25 Overlooked One Piece Live Action Easter EggsIf you’re a One Piece fan who’s been diving into the live-action adaptation

25 Overlooked One Piece Live Action Easter EggsIf you're a One Piece fan who's been diving into the live-action adaptation, chances are you've caught some of the clever nods scattered throughout. However, there's a trove of hidden gems that might have slipped past even the most eagle-eyed viewer. Let's set sail on a treasure hunt and uncover 25 Easter eggs that might've eluded you in the whirlwind of excitement.

The debut season of Netflix’s One Piece live-action series has been an instant hit worldwide. A key reason behind its success is the incredible attention to detail in the adaptation. The team has cleverly hidden numerous Easter eggs and cool details from the source material. This showcases their love and passion for crafting this adaptation. If you aren’t actively looking for them, you might miss these Easter eggs. So, we’ve compiled a list of them for you. Let’s dive in.

Spoiler Warning: This article about One Piece live-action Easter eggs contains spoilers regarding the world of One Piece, encompassing the manga, anime, and the new live-action series. We recommend watching the anime or reading the manga to preserve your experience.

Easter eggs and hidden details in the live-action enrich the One Piece world and add depth, creating an immersive experience for fans. Numerous hidden details and Easter eggs were present, but here are our top 25:

1. Character Costumes Inspired by Oda’s Color Spreads

As a One Piece manga reader, I appreciate the costumes designed by author Oda for the manga’s color pages in the live-action adaptation. These costumes extend beyond Luffy to all Straw Hats crew members—Nami, Zoro, Usopp, and Sanji—all donning attire by creator Eiichiro Oda.

This detail enhances the series and characters for long-time fans. Netflix’s attention to detail is appreciated by manga and anime enthusiasts.

Speculation suggests a woman may have been cast as young Crocodile during filming, fueling a fan theory that Crocodile transitioned from female to male. Official confirmation from Oda or Netflix is lacking, so approach this with skepticism. What are your thoughts? Is this indeed Crocodile?

4. Red Hair Pirates Cast

The first episode adapts the Romance Dawn arc, which centers on young Luffy and the Red Hair Pirates. Fans eagerly anticipated the Akagami Pirates’ appearance in live-action, and we were introduced to nearly every crew member. While Shanks, Ben Beckman, Yasopp, and Lucky Roux received ample screen time, other characters like Bonk Punch and Limejuice were relegated to the background. However, I must concede that the casting choices for Ben Beckman and Lucky Roux left room for improvement.

6. Sneaky Cameo of Mihawk’s Pirate Ship

Anime fans may recall the memorable scene of Mihawk approaching the Baratie Restaurant in his small boat. However, the One Piece live-action adaptation omitted this, much to our disappointment. Mihawk, riding solo in his sleek ship, usually makes a striking entrance, and we were eager to witness it.

Imagine witnessing the boat in live-action. Yes! It happened in the first few seconds of the pilot episode. Mihawk’s Hitsugibune is seen docked alongside other boats at Logue Town. Along with the renowned Black Blade Yoru, we catch a glimpse of Mihawk’s boat.

7. Binks Sake in Luffy’s Flashback

As Shanks stitches up Luffy’s wound, listen closely, and you’ll hear the famous pirate song, Binks Sake, playing in the background. This detail is remarkable because, in the original material, it’s featured much later in the Thriller Bark arc.

Upon hearing the anime version, Luffy mentions having heard the song while with the Red-Hair Pirates, completing the circle of events.

8. Nami’s Early Design Turned Outfit

Nami’s introduction in the live-action mirrors the manga, emphasizing her portrayal as the adorable cat burglar. Notably, her initial outfit in the live-action draws from an early concept, where Eichiiro Oda envisioned her as a cyborg wielding a battle-axe. Discover more obscure facts about Nami here.

9. Shanks’ Ship and Foosha Village

The opening shot of the first teaser included Foosha village, also known as the Windmill village, where our protagonist Monkey D. Luffy hails from. Windmills dot the landscape, along with one of the best pirate ships in One Piece, the Red Hair Pirates’ ship.

10. Cavendish Poster Easter Egg

Cavendish, known as the Pirate Prince, was teased at the end of the first One Piece live-action trailer. He debuted in the Dressrosa Arc (anime episode 632 and manga chapter 704) and later joined Luffy as a member of the Straw Hat Grandfleet.

The production staff decided to tease his character with his wanted poster earlier in the show. Highlighted is the wanted poster with his face and the words “endish” on the torn wanted poster.

11. Wano Country Sketch in Nami’s Art Book

In the pilot episode, Nami deceives crew members of the Buggy Pirates to steal their ship. After sailing away, she flips through her cartography notebook, revealing a drawing of the Wano country with Fujiyama mountain and Ebisu town.

12. Easter Egg Featuring Bellamy

One primary antagonist in the Jaya arc, Bellamy, was teased with a wanted poster. His appearance is slated for the Jaya arc (anime episode 146 and manga chapter 222), having been foreshadowed in the live-action series. Bellamy’s initial bounty was 55 million berries, and his face was revealed on the poster.

13. Foxy Wanted Poster Easter Egg

25 Overlooked One Piece Live Action Easter EggsIf you're a One Piece fan who's been diving into the live-action adaptation, chances are you've caught some of the clever nods scattered throughout. However, there's a trove of hidden gems that might have slipped past even the most eagle-eyed viewer. Let's set sail on a treasure hunt and uncover 25 Easter eggs that might've eluded you in the whirlwind of excitement.

Foxy the Silver Fox, captain of the Foxy Pirates, is perhaps one of the most despised characters in One Piece. He served as the main villain of the Long Ring Long Land Arc and later returned in various filler arcs and specials.

At the trailer’s conclusion, we glimpse his wanted poster, displaying his photo and a bounty of 24 million berries (check the highest bounties in the One Piece world here). It appears that animosity towards this character will intensify upon his return to the live-action series.

14. Mr. 7 from Baroque Works

Viewers of the One Piece adaptation on Netflix are aware of the distinct portrayal of Zoro compared to the source material. However, Zoro’s introduction in the live-action series was equally impressive, offering intricate details.

In the manga, it was mentioned that Mr. 7 attempted to recruit pirate hunter Zoro for Baroque Works and met his demise at Zoro’s hands. Mr. 7 remained unseen until Oda revealed his sketch in an SBS column. Above, you can compare Oda’s design with Netflix’s adaptation.

15. Commander Kong in Credits

Longtime fans of One Piece know Kong as the former fleet admiral before Sengoku. Discover the Marine Ranking system of One Piece here. He later became the commander in chief and was also mentioned in the live-action.

In the end credits scene, his name and manga design appear as a logo. Despite limited screen time in the manga and anime, this nod in the live-action is a win for fans.

16. Wanted Posters: Jango & Mihawk

Among the wanted posters, Jango and Mihawk’s are on Shells Town’s wall. Jango, first mate of Kuro, featured in a bounty poster despite being omitted in the live-action episode. Mihawk’s old bounty poster was buried as he became a warlord, and his bounty was canceled.

17. Chouchou, Mayor Boodle, and Woop Slap Cameo

In the Orange Town arc, Mayor Boodle and Chouchou appeared briefly in the live-action series. Woop Slap, the mayor from Luffy’s village, also had a cameo in the same episode.

18. Noland Reference

The picture book Liar Noland, featuring Mont Blanc Noland, transitioned into live-action. Noland’s tale unfolded during the Jaya and Skypiea arc in the source material. However, the live-action team opted to hint at forthcoming arcs by having Nami recount the story to Zoro during his recovery at Baratie.

19. Revolutionary Army in Live-Action

The live-action team meticulously incorporated even the smallest details to foreshadow potential future developments. Kaya spots Luffy’s initial bounty poster in the newspaper, triggering memories of Usopp for her, while observant fans catch sight of the Revolutionary Army logo on the left. This information originates from the manga, where Nami reads about it. Even the name “Monkey D. Dragon” becomes visible upon closer inspection.

20. Paintings in Baratie Restaurant

The Baratie Restaurant stood out as one of the best sets in the live-action show, boasting intricate details, including paintings inspired by locations and events from One Piece. Notable pieces include depictions of the Island of Rare Animals featuring Gaimon, the Royal Squid inside Laboon, and the Saboady Archipelago.

21. Shimotsuki Family Symbol

In Roronoa Zoro’s backstory, particularly during his duel with his late friend Kuina, the Shimotsuki Family crest adorns a flag in the background. Insights into both the Shimotsuki and Zoro’s families emerged during the Wano Country arc.

22. Baroque Works Organization Tease

Baroque Works, a criminal organization, hinted at in Zoro’s live-action introduction — earlier than in the anime or manga. This organization will play a crucial role in the upcoming One Piece season 2, based on the Arabasta saga.

Garp and Axe-Hand Morgan were also observed carrying reports regarding this organization, confirming Marine involvement and their return in season 2.

23. Sea Kings and Sea Beasts on the Map

During the intro sequence, Sea Kings and Seak Beasts were teased on the One Piece world map. More importantly, the sea beast teased was sea cow Momoo, the first sea beast seen in the anime and manga, exploited by the Arlong Pirates to threaten the people of the Conomi Islands, but not adapted in the live-action series.

24. Smoker Tease in Post-Credits Scene

The post-credits scene featured a major character tease for its second season: Smoker, identifiable by his hairstyle and two cigars. Read about the character tease and the season 1 ending in our linked post. We anticipate his appearance in Netflix’s One Piece adaptation’s second season.

Many more hidden details and easter eggs remain undiscovered in the One Piece live-action. Here are the 25 best easter eggs found in the series. We’ll update this article with any additional details, so stay tuned.