Allay in Minecraft 1.19: A Comprehensive Guide

Allay in Minecraft 1.19: A Comprehensive Guide

The Minecraft 1.19 update, now available across all platforms, has garnered significant acclaim from the community. This update addresses various player requests by introducing new biomes, mobs, and achieving high-level parity between Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. However, the standout feature of this update is Allay, the victorious contender from the 2021 Minecraft mob fan vote. Allay, a charming new mob, serves as a companion that aids players by collecting items and enhancing existing in-game mechanics such as music and pillagers. Yet, for those not closely monitoring Minecraft updates, understanding all aspects of Allay might prove challenging. Thus, we’re here to provide a comprehensive overview of Allay in Minecraft 1.19, covering its functionalities, locations, and essential tips. Let’s delve into it.

For your ease, we have divided the guide into separate sections, each focusing on different aspects related to this new Minecraft 1.19 mob. You can use the table below to explore these sections conveniently.

Note: This article was last updated on June 7th at 9:35 AM PST, right after the official Minecraft 1.19 stable update release.

Allay in Minecraft

First announced at Minecraft Live 2021, Allay was part of the 1.19 Wild update’s mob fan vote. The community chose Allay as the new mob for the next update, leaving the Copper Golem and its fandom behind. Allay is a passive fairy-like mob that selects a specific item and collects copies for the player throughout the loaded chunks.

The Allay resembles Minecraft bees in size but can fly at higher heights. Unlike other mobs, Allay isn’t tied to any specific Minecraft biome and doesn’t interact with in-game mobs other than players. Hostile mobs like zombies or creepers ignore Allay.

Where to Find Allay in Minecraft

  • Pillager Outposts
  • Woodland Mansions

Pillage Outposts

Allay spawns inside wooden cages, similar to Iron Golems, generated around Pillager Outposts. Each cage can hold up to three Allays. Breaking the wooden structure frees Allay, which then wanders until it finds dropped items.

Before you rush to rescue the Allies, ensure you eliminate the Pillagers. Each outpost may harbor up to a dozen hostile Pillagers, a threat to villagers and players alike. Without optimal Minecraft enchantments, they can swiftly overpower and kill you.

Woodland Mansions

Mansions rank among the game’s most perilous structures, housing hostile mobs such as zombies, creepers, vindicators, and pillagers. Despite the risks involved, the treasures within these mansions are remarkable. They boast hidden and exposed rooms across three floors, each showcasing unique features.

Within the mansion lies a vast cage room, typically on the ground floor, featuring four cobblestone cages, each containing three Allays. Manipulate the lever outside the cages to open their doors and liberate the Allays. Thus, one mansion yields 12 Allays simultaneously.

Allay’s Functions in Minecraft

  • Allays swiftly retrieve dropped items within their vicinity, returning them to nearby players and seeking out duplicates.
  • Besides collecting dropped items, Allays willingly accept offerings from players, retaining the original while continuing to search for duplicates, all the while returning to the player.
  • In addition, they sporadically collect randomly tossed items, endeavoring to reunite them with their rightful owners.

Allay Interaction with Note Blocks

Note Blocks in Minecraft play music. Allays are attracted to these Note Blocks. If an Allay hears music, it drops its collected items next to the Note Block.

But that’s not always effective. An Allay considers a specific Note Block its favorite for 30 seconds after hearing music. After that time, it ignores the same Note Block until music plays again. You can create a Redstone machine to maintain music for longer.

Keep in mind, a wool block mutes audio from the note block. So, if there’s wool between the note block and the Allay, it might not hear it. However, this mechanic can be useful for managing groups of Allays.

Uses of Allay

Understanding its functionality unveils the versatile uses of Allay. Here are some suggestions:

  • Allay streamlines farm collection systems, making them fully automated and faster, bypassing complex Redstone mechanics. Explore further in our article on integrating Allay into Minecraft farms.
  • Create automated sorting systems for consolidating similar items within designated areas or chests.
  • A collective of Allay expedites item retrieval post-explosion or mob elimination.
  • With a capacity of up to 64 stackable items, Allay serves as a portable storage alternative.
  • Utilize Allay to locate misplaced items within loaded chunks, provided you possess a duplicate.
Allay in Minecraft 1.19: A Comprehensive Guide

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Allay Mob Basics

Now that you’re familiar with the Allay and its abilities, let’s delve into its in-game properties. Keep in mind that these may change upon official release.

Health & Regeneration

Similar to other smaller peaceful mobs, the Allay has limited health. It succumbs to two hits from a diamond sword or four from an iron sword. It can also perish from suffocation within blocks, extended submersion, or fire damage. Notably, the Allay is immune to fall damage due to its perpetual floating ability.

Allay has 20 health in both Java and Bedrock editions. Allay regenerates 2 health points every second. Therefore, it can survive a few accidental hits unless attacked with powerful sword enchantments.


In Minecraft, Allay does not engage in attacking mechanics. It flees when under attack. Notably, Allay is immune to attacks from its owner. Consequently, if it possesses an item obtained from you, your attacks will have no effect. However, by reclaiming the item, thereby disowning it, you can easily eliminate the Allay.

Most hostile mobs ignore the Allay, eliminating the need for protection unless in proximity to the Wither or the Warden. The Wither typically targets the Allay by default, whereas the Warden only reacts aggressively if annoyed by the Allay’s presence.

Mob Interaction

Currently, other mobs show little concern for the Allay’s presence, with no general inclination to attack it. In Minecraft, the Wither is the sole hostile mob that targets the Allay, driven by its tendency to eliminate all nearby mobs, including the gentle fairy-like Allay.

Light Emission

The unique colors of Allay make them stand out in almost every biome during the day and even more so at night. Each Allay emits minimal light, which isn’t sufficient to illuminate the surrounding area but does create a gentle glow, comparable to distant torches or spider eyes in darkness.

For those exploring Minecraft house ideas, Allay can serve as a distinctive and attractive light source. However, precautions should be taken to prevent them from inadvertently depleting your building materials.

Item Collection and Stacking

If an item can stack atop another in your inventory, it will do the same in Allay’s. This applies to various items like diamonds, building blocks, and more. However, if an item cannot stack, such as armor, Allay will drop one nearby or on a Note Block before seeking another.

Item dropping entails an engaging animation and mechanics. Rather than dropping entire stacks at once, each item within the stack is showered individually onto the player or Note Block. Allay can collect stacked items efficiently but can only throw one item at a time.

Exchanging Items with Allay

Handing and taking items from Allay is straightforward. If Allay is empty-handed, give it the item you’re holding by right-clicking or using the secondary action key. Then, Allay will search for and collect copies of that item for you.

Similarly, if you’re empty-handed, right-click or use the secondary action key on Allay to take the item it holds. However, once you do, Allay will begin to roam freely. You must give it another item promptly, or the empty-handed Allay will fly away.

Discover Allay in Minecraft 1.19 Before Its Release

Allay debuts in Minecraft beta for Bedrock edition and Minecraft Preview. Refer to our guide for immediate access. Engage with this mob pre-official wild update release to explore its features.

Introducing Allay in Minecraft 1.19

Allay captivates the Minecraft community with its charming flights, fairy wings, and unique appearance. Players globally eagerly anticipated this mob’s arrival with the wild update, and now excitement abounds. But if a friendly mob doesn’t align with your adventure style, encounter Warden in Minecraft beta. Warden stands in stark contrast to Allay, being the game’s most formidable mob, challenging even the most skilled players. Facing Warden without a Potion of Night Vision is futile. Despite this, Allay offers abundant opportunities for players to explore. Share your ideas in the comments below!