15 Top iPhone X Cases and Covers You Should Consider

15 Top iPhone X Cases and Covers You Should Consider

Apple’s recent release of the iPhone X showcases its stunning beauty. For years, Apple has merely offered incremental upgrades to their iPhone lineup, and frankly, the device had become stagnant. It no longer epitomized innovation as it once did. However, with this year marking the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, change was inevitable, and Apple certainly delivered. The iPhone X features a bezel-less display, encased in a steel frame with a reinforced glass back. Despite Apple’s claims of steel and carbon reinforcement, it’s crucial to remember that ultimately, the back is made of glass. And as we all know, glass is prone to shattering upon impact. Considering the hefty $999 price tag for the base model, it’s imperative to handle your iPhone X with care. Alternatively, investing in a protective case can provide added security for your device. If you’re in the market for one, here are 15 top iPhone X cases and covers worth considering:

1. ESR Matte Finish Flexible Soft Gel TPU Cover for iPhone X

Let’s face it, cases add bulk and conceal device beauty. For those like me who prefer sleekness, the iPhone X demands protection. In these instances, I opt for the thinnest case available. While sacrificing some protection, it maintains the device’s tactile sensation. This case fits the bill perfectly. It’s thin, light, and guards against scratches, scuffs, and minor drops. Crafted from soft gel TPU, it’s remarkably flexible and effortless to attach and detach. The matte finish enhances grip. Plus, raised edges shield the camera and display from damage. If you desire a slim, protective case, look no further.

ChatGPT!ChatGPTBuy From Amazon: ($14.99)

2. TOZO Clear Soft TPU Gel Skin Case

If you desire a slim case similar to the aforementioned, yet also wish to showcase your iPhone’s beauty, consider acquiring this transparent case from TOZO. The case is exceptionally lightweight and slim (0.1 mm), adding minimal bulk to your device. Being transparent, it allows your iPhone X to shine in its entirety. Constructed from the same soft TPU gel material, it provides a pleasing tactile experience while offering protection against minor drops, scuffs, and scratches. With raised lips and covered corners, it further safeguards your phone from minor drops. If transparent cases appeal to you, this option is ideal for your device.

Buy From Amazon: ($7.99)

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3. Spigen Liquid Air Armor iPhone X Case

Spigen, a leading brand in the case industry, offers the Liquid Air Armor, crafted with a thin, flexible TPU layer. This sleek case boasts a modern design and maintains a slim profile while providing ample protection for the iPhone X. Its anti-slip matte surface ensures fingerprint resistance and a comfortable grip without adding bulk. Additionally, it is compatible with iPhone X’s wireless charging.

Available on Amazon: ($11.99)

4. TORRAS Liquid Silicone Gel Rubber Case for iPhone X

If you appreciate sleek simplicity, TORRAS Love Series for iPhone X is a must-have. Its liquid silicone construction offers durable, dual-layer protection with a smooth touch. The inner microfiber cushion prevents abrasions by securely cradling every corner. Your phone stays close and safeguarded with TORRAS Love Series. Available in various colors including Black, Light Blue, Pink, Mint, Yellow, Midnight Blue, and Red.

Available on Amazon: ($18.99)

5. Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone X Case

Listing the best cases without including Spigen is incomplete. Spigen offers an ultra hybrid case for the iPhone X, striking a perfect balance of protection and style. Its clear hard PC case and TPU bumper provide grip and a slim profile while allowing you to showcase the original phone design. Additionally, it is compatible with wireless charging for your iPhone X.

Available on Amazon: ($11.99)

6. OtterBox iPhone X Symmetry Series

OtterBox, a renowned smartphone case maker, produces high-quality cases, primarily known for their rugged and bulky designs, offering superior protection. However, their Symmetry series offers a lighter alternative, though still providing ample protection. Constructed from synthetic rubber and polycarbonate, the case effectively absorbs shocks. Its raised and beveled edges further safeguard your display from minor drops. Available in various vibrant colors, this case adds both style and protection to your iPhone X. If you can tolerate a bit of extra bulk, it ensures enhanced protection against accidental falls.

Buy From Amazon: ($39.95)

7. ESR Marble Pattern Series for iPhone X

If you’re tired of plain cases and seeking something distinctive without being flashy (seriously, who buys those glitter cases?), check out the Marble Pattern Series from ESR. Currently available in two colors – white marble and black marble – both options are aesthetically pleasing. Crafted from the same soft gel TPU material as the aforementioned ESR case, it shares all the highlighted features: slim design, soft touch, effortless installation and removal, and raised lips around the camera modules and display for added protection. Moreover, it’s undeniably stylish and worthy of your consideration.

Buy From Amazon: ($12.99)

8. Case-Mate Barely There

While Case-Mate’s broader range may be a bit flashy for my taste, its Barely There series exudes minimalism and aesthetic appeal. This sentiment extends to its Barely There iPhone X case. It offers lightweight protection, adding minimal bulk to your device—a necessary trade-off for safeguarding your investment. The matte black color scheme exudes sleekness, while the case incorporates anti-scratch technology, bolstered by a lifetime warranty that reflects the brand’s confidence in its durability. I’m drawn to the case’s aesthetics and impressed by its build quality, further reinforced by the lifetime warranty, making it a compelling choice.

15 Top iPhone X Cases and Covers You Should Consider

Available on Amazon: ($29.99)

9. Silk iPhone X Wallet Case

Consider this hefty case: if you’re not keen on bulk, you might want to pass. Yet, bulk means added protection. It shields your iPhone X from harsh drops, akin to airbags for your device. Despite its size, it’s surprisingly lightweight. Additionally, it offers a high-textured grip, preventing slips. Furthermore, it comes with a complimentary screen-protector film. As a wallet case, it accommodates cards, cash, and notes. Overall, it’s highly protective against falls and drops.

Purchase from Amazon: ($17.66)

10. Elegant Choice iPhone X Holster Case

For those lacking confidence in handling an iPhone, this heavy-duty, hybrid armor, shockproof case provides maximum protection, even surviving a plane drop. Comprising two layers, the inner layer utilizes high-quality shock-absorbing TPU material, safeguarding the iPhone X from scratches and absorbing drop impacts. Meanwhile, the outer layer boasts an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell, preventing breakage and ensuring phone safety. Additionally, a built-in kickstand facilitates hands-free phone usage. Ideal for those seeking unparalleled protection.

Buy From Amazon: ($8.99)

11. Sahiyeah Soft Liquid Silicone Protective Cover for iPhone X

Let’s conclude our list with a slim, protective case that combines aesthetics with functionality. Crafted from eco-friendly liquid silicone, this case offers a smooth, soft touch. Its gently curved edges ensure a secure grip. Raised edges around the camera cutout and display prevent scratches. Available in various colors, including black, red, and blue. The manufacturer offers a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with the quality. For a sleek and reliable option, consider this case.

Buy From Amazon: ($13.99)

12. Vafru iPhone X TPU Case

Buying a case for your iPhone X primarily aims for protection. Breaking that fragile glass body of your $999 device would be unfortunate, wouldn’t it? The Vafru iPhone X stands out as an excellent choice for safeguarding your device. Its Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) case effectively protects raised edges surrounding the camera, volume, and wake up/sleep button. This ultra-slim fit case ensures protection without compromising the phone’s sleekness, providing a secure grip.

Available on Amazon: ($9.99)

13. Maxboost iPhone X Clear Case with GXD GEL

If you seek an enhanced protective case for your iPhone X, Maxboost offers a solution. Specifically designed for iPhone X, the HyperPro Case prioritizes protection with a double-injected soft and hard casing made from GXD material. The innovative GXD shock technology provides significantly more drop protection in a smaller size. Additionally, the TPU frame enhances grip, while raised lips ensure extra screen and camera protection. It is compatible with iPhone X’s wireless charging technology.

Buy from Amazon: ($12.99)

14. Apriletter Shock Absorption Soft TPU Bumper iPhone X Case

If you seek a shock absorption case, Apriletter offers an excellent option. Its iPhone X Case provides multi-layer protection, featuring a shock-absorbing frame and raised lips. The TPU bumper prevents damage during drops and falls, while precise cutouts and tactile buttons ensure quick access and feedback. The material used in the case endures scratches and scuff marks better than standard bumper iPhone X cases.

Buy from Amazon: ($8.99)

15. Besiva Ultra Thin Soft Slim iPhone X Case

Cases are meant to be protective, but they can still look comfortable. The Ultra Thin Soft Slim iPhone X Case from Besiva features a matte texture with a durable, flexible anti-scratch film. It offers 360° Degree Protection, including 4-side protection, covered corners, and a raised edge for screen protection. The case is sturdy yet not bulky, providing scratch resistance and shockproof protection. Raised lips ensure extra protection for the camera lens.

Buy from Amazon: ($7.99)

The Best iPhone X Cases and Covers Available

The iPhone X boasts a stunning design, yet its glass construction and bezel-less display make it susceptible to damage from even minor falls. If you’re considering purchasing this product, investing in a quality case is essential. Without one, the likelihood of damaging your iPhone X increases significantly. Given the substantial investment involved, choosing any of the aforementioned cases to safeguard your device is wise. Which do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.