Finding the Best App Deals for Android and iOS

Finding the Best App Deals for Android and iOS

Discovering optimal app deals for Mac and PC is just the beginning. The same applies to your iOS and Android devices, where everyday apps can be obtained at excellent prices. Unfortunately, neither the App Store nor the Play Store facilitates developers’ participation in external sales nor assists users in locating discounted apps. Here, we introduce you to top app deal platforms and methods for monitoring app prices.

1. AppShopper

AppShopper hosts one of the largest collections of iOS and Mac apps, totaling 1.9 million entries. It serves as a comprehensive directory for discovering new apps and managing updates and price adjustments. This functionality is facilitated by the Search feature and a Toggle bar located in the website’s header.

The search function enables users to locate apps based on various criteria such as icon, details, price, and last revision date. Users can further refine their search by selecting from categories, app types, and pricing options (paid/free/both). Upon selecting an app from the list, users are directed to a dedicated page featuring options to own, wishlist, or purchase the app. This page includes detailed information such as screenshots, descriptions, changelogs, app activity, and ratings from reputable websites along with links to their reviews.

With AppShopper, create a wish list of Mac and iOS apps. Receive an email when the price drops, with all the details. Track prices over time to see if an app has been on sale before or if the developer is rigid on pricing.

  • Twitter Account: @appshopper
  • RSS feed: Popular iPhone App Changes; Popular iPad App Changes; iPhone App Price Drops; iPad App Price Drops
  • Visit website

2. MacStories Deals

MacStories Deals recommends a handful of well-curated, popular Mac and iOS apps on sale, selected by the MacStories team. Deals cover all categories, including Productivity, Utilities, Games, Health, Lifestyle, Music, and Video.

  • Twitter account: @MacStoriesDeals
  • Newsletter
  • Visit website

3. AppSales

AppSales finds Android app and game deals, displaying those on sale for potential purchase. With millions of apps on Google Play Store, many remain unused or unpurchased. AppSales adopts a selective approach, allowing users to filter results based on specific criteria. By default, it shows apps with a minimum of 25% off and 100 downloads. Users can adjust these criteria as desired.

To refine your app search, access the menu icon and select “Settings > Filter”. Adjust the sliders as needed, such as setting the minimum downloads to 1000, and enable “Hide expired deals”. Confirm your selections by tapping OK to display apps that meet your criteria, ensuring you find the best deals.

Additionally, AppSales offers category filtering. If, for instance, you’re not interested in games, navigate to “Settings > Categories” and deselect the games category. Subscribing to AppSales premium ($1.99/year) provides access to exclusive benefits, including discounts on In-App Sales, Launch Sales, Voucher Codes, and industry news.

If you’re interested in a few apps, add them to your “WatchList.” AppSales lets you monitor apps for price cuts. To do it, open the app’s page in Google Play Store, tap “Share,” and select AppSales. With AppSales premium, you can add an unlimited number of apps to the list and track any pricing changes over a year.

  • Twitter: @app_sales
  • RSS feed: AppSales
  • Install App

4. Google Play Store Deals

ChatGPT!ChatGPTPeriodically, Google may hold significant sales on apps and games, offering substantial discounts. During these events, Google displays a banner on both the Play Store app and website, informing users of the sale. Subscribing to Google Play deals is unnecessary, as most tech blogs extensively cover them with frequent updates. Discounts typically range from 50% to 90%.

5. Humble Bundle

  • Twitter: @humble
  • Newsletter
  • Website

6. iOSnoops

  • Twitter: iOSnoops
  • RSS feeds: iOSnoops
  • Website

Track App Discounts

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    • Twitter Lists: Twitter lists group multiple accounts together for easy viewing. When accessed, these lists display tweets exclusively from the included accounts. Creating a Twitter list offers two key benefits. Firstly, users can be added to a list without following them individually. Secondly, tweets from lists do not appear in the primary feed. Exploit this feature by crafting a Deals list and including all pertinent Twitter accounts mentioned in the article. This consolidated list simplifies tracking app deals efficiently.
    • Ceceree app for Mac: Ceceree app for Mac lets you create wishlists from both Mac and iOS app stores. Adding an app to Ceceree, either through search or the browser extension, enables it to monitor and notify you of any updates or price changes. Simply click the + symbol, search for your favorite app, and add it to your wishlist. You can create lists for Mac and iOS apps or any others that suit your needs. While not free, the app is priced at $3.99, making it worth considering if you track numerous apps.
    • AppZapp with IFTTT: IFTTT, a free web-based service and app, enables you to create chains of simple statements named “Applets,” triggered by changes to various web services like Gmail, Dropbox, and Facebook. With detailed coverage of IFTTT, utilize it to receive notifications on app deals. Visit the AppZapp IFTTT website where numerous applets are available. Select one or more applets to receive relevant alerts, such as Top Apps on sale in Google Play and App Store.

    Discover the Best Deals on Android and iOS Apps

    Discovering deals on iOS and Android apps is simple if you know where to look. Every day, thousands of apps are discounted, and by following the tips outlined in this article, you can avoid paying full price for apps. Try out the suggested websites and apps, and share in the comments section below if you’ve snagged any great deals on Android or iOS apps.