Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay? [2024 Guide]

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay? [2024 Guide]

Curious about Apple Pay acceptance at Walmart? You’re in the right place. Apple Pay has gained popularity in recent years, becoming a primary choice for many Apple users. No need for a physical wallet or credit cards – simply use your iPhone or Apple Watch for payments. While more vendors adopt Apple Pay, some major retailers, including Walmart, remain non-compliant. In this article, we address the commonly asked question: “Does Walmart accept Apple Pay?” Additionally, we provide a workaround for using Apple Pay at Walmart.

Apple Pay Compatibility with Walmart

Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay. So, you can’t pay with Apple Pay in any Walmart store directly. Despite the popularity of Apple Pay, especially in the past few years, Walmart doesn’t show any interest in supporting this payment method.

Launched in 2014, Apple Pay attracted many users. Many regular Walmart shoppers have requested the merchant to add Apple Pay to its accepted payment methods. However, even after repeated requests, Walmart still doesn’t accept Apple Pay at self-checkout.

Therefore, no matter which iPhone model you own, there’s no way to pay at Walmart using Apple Wallet. It’s worth knowing that it isn’t only about Apple Pay; Walmart doesn’t take several other mobile payment methods like Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Instead, the retail giant encourages customers to use its custom mobile wallet- Walmart Pay.

Why Walmart Rejects Apple Pay

Walmart’s decision not to accept Apple Pay stems from strategic and financial considerations. Initially, Walmart favored its in-house mobile payment solution, the Walmart Pay app, over third-party options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This preference was justified by the perceived popularity of the Walmart app compared to its competitors. However, this rationale, while reasonable in 2017, seems outdated given Apple Pay’s widespread adoption in 2024.

Secondly, Walmart appears reluctant to pay transaction fees associated with Apple Pay. Given the high volume of transactions at Walmart’s stores, both online and offline, these fees would accrue significantly over time. Given Walmart’s reputation for offering competitively low prices, adopting Apple Pay could impact its cost structure. Consequently, Walmart refrains from accepting Apple Pay to minimize additional expenses and maintain its pricing strategy.

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay? [2024 Guide]

Hence, regardless of Apple Pay’s popularity, Walmart is unlikely to reverse its decision, at least in the foreseeable future.

Using Apple Pay at Walmart

Although Apple Pay isn’t directly accepted at Walmart, there’s a workaround allowing iPhone users to make payments at the store. Simply add the Apple Card to your Walmart Pay wallet using the Walmart app. If you don’t possess an Apple credit card, you can apply for one through the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad, or directly via Apple’s website. The process is swift and straightforward. Once you acquire the Apple Card, integrate it into the Walmart app, enabling you to utilize Apple Pay at Walmart. Here’s a concise guide:

Adding an Apple Card to the Walmart App

  • Access the App Store on your iPhone and download the Walmart app, or download it directly from here.
  • Launch the app and sign in or register an account.
  • Head to the Account tab at the bottom right and tap on Wallet to add a new payment method to your Walmart account.
  • Tap on Add new payment method and select Credit/debit card.
  • Now, add your Apple Card following the on-screen instructions in the Walmart app.

Once your Apple Card is connected to the Walmart app, you can use it for purchases at any self-checkout or with a cashier.

When using self-checkout, scan all items and select Pay on the checkout screen. Open the Walmart app on your iPhone and choose the Walmart Pay card. The app will display a QR code; scan it to reveal your payment methods. Select your Apple Card as the payment method, and the items will be charged.

To check out with a cashier, notify them of your intention to use Walmart Pay. They will then present a QR code on their screen or on the card reader. Scan the QR code with your iPhone and select your Apple Card to complete the purchase.