Top 5 Blue Beetle Easter Eggs

Top 5 Blue Beetle Easter Eggs

The DCU kicks off with the Blue Beetle movie, showcasing a serious commitment to its cinematic universe. The film, crafted with finesse, captivates viewers until its closing moments. Xolo Maridueña’s portrayal of Blue Beetle stands out, complemented by the ensemble cast. Set within the DCU, the movie hides numerous Easter eggs discernible only to devoted DC enthusiasts. These nods hint at the broader DCU landscape, signaling that Blue Beetle remains intertwined with its future.

Yes, Blue Beetle also features post-credit scene(s)! If you’re reading this before watching the movie, here’s all you need to know beforehand. But if you’ve already seen it, let’s see how many easter eggs you caught.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Blue Beetle movie.

1. Gotham Law

In a scene where Jaime’s father discusses his purpose, Jaime wears a hoodie with “Gotham Law” written on it, indicating its connection to the broader DC universe where Gotham City exists — and where Batman resides.

This spoiler hints at Blue Beetle and Batman potentially collaborating in the forthcoming Batman movie, mirroring their partnership in the comics.

Another scene features Jaime observing Ted Kord’s tech, remarking its resemblance to Batman’s gadgets, to which his uncle retorts, “Batman is a fascist.” While controversial, it’s still an intriguing easter egg.

2. Lex Corp Building

Top 5 Blue Beetle Easter Eggs

In the scene where the Kord Industries building appears in the Blue Beetle movie, behind it stands Lex Corp. The design of this logo differs significantly from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, hinting at a forthcoming portrayal of Lex Luthor that aligns more closely with the comics.

This easter egg suggests a potential collaboration between Blue Beetle and Superman, given the abundance of Superman-related references in Blue Beetle’s easter eggs.

3. Big Belly Burgers

In the Blue Beetle movie, when Jeniffer sneaks out the Scarab from the Kord Industries lab, she does so in a burger box from Big Belly Burgers. Now you may ask, “How is this an easter egg?” Well, hear me out. Big Belly Burgers is a fictional fast-food joint mentioned many times in DC comics. This fast food joint was one of the biggest in the United States and is famous for its fries and unusually big burgers but was later bought by Lex Corp.

Interestingly, a regular customer of Big Belly Burgers is none other than the Man of Steel himself. Superman loves burgers. This easter egg subtly hints at the upcoming Superman movie and Blue Beetle’s appearance. In the comics, Superman mentored Jaime, and now, owned by Lex Corp, we anticipate Lex Luthor as the potential villain.

4. Superman and The Flash

In the Blue Beetle movie, Rudy Reyes, Jaime’s uncle mentions ” Superman of Metropolis” and “Flash of Central City.” These and other easter eggs hint at the potential future inclusion of Batman, suggesting the formation of a Justice League in the upcoming DCU. Collectively, these clues imply that Blue Beetle will extend beyond this initial movie, becoming integrated into the broader DC universe.

5. News Report About Bruce Wayne

After Jaime returns from the forced test drive of the Blue Beetle armor, he recuperates in his living room. In the background, a Spanish reporter discusses Gotham’s philanthropist, Bruce Wayne, and his recent acquisition of a popular dating app. Bruce Wayne’s presence suggests the imminent return of the Dark Knight to the screen.