15 Best Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) Mods to Install

15 Best Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) Mods to Install

Red Dead Redemption 2 showcases timeless appeal, maintaining its allure over four years since release with cinematic graphics. On my fifth playthrough, I felt compelled to explore RDR 2 mods. The internet hosts a plethora of exceptional mods, transforming the game significantly. If you share my enthusiasm, explore these top RDR 2 mods to enhance your experience.

Top RDR 2 Mods (2022)

Within this article, you’ll find a collection of RDR 2 mods ranging from useful to downright hilarious. Additionally, there’s a small requirement for using these mods, outlined below in the table.

Requirements for Installing RDR 2 Mods

Prior to installing Red Dead Redemption mods on your PC, ensure you have the necessary components ready for these enhancements:

1. Script Hook RDR 2

The primary requirement is Script Hook RDR2, a vital library enabling seamless installation of RDR 2 mods on your PC.

To install, download Script Hook from this link. Then, extract the ZIP file and copy the three files in the bin folder to Red Dead Redemption 2’s directory. Once done, enjoy browsing through the RDR 2 mods below.

Lenny’s Mod Loader

Some mods listed below require Lenny’s Mod Loader (LML). LML lets you manage mods quickly and install them without any problem. Download Lenny’s Mod Loader and follow the extraction instructions above, and you are all set.

Best RDR 2 Mods You Should Install

Instant Fast Travel

Fast travel in Red Dead Redemption 2 presents a mixed mechanic. It surpasses lengthy horse rides, but entails in-game cutscenes that consume time. Fortunately, a mod named Instant Fast Travel has been developed to address this issue.

As implied by its name, the Instant Fast Travel mod transports Arthur promptly to the selected destination. Instead of establishing camp, this mod streamlines the process by presenting the “Instant Fast Travel” option upon reaching the desired location with your horse. It’s worth noting that in-game time progresses as it does during regular travel, and both you and your horse will experience core depletion. Embrace the convenience and download this mod for unrestricted fast travel.

Download the Instant Fast Travel RDR2 Mod

2. Bank Robberies Mod

By default, it’s not possible to rob banks in Red Dead 2 during free roam. If you’re hoping to make extra money on the side, this mod is for you. The Bank Robberies mod allows users to rob any supported bank in RDR 2. Instead of waiting for a mission to earn more money, simply install this mod and walk into a bank, pointing your gun at the teller.

A handy pop-up will signify the start of the bank robbery, and you can proceed to crack the safe. Nothing beats robbing the Saint-Denis bank before the actual mission, right? Download this mod and start making money.

Get Bank Robberies Mod

3. Photorealistic Reshade

Enhancing this beautiful game is still possible via mods. This RDR 2 mod further elevates the game’s graphics.

The Photorealistic Reshade mod enhances the game’s colors, shadows, sharpness, and more. After installation, the mod automatically improves the game without any further action required. However, if you’re playing RDR 2 at 2K/Ultra graphics settings, detecting the difference this mod brings may be challenging. Share your experience with us in the comments.

Get Photorealistic Reshade

4. Hot Air Balloon…

After enhancing Red Dead 2 graphics, consider experiencing the game’s beauty from the skies. Unfortunately, the hot air balloon only features briefly in a mission. With no official access, this RDR 2 mod comes in handy, allowing you to spawn a hot air balloon anytime, anywhere.

Initially, the controls may feel awkward, but you’ll adapt quickly. The mod offers faster travel than the standard balloon. Although you can spawn multiple balloons, you can’t use them simultaneously. However, trying to ascend as high as possible and then jumping out adds excitement. Personally, I found this mod to be one of the most enjoyable experiences in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Acquire Hot Air Balloon… Mod

5. Gang Rides

Riding through the countryside offers a unique solitude, bringing calm to RDR veterans. However, sometimes the trail feels lonely. For those moments and more, this RDR 2 mod allows NPCs to join you on your journey.

The Gang Rides mod enables Arthur to bring members of the Van Der Linde gang along. Not just that, you can even bring another Arthur (from some other universe, perhaps?). The selected members will follow you on the map and provide cover in gunfights if needed. To summon them, press G, and the gang will respond. Unfortunately, Micah tags along as well, so be prepared for that.

Acquire Gang Rides

6. Buyable Properties

Never did I imagine Arthur as the settling down type, yet this handy RDR 2 mod allows you to purchase properties for just that purpose. Simply put, you can traverse the map and acquire certain houses and hotel rooms to keep them permanently.

These locations span Valentine, Rhodes, Saint-Denis, Ridge View cabin, and more. Additionally, you can equip your house with a weapons locker for storing arms and ammunition. To make a purchase, seek out the highlighted icon indicating availability. However, be cautioned that the prices are steep, necessitating the robbery of multiple banks for a home.

Get Buyable Properties Mod

7. Ped Damage Overhaul

15 Best Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) Mods to Install

Among Red Dead Redemption 2’s most utilized mods, the Ped Damage Overhaul mod enhances diversity and realism in gunfights. While RDR 2 excels on its own, this mod introduces fresh behaviors and animations to NPCs. Consequently, their reactions during combat become even more authentic.

The mod introduces injured individuals, writhing in agony, and collapsing into their own blood pools, responding uniquely to wounds, including stumbling upon impact. NPCs will collapse as their health dwindles, succumbing to slow, inevitable demise. Notably, this mod imbues the title with a heightened sense of darkness, potentially unsettling for those averse to graphic content. Moreover, it grants players the ability to enact friendly fire, even targeting Micah. Such features undoubtedly elevate this mod to a must-have for Red Dead Redemption 2 enthusiasts.

Discover Ped Damage Overhaul

8. Dynamic Seasons Mod

RDR 2 showcases beautiful weather patterns across the map, with snow accessible primarily in the mountains. This mod introduces all four seasons to free roam, enhancing the experience.

Moreover, the mod includes nuances like temperatures, sunset/sunrise times, and various weather effects, with color palettes changing to reflect each season’s atmosphere. Snowfall increases in the mountains during winter. However, each season spans approximately 10 hours, requiring patience to experience them fully.

Experience Dynamic Seasons now.

9. Dog Companion

If you’re someone who doesn’t want their gang trailing behind, this RDR 2 mod introducing a dog might suit your needs. The dog companion mod provides Arthur with his own loyal dog that accompanies him on all his journeys and patiently waits outside when he enters a building.

Aside from walking alongside you, the dog assists Arthur in various ways. It attacks enemies, aids in hunting by barking, and tracks animal scents with its nose. Like the horse, the dog responds to Arthur’s whistle and returns when called. Additionally, the pup has its own health, so ensure it’s well-fed with hunted meat and protected from predators.

Get Dog Companion Mod

10. RDR – Contracts

If you’ve played RDR 2 multiple times, you might tire of repeating the same old missions. This mod introduces over 19 unique missions, each offering diverse scenarios and countless possibilities.

All contracts are auto-generated and occur in different locations. Simply find a shady civilian in cities, and they’ll provide information on your next mission. Optional challenges are also available for additional rewards. Contract targets come with varying income levels, making this mod a quick path to wealth in RDR 2.

Obtain RDR – Contracts Mod

11. Basic Needs Mod

Red Dead 2 operates on a core system regulating health, stamina, and dead eye, influencing overall condition. This mod elevates the system by incorporating additional factors. The Basic Needs mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 introduces five additional cores: thirst, hunger, exhaustion, equipment weight, and urination.

Wash up to feel fresh. Cores deplete if needs aren’t refilled, imposing penalties like slowing movement. Keep Arthur hydrated and rested. However, micromanagement increases. Consider your preference: for immersive gameplay, activate; for simplicity, skip.

Opt for Basic Needs Final Cut.

12. Unlock All Interiors

Red Dead Redemption 2, an expansive open-world game, has its boundaries. This mod grants access to previously restricted areas, enhancing free roam experience.

Among the notable locations are the Braithwaite manor and Angelo Bronte’s mansion. Next time you’re free roaming as Arthur, be sure to visit the manor before proceeding to burn it down.

Unlock All Interiors

13. 2K Van Der Linde Gang

The 2K Van Der Linde gang mod complements the Photorealistic Reshade mod, enhancing the game’s visuals significantly. This mod upgrades the gang’s textures from 1K to 2K, adding detail to their faces for a clearer experience for Arthur (you, the player). Since you’ll spend ample time with the gang members during missions, why not ensure they look their best? Install this mod and witness the difference.

Obtain 2K Van Der Linde Gang Modification

14. Mini NPCs RDR2 Mod

Little can be said about this mod, except that it recreates a vibe akin to the seven dwarfs in RDR 2. This Red Dead Redemption 2 mod allows players to shrink NPCs for a humorous effect.

Additionally, players can enlarge Arthur to tower over them. The NPCs remain oblivious to the changes and behave normally. Simply copy the files from the provided link and adjust the height values in the ini file. Enjoy creating your own rendition of Gulliver’s Travels.

Obtain Mini NPCs RDR2 Mod

15. Rampage Trainer

Named the Rampage Trainer, this RDR 2 mod functions akin to a versatile tool, allowing players to micromanage various aspects including Arthur’s traits and game conditions.

While maintaining Arthur’s humanity, activate God mode and infinite stamina. Adjust money, bounty, honor, and more. Instantly spawn vehicles, objects, and alter loadouts with a single click. Ultimately, if you seek a mod that accomplishes nearly everything, the Rampage Trainer is the solution.

Obtain Rampage Trainer

Optimize RDR 2 Gameplay with Top Mods

Enjoy customizing Red Dead Redemption 2 to your preferences. Explore other game modifications like Minecraft and Google Snake Game mods. For similar experiences, explore top PC games resembling RDR 2. Share your RDR 2 mod experiences in the comments!