Top 10 WeChat Alternatives for Android and iOS

Top 10 WeChat Alternatives for Android and iOS

WeChat, boasting over one billion users, reigns as China’s favorite messaging app. While its popularity extends beyond China, it remains more niche elsewhere. Owned by Tencent, one of Asia’s largest companies, WeChat delivers a robust chat experience, complemented by mini-games, article exploration, and swift mobile payments. However, akin to other Chinese apps, it falls short on security and privacy. A recent CitizenLabs report revealed WeChat’s content surveillance, even targeting non-Chinese users. This raises significant concerns. If this discomforts you, consider these 10 superior WeChat alternatives for 2020.

Best WeChat Alternatives for Android and iPhone (2020)

Finding a perfect replacement for an app like WeChat that caters to various tastes is tricky. We’ve lined up messaging apps that can match Tencent’s offering and even excel on multiple fronts. Apps excelling in group video calls, secure messaging, or news tracking have also made our lineup. Regardless of your priority, choosing an app meeting your needs shouldn’t be a big deal. It’s time to explore top apps like WeChat for iPhone and Android!

1. WhatsApp

Does WhatsApp need an introduction or any explanation as to why it tops this roundup? With 2 billion users in 180 countries, the Facebook-owned app is the most popular messaging app globally. According to statistics, 2 billion voice and video calls occur on WhatsApp daily. These numbers highlight the app’s dominance. So, for those seeking a WeChat alternative that not only matches features but also surpasses it in popularity, WhatsApp is the answer.

Similar to WeChat, WhatsApp supports multimedia, enabling communication via images, videos, documents, and voice messages. Regardless of your preferred medium for staying in touch with friends and loved ones, the app facilitates seamless communication. WhatsApp is notably reliable for video and audio calls, functioning smoothly even with limited internet connectivity.

Concerning group video calling, WhatsApp permits up to 8 participants, contrasting with WeChat’s 9. Typically, this number suffices. Moreover, WhatsApp Web facilitates staying connected while working on your computer. A standout feature is Status, enabling users to set an image or video for 24 hours. Notably, the ability to delete sent messages prevents embarrassment. In summary, WhatsApp is an excellent alternative to WeChat. For optimal usage, explore our WhatsApp tips article.

Install: iOS and Android (Free)

2. Telegram

Despite its smaller user base compared to WhatsApp and less functionality than WeChat, Telegram (with 400 million active users) stands out as one of the most secure messaging apps. Many liken it to Apple’s Messages for its robust safeguards on personal messages. The app enhances security by encrypting all data, including chats and media, using 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.

Aside from providing top-notch data protection, the app offers a more intuitive messaging experience compared to WeChat. Its clutter-free UI ensures faster performance, unlike WeChat, often criticized for being sluggish. Another standout feature is the ability to create group chats with up to 200,000 members, a significant increase from WeChat’s limit of 500 members. Moreover, Telegram boasts numerous additional features you can explore in the linked article.

Installation: Available on iOS and Android (Free)

3. iMessage

Largely due to its deep integration with iDevices – including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac – and Apple’s trusted privacy policy, iMessage offers a seamless messaging experience. With a plethora of features like Animoji, Memoji, and messaging effects, the app is incredibly fun to use. Coupled with a vast iMessage App Store for downloading and installing games and apps, plus the highly secure Apple Pay, iMessage emerges as an excellent alternative to WeChat.

One of my favorite features in Apple’s Messaging app is its smooth gesture controls for managing messages, simplifying the process. Additionally, the ability to hide alerts from persistent senders is a standout feature. The only downside to iMessage is its confinement within the Apple ecosystem, known as the “walled garden.” However, if you can adapt to this restricted yet highly secure environment, you’ll enjoy every aspect of the blue bubbles!

Integrated Messaging

4. Messenger

If you’re seeking a feature-packed alternative to WeChat, consider Messenger. One standout feature is its integration with Facebook, which boasts around 2 billion users. This means many of your contacts likely already use the platform, simplifying communication.

The app facilitates communication through text, voice, audio, and video. With its recent update, Messenger supports video-conferencing for up to 50 people, surpassing WeChat’s limit of 9 members. Moreover, Messenger offers fast and secure payment options. Facebook’s effort to streamline the Messenger app enhances its appeal as a WeChat alternative.

Install: iOS and Android (Free)

5. Skype

In a market flooded with video-calling apps, Skype stands out for its unparalleled repertoire. For top-notch video quality, Skype is your go-to choice. Beyond video/audio calls, it offers seamless instant messaging. Unlike WeChat, Skype boasts a sleeker, more optimized interface, ensuring smooth performance across iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows platforms.

Skype offers a vast library of GIFs and allows you to annotate images and share emoticons. Additionally, you can make landline calls and send SMS messages worldwide at a reasonable price. To communicate with non-Skype users or offline contacts, you’ll need Skype Credit or subscriptions, starting at $2.99 a month for the US, with prices varying by destination.

Install: Available on iOS and Android (Free)

6. Signal

Top 10 WeChat Alternatives for Android and iOS

If the recent report on WeChat has opened your eyes and you no longer trust big companies with your private messages, consider installing Signal. Utilized by journalists globally, Signal is an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform. It’s so secure that even Signal, the company, can’t read your messages. The app employs its open-source Signal Protocol to secure your messages. Rest assured, your private messages are in good hands.

Discussing features, you receive a beautiful UI alongside comprehensive chat functionality, typical of a quality messaging app. You can send text messages, attach photos and files, create groups, and make video and voice calls. No ads are present, and user activity remains untracked. Operated by a non-profit entity, the service remains perpetually free. For a secure messaging platform, this is unparalleled, making it the premier secure WeChat alternative.

Installation: Available on iOS and Android (Free)

7. Snapchat

Snapchat, a fantastic social networking app, offers abundant fun elements to spice up your social interactions. It outshines WeChat in making interaction enjoyable. The app features a smart camera for swiftly capturing and sharing snaps. Additionally, it provides a plethora of beautifully designed filters to customize snaps according to specific themes.

Not only does Snapchat offer captivating lenses and fun effects, but it’s also a hub for staying updated with breaking news, original shows, and community stories. In comparison to WeChat, Snapchat’s news and stories are more organized and reliable. The snap map feature enhances social connectivity by showing where friends are located, and gaming options provide additional entertainment. These features merely scratch the surface of Snapchat’s capabilities!

Install: Available for iOS and Android (Free)

8. Viber

Regarding versatility and popularity, Viber (with over one billion users) seems a comprehensive alternative to WeChat. Run by Japanese multinational Rakuten, the app is accessible across various platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Regardless of your device, you can communicate with loved ones. Supporting multimedia, it enables diverse chat methods: text, sticker, GIF, image, and video.

Depending on your needs, you can create a group chat with up to 250 members to stay in touch with everyone who matters. Beyond group chats, it surpasses WeChat in video/audio calling, functioning seamlessly even on weak internet connections. Similar to Snapchat, it offers disappearing messages with customizable self-destruct timers. What draws me to Viber more than anything else is forming a Viber community with unlimited members, facilitating connections with like-minded individuals.

Install: Available on iOS and Android (Free, with in-app purchases)

9. KiK

For a delightful messaging experience, KiK rivals top messaging apps. It skips lengthy sign-up processes, offering multimedia support akin to WeChat for versatile chatting.

Like its counterparts, KiK allows you to create chat groups. Unlike most rivals, it enables one-on-one group chats, ideal for avoiding irrelevant messages. KiK offers a vast collection of memes for expressing feelings humorously, making it a superior choice if memes are your priority in a WeChat alternative. Moreover, it features captivating games for entertainment during dull moments.

Installation: Available on iOS and Android (Free)

10. Line

Boasting over 600 million users globally, Line stands out as a premier social networking app, earning its reputation as a viable alternative to WeChat for several compelling reasons. Primarily, it offers essential communication tools, facilitating diverse modes including voice, video, and messaging. Additionally, Line enables group calls accommodating up to 200 participants, ensuring seamless connections with friends.

Thirdly, the app boasts the largest sticker library. Not only is the collection extensive, but it also offers a diverse range. Thus, you can convey various moods or adhere to specific themes by sending different stickers to your contacts, thereby sustaining the messaging atmosphere. Another standout feature distinguishing it from WeChat is the capability to place international calls to both phones and landlines at competitive rates. If you frequently communicate with friends residing overseas and seek an economical communication solution, Line emerges as the top choice.

Installation: Available for iOS and Android (Free)

Bonus: Twitter

Pause for a moment before questioning the inclusion of Twitter in this roundup! WeChat isn’t merely a messaging app but also a platform for users to explore various articles. Hence, recommending a platform with similar functionalities seems apt. In this regard, Twitter stands out as the top choice. Therefore, if you’re seeking an alternative to WeChat that allows you to delve into diverse topics while staying updated on global events, give the micro-blogging app a try.

Twitter not only keeps you updated with the latest events but also enables communication through text and images via Direct Messaging. Its messaging tool is simpler and more secure compared to WeChat, making it a superior alternative for news tracking and sharing thoughts.

Install: iOS and Android (Free)

Top WeChat Alternatives for iPhone and Android

These highly-rated apps can rival WeChat in features and popularity, surpassing Tencent’s offering. Which app among these will be your replacement? Share your pick in the comments below and recommend other noteworthy apps for consideration.