Changing App Icons on Android

Changing App Icons on Android

Many of us load our Android smartphones with numerous apps, noticing that unlike iOS, Android app icons lack uniformity. Some are circular, others round, and some feature a squircle shape, resulting in an uneven appearance on both the app drawer and home screen. While change is expected, Android O’s introduction of adaptive icons hasn’t reached most users. Nevertheless, Android’s high level of customization permits altering app icons on any device. Without delay, here are methods to change app icons on Android:

Using Third-Party Launchers

If you use the custom launcher included with your phone, you might lack the option to change the icon pack. However, most third-party launchers allow you to apply any icon pack you prefer.

  1. Download your desired icon pack. For example, I’ve downloaded the Pixel Icon Pack. Once downloaded, navigate to Nova Settings –> Look & feel –> Icon theme.

2. In the list, locate and tap on the installed icon pack to apply it.

Now, your phone’s home screen and app drawer will display the new icon pack.

  1. To create a shortcut for an app, drag it to the home screen. Then, long-press the icon, select “Edit” from the shortcut menu.

2. From the Edit Shortcut pop-up, tap the app icon to modify it. Here, you can select an image from any installed icon pack or your gallery.

You will now possess a custom icon set for this app’s shortcut on the home screen, without affecting the icon in the app drawer.

Changing App Icons Using Third-Party Apps

Changing App Icons on Android

Occasionally, you may prefer not to download a new launcher solely for changing the icon pack. In such cases, consider using a third-party icon changer app. While these apps may not alter system app icons, they allow you to add an app shortcut to your desktop with any desired icon, including images from your gallery.

Below are apps allowing customized shortcuts. The final screenshots will display both icons – one from the icon changer app and the native app.

1. Awesome Icons

  • Get Awesome Icons (free with in-app purchases) from the Play Store. After installation, scroll to the desired app for shortcut creation.
  • Tap the icon to access its shortcut settings.
  • Tap the icon under “Icon” and choose your desired icon from available locations. Optionally, modify the name label for the shortcut.
  • Tap “OK” to create the shortcut.

2. Icon Swap

Icon Swap lets you customize any shortcut in your launcher without needing root access. Below are the steps:

  • Get Icon Swap (free) from the Play Store. In the app, simply tap anywhere on the screen to choose an app for creating the shortcut. Let’s use the Calendar app.
  • In “Shortcut Properties,” you can edit the shortcut title. To change the icon, tap “Browse,” select an image, then tap “Create Shortcut.”

3. Icon Changer free

  • Download Icon Changer free (free) from the Play Store. In the app, tap the two Androids to select an app for which you want to create the shortcut. This time, let’s use the Phone app.
  • Tap your app, then choose to change, decorate, or add a filter. You can also alter the shortcut’s title.
  • Afterwards, tap “OK” to create the shortcut on the desktop.

Customize Android App Icons for Personalization

Android phones offer extensive customization options, notably through third-party launchers and apps. These tools empower you to personalize app icons as you see fit, granting total control over their appearance. Which launcher or icon changer apps do you prefer? Share your choices and experiences in the comments below.