Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ Chatbot: Unveiling Its Functionality and Utility

Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ Chatbot: Unveiling Its Functionality and Utility

The AI integration race is in full swing, with technology giants like Microsoft launching Bing AI and a plethora of AI writing apps emerging. Social media platforms are also partaking in this trend, and Snapchat has taken the lead by introducing its own AI chatbot, named “My AI,” boasting versatile capabilities. Now, users can seamlessly incorporate AI into their daily interactions. Let’s delve into a comprehensive exploration of Snapchat’s ChatGPT-powered My AI chatbot. Without further ado, discover the essence of the Snapchat AI chatbot and its multifaceted functionalities.

Having explored a plethora of facets concerning Snapchat’s latest AI, the ensuing information offers diversity. Utilize the table below for navigation, sorting through sections of interest.

The Essence of Snapchat’s ChatGPT ‘My AI’ Bot

Dubbed ‘My AI‘, Snapchat’s novel chatbot integrates artificial intelligence into social media. Functioning as a conversational companion, users engage in multifaceted dialogues. Yet, it boasts supplementary features amplifying its capabilities.

Snapchat’s My AI is powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology and likely utilizes the latest GPT 3.5 language model. As it’s built on the same technology, it functions similarly to other ChatGPT-like apps. Snapchat emphasizes that the more users interact with the AI, the better it understands them. Therefore, the chatbot evolves as you engage with it.

Capabilities of Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ Assistant

Users can employ Snapchat’s new My AI bot as a conversation companion to pass time. However, it offers more than mere conversation. My AI can plan trips, recommend birthday gifts, suggest recipes, write poems, and haikus, among other tasks. Yet, it’s not a fully portable version of ChatGPT. Snapchat’s My AI chatbot cannot write essays, blog posts, or do homework. As a companion, you can give it a custom name and customize its chat wallpaper.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Snapchat has emphasized that My AI isn’t flawless and highly susceptible to errors. According to the company, the Snapchat My AI chatbot is “vulnerable to hallucinations and susceptible to manipulation.” This indicates that relying solely on this bot for information isn’t advisable, and its responses should be approached cautiously.

Utilizing Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ Chatbot on iOS & Android

The new Snapchat AI chatbot was initially available as an experimental feature to Snapchat Plus subscribers in the U.S. Users could sign up for Snapchat+ for as low as $3.99/ month. Snapchatters in other countries had to wait, but the company has now rolled out My AI bot access to everyone for free. You don’t even need a Snapchat+ subscription to talk to the AI bot, which has already been deemed really annoying and creepy.

Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ Chatbot: Unveiling Its Functionality and Utility

You will see “My AI” pinned under the app’s “Chat” tab by default, right above your conversations with friends. To access My AI, simply swipe right from the “Camera” tab to access the “Chat” tab and try it out. The bot is currently in the experimental stages, and some of the features are only limited to Snapchat Plus subscribers.

How to Remove Snapchat ‘My AI’ From Your Chat Feed

If you’re not interested in using Snapchat My AI, you can disable the chatbot. Unpin its chat and remove it entirely. We have a guide on how to get rid of Snapchat’s My AI bot from the chat feed. Here’s a brief explanation:

1. Tap your profile icon (or Bitmoji) in the top left corner. Then, tap the “Settings” cog in the top right.

2. Scroll to “Privacy Controls” and tap “Clear Data.” Then, tap “Clear Conversations” on the next page.

3. On the Clear Conversations page, tap the “X” icon next to “My AI” to remove the chatbot from your chat feed. Note, the screenshot below is for reference.

Initially limited, Snapchat Plus users worldwide gained access to this chatbot first. Now available to all Snapchat users for free. Interesting to see how Snapchat My AI compares to top ChatGPT alternatives. What’s your take on Snapchat adding an AI chatbot to its Gen Z messaging app? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Does the Snapchat AI Chatbot Store Conversations?

Snapchat’s AI stores your conversations in the chat tab. The records persist until deletion. While this may raise privacy concerns, Snapchat’s servers are generally secure, ensuring the safety of your data. If uncomfortable with this, follow the steps to remove the Snapchat AI chatbot from your feed.

Data Access:

In addition to interactions, Snapchat stores your city-level location. This data aids in AI chatbot enhancement and product improvement, facilitating a more personalized advertising experience.