Finding and Utilizing Digipicks for Lockpicking in Starfield

Finding and Utilizing Digipicks for Lockpicking in Starfield

In Starfield, like other action-packed RPGs, loot mechanics are integral. However, obtaining credits isn’t as simple as opening a box; it requires tinkering. The game provides digipicks to finesse locks across star systems and planets. Here’s a guide to simplify the process. Learn how lockpicking works in Starfield and acquiring digipicks.

Understanding Lockpicking in Starfield

Unfortunately, Starfield lacks clarity on unlocking safes and understanding digipicking mechanics. Like any puzzle, players may become easily confused by the different locks and struggle to solve them. However, the essential concept is simple: lockpicking in Starfield involves a circular mechanism where picks are inserted in layers to break the lock.

Each lock consists of multiple circular layers. The player must use the digipicks to insert pins into the empty gaps of each layer before advancing. Spin your digipick configurations to find the correct slot and then insert the key. Note that once the key is locked, removing it will cost one lockpick. Regardless, every lock in Starfield requires a digipick. It’s essential to clarify this, so continue reading below.

Lockpicking a Safe in Starfield Using Digipicks

Finding and Utilizing Digipicks for Lockpicking in Starfield
  • To begin, approach the lock and press “A” on your controller or “E” on your keyboard. If it’s your first time, you’ll encounter the unhelpful tutorial screen. You’ll now see combined inner and outer rings. Our goal is to fit our digipicks into the empty rings of the lock.
  • Rotate the digipick using the controller or mouse and align it with the empty layers. Confirm your choice once it fits perfectly, and the first layer will be solved, opening up the next layer.
  • If the first digipick variation isn’t effective, remember you have more options to try. Some locks may come with unnecessary keys, so exercise caution.
  • To find the correct slot, adjust the digipicks until they fit. Then, use the primary button to slot the key.
  • Match the digipicks to the final layer to unlock and retrieve the loot.
  • Congratulations! You’ve successfully picked your first lock in Starfield. Keep in mind, the lock difficulty may vary based on security level.

Finding Digipicks in Starfield

Digipicks are readily available in the Starfield universe. Initially acquired from the body of Xenobiologist Dr. Hayden Wynn, you’ll encounter more of these lockpicks throughout the game, often used in subsequent puzzles.

Furthermore, players can acquire digipicks from various sources, both living and deceased. Acquiring a lockpick set is as simple as visiting a general store and purchasing one for 35 credits. One such establishment is the Mercantile Shop in New Atlantis.

If you possess the Theft skill due to a proficient Starfield background, you can readily obtain digipicks through pickpocketing. However, they can also be found on deceased individuals, as encountered initially. Nevertheless, they all function identically. It’s worth noting that investing in enhancing your “Security Skill” enables you to bypass advanced locks and even obtain automatic unlocks if lockpicking in Starfield isn’t your preference.