, she astonished Muzan with her late manga attacks.

4. Kanao Tsuyuri

Exclusively anime viewers may find Kanao’s inclusion among Demon Slayer’s formidable female characters unexpected. However, manga enthusiasts are well acquainted with her significant role in the narrative. Employing Flower Breathing akin to her sister Kanae, Kanao demonstrates exceptional sensory abilities and unparalleled determination. Tanjiro, the protagonist, even remarked on her proficiency, likening it to that of a Hashira upon their initial encounter.

Regarding her contributions, Kanao significantly aided in defeating Doma, the third strongest demon. She uniquely possesses the ability to disrupt Doma’s temperament and dismantle his comprehension of emotions, ultimately causing his downfall. Despite sustaining severe injuries and partial blindness, Kanao remains pivotal in the conclusive confrontation with Muzan. It’s worth noting that without her courage and astute decisions, Tanjiro would have succumbed to demonhood.

5. Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu, the insect Hashira, stands out as a fan-favorite character in Demon Slayer. Notably, she diverges from conventional swordsmanship by cleverly utilizing Wisteria poison, exclusively harmful to demons, to incapacitate them before swiftly dispatching them with her katana. This unconventional approach proves remarkably effective.

Weaker demons find themselves immobilized upon contact with her poisonous blade. Curious about other distinctive swords featured in this anime? Delve into our comprehensive guide to Demon Slayer swords for further insight.

Regarding her abilities, Shinobu’s speed rivals, if not surpasses, Tengen’s. She astonished Upper-Rank Two demon, Doma, with her unpredictable maneuvers. Doma hailed her as the swiftest Hashira he encountered, unaffected even by severe injuries. Additionally, her proficiency in medical and poisonous research is remarkable. In the battle against the spider demon family, she averted Zenitsu’s transformation into a spider by neutralizing the poison.

6. Nakime

Nakime, a multifaceted character in Demon Slayer, holds the fifth rank among demons in the anime. However, her prowess isn’t showcased through direct combat. Instead, she masterminds the Infinity Castle, a dimensional plane frequented by Muzan and the twelve top demons. Nakime wields the ability to manipulate this dimension at will, crafting infinite rooms, shifting landscapes, looping portals, and intricate puzzles.

Top 12 Strong Female Demon Slayer Characters (Ranked)

Overpowering her remains daunting; even after the demise of Doma, she stands as the sole survivor of the Twelve Kizuki preceding the ultimate confrontation. Muzan himself ultimately terminated her to thwart potential manipulation by adversaries. Had Nakime harbored greater combat-oriented inclinations, her potential for devastation would have been immeasurable.

7. Mukago

Mukago is nearly as unique as Nezuko among demons in the anime. Muzan, with his mind-reading ability, revealed her disinterest in combat with the Demon Slayers, displaying cowardice. Although her abilities remain unseen, her ranking above Kamanue and Kyogai, the drum-slashing demon, implies her strength, the latter overpowering Inosuke and Tanjiro during the Tsuzumi Mansion arc.

Demon Slayer features other formidable demons like Susamaru and members of the spider family not part of the Twelve Kizuki, solidifying Mukago’s power without doubt. However, the absence of witnessing her prowess in action leaves fans with a missed opportunity.

8. Kanae Kocho

Despite not being central to the main plot, Flower Hashira Kanae remains profoundly cherished among the Hashiras in Demon Slayer. She met her demise from injuries inflicted by Doma, the show’s third most formidable demon. However, before succumbing, she valiantly held her ground for hours until sunrise, despite severe injuries that rendered her completely vulnerable. Remarkably, Doma’s might was insufficient to deliver the final blow, compelling him to retreat as dawn broke.

In addition to her formidable strength, Kanae possessed exceptional skill as a poison user, akin to Shinobu. Rather than compromising her blade, she wielded a uniquely designed sword capable of injecting poison into demons while severing them. This allowed her to combat demons without relying solely on Wisteria poison.

9. Mother Spider Demon

The Mother Spider Demon, a member of the Spider family and one of season 1’s antagonists in Demon Slayer, stood out as one of the strongest demons encountered initially. Her puppetry skills were truly terrifying, commanding a diverse array of spiders and webs as if she were a master puppeteer. With her mastery of Puppetry and Spider Manipulation, she remained a formidable figure throughout the arc. Tanjiro ultimately defeated her with his water-breathing style after an intense battle, but she undeniably earns her place as a strong female character.

10. Tamayo

Viewers of the anime are acquainted with Tamayo, the healer and demon. She holds significant importance in Demon Slayer, crucial for the Corps to conquer the Upper Ranks, including Muzan. She is the second demon to ally with the Corps, alongside Nezuko, albeit older and seemingly less potent.

Initially aligned with Muzan, Tamayo later opposes him, focusing her abilities on demon eradication. Her Blood Demon Art targets demons, inducing hallucinations and truth revelations.

Tamayo possesses remarkable medical skills, being the first to transform a human into a demon without Muzan’s blood, a feat once deemed impossible. Additionally, she developed antidotes for blood demon injuries and a drug capable of weakening Muzan and reverting demons to humans. Her medical prowess is truly unparalleled.

11. Susamaru

Susamaru, though not among the Twelve Kizuki, emerges as a formidable adversary in Demon Slayer. The primary antagonist of the Asakusa Arc, she exhibits extraordinary power, effortlessly overpowering Tanjiro and Nezuko. Despite their efforts to retaliate, they struggle to match Susamaru’s speed and strength.

Her primary talent lay in manipulating a group of Temaris, traditional Japanese handballs. Her moves could obliterate enemy limbs, with each Temari tracking its target independently. While Susamaru possessed formidable strength, her strategic acumen was lacking.

Susamaru met her demise by uttering Muzan’s name, triggering a demonic curse fueled by anger and impulsivity. Had she ascended to the Upper Ranks, the skill set required to confront her would have been unimaginable.

12. Hinatsuru, Makio & Suma Trio

The trio of Hinatsuru, Makio, and Suma debuted in the Entertainment District Arc, instantly captivating DS fans with their adorable appearance and captivating personalities. As Tengen Uzui’s wives, they stole the spotlight in season 2, supporting him adeptly as Kunoichis during missions. Though not Hashira-level, Tengen ensured their combat prowess through rigorous training, honing their sword and Kunoichi skills to remarkable heights. While their full capabilities remain unseen, their talent as Kunoichis guarantees them a lasting place in fans’ memories.

Whether you admire Nezuko’s strength or Tamayo’s intellect, understanding the hierarchy of female characters in Demon Slayer is now clearer. However, characters like Makima from Chainsaw Man overshadow many with their power, akin to Demon Slayer’s demon king Muzan. Thus, exploring our compilation of the mightiest devils from Chainsaw Man may offer new perspectives. Do our rankings align with your views, or do you envision another as Demon Slayer’s strongest female character? Share your thoughts with us!