Installing Pokemon Go on iPhone Anywhere

Installing Pokemon Go on iPhone Anywhere

For Pokemon enthusiasts, the widespread impact of the new Pokemon Go game is no secret. Developed by Niantic, the creators of the Ingress AR game, this augmented reality experience has taken the world by storm, encouraging players to explore the real world in pursuit of Pokemon. Yet, accessibility remains a challenge for many, as Pokemon Go is currently limited to just three countries: the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

Fact: Niantic paused the global game rollout due to server overload. Given the frenzy surrounding the game, this move was expected. If you reside outside India, the UK, or Japan, you won’t find the game on the Play Store or the App Store. However, there are workarounds to install it on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Android users can download the game’s APK file and proceed. iPhone users, however, need to follow specific steps to install Pokemon Go. Here’s how:

1. Open the App Store, scroll down, and tap your Apple ID. In the menu, choose “Sign out“.

2. Next, navigate to iOS Settings->General->Language & Region->Region and select “United States”. Then, tap “Done“ and choose “Change English (United States)“.

3. Proceed to the Pokemon Go App Store link (searching won’t work), opening the Pokemon Go page. Tap “Get“, then “Install“. The App Store will ask for your Apple ID; select “Create new Apple ID“.

4. After, the Apple ID creation setup will commence. In the “New Account” page, choose country or region as “United States” and tap “Next“. Then, complete all details for the new Apple ID. Tap “Done“.

5. Next, select the payment method as “None” and fill irrelevant details for the Billing address, then tap “Done“. Following this, verify your Apple ID through the email sent to the account used for its creation.

6. Verify your email account, then open the App Store and sign in with your new Apple ID. Search for Pokemon Go and begin downloading.

The game is only 110 MB, so downloading shouldn’t take long. Once installed, start playing and catch some Pokemon. Enjoy!

Ready to play Pokemon Go in your country?

While gameplay should be as expected, it may vary in countries where Pokemon Go isn’t available. You might encounter fewer Pokemons, Pokestops, and gyms. However, I’ve tested the game in India and it works perfectly. So, if you’re curious about the Pokemon Go hype, give it a try and share your experience in the comments below.