A Novice’s Handbook to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

A Novice's Handbook to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Have you installed Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft on your PC, phone, or tablet and seek guidance to optimize your experience? If so, you’re in for a treat because we’re here to enhance your journey through this captivating digital card game. This isn’t a gameplay manual; it won’t delve into the basics since those are impeccably covered in the in-game tutorial. Instead, our focus is on elevating your Hearthstone account without hefty financial investments.

Hearthstone, a card game, requires cards for competition. Initially, players receive Basic (Free) cards; however, to engage in multiplayer mode, access to higher-level cards is essential. These can be obtained by purchasing packs or adventures. Options include using real-life money or collecting in-game gold. While acquiring gold requires time, it’s a cost-free and prudent option for beginners. Before delving into multiplayer mode, completing basic quests is advisable to amass a sufficient amount of gold.

Quest Completion

Here are basic quests to gain extra gold, boosting your Hearthstone account for packs or adventure wings. The initial 9 quests are easy, playable and winnable against AI.

A Novice's Handbook to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Name Requirements Reward
Win 5 Practice Games Win 5 Games in Practice Mode 1 Classic card pack
First Blood Complete a game in Play mode [or Arena] 1 Classic card pack
The Duelist Play 3 games in Play mode [or Arena] 100 gold
Level Up Get any class to level 10 1 Classic card pack
Ready to Go! Unlock every Hero 100 gold
Crushed Them All! Defeat every Expert AI Hero 100 gold
Got the Basics! Collect every card in the Basic Set 100 gold
Crafting Time Disenchant a card 95 arcane dust
Enter The Arena Enter The Arena 1 Arena credit
Chicken Dinner Win 100 games in any mode 300 gold
Big Winner Win 1000 games in any mode 300 gold
One of Everything! Collect every card in the Classic Set. Only one of each card is required, and may be golden or non-golden 100 gold

After finishing the initial 9 quests (which are relatively simple) listed above, you’ll acquire almost 400 gold, 3 Classic packs, and over 100 Arcane dust. Utilize the gold to purchase an additional 4 packs, prioritizing Classic packs initially. While you can purchase packs from other sets, it’s advisable to gather at least 75% of the Classic pack cards before diversifying. Additionally, you can earn packs by playing on mobile platforms, detailed in the table below.

Name Requirements Reward
iPad Awarded for playing a game on iPad. 1 Classic card pack
Android Tablet Awarded for playing a game on an Android tablet. 1 Classic card pack
iPhone Awarded for playing a game on an iPhone. 1 Classic card pack
Android Phone Awarded for playing a game on an Android Phone. 1 Classic card pack
Samsung Galaxy S6 series phone Awarded for logging into Hearthstone on a Samsung Galaxy S6 series phone. “Galaxy Gifts” card back & 3 Classic card packs

Each day, you receive one quest yielding 40, 50, or 60 gold. These are Daily Quests, which you should complete regularly to earn gold consistently. Additionally, winning three matches in Casual, Ranked, or Tavern Brawl mode grants 10 gold per win, up to a maximum of 100 gold per day from wins. Consequently, the maximum daily gold from wins is 100, achievable with 30 wins.

Completing all basic quests unlocks all classes and ensures each class reaches at least level 10, granting access to basic cards for each class. This marks the beginning of constructing a competitive multiplayer deck.


Opening packs offers a swift and economical means of assembling a satisfactory card collection. However, it’s vital to recognize that pack contents are randomized, and obtaining desired Epic or Legendary cards can prove challenging. Consequently, utilizing Arcane Dust to craft specific cards is often necessary.

Crafting in your Card Collection is simple: click Crafting to view all available cards. Each card lists its cost in Arcane Dust. When crafting, pay the full dust amount; when disenchanting, receive approximately 1/4th of the total dust. Be selective: only craft or disenchant cards you’re certain about. Avoid wasting dust on unused cards or disenchanting potentially useful ones. Refer to the table below for Crafting Cost and Disenchant values across all rarity types.

Rarity Crafting Cost Disenchant Value
Common 40 Arcane Dust 5 Arcane Dust
Rare 100 Arcane Dust 20 Arcane Dust
Epic 400 Arcane Dust 100 Arcane Dust
Legendary 1600 Arcane Dust 400 Arcane Dust
Golden Common 400 Arcane Dust 50 Arcane Dust
Golden Rare 800 Arcane Dust 100 Arcane Dust
Golden Epic 1600 Arcane Dust 400 Arcane Dust
Golden Legendary 3200 Arcane Dust 1600 Arcane Dust

Golden cards hold significant value, offering the option to disenchant them for additional dust. However, it’s essential to note that they lack unique gameplay effects, serving primarily as aesthetic enhancements with animations. Functionally, both Golden and regular cards perform identically in gameplay. Therefore, consider this aspect carefully before investing double the dust into crafting a Golden card.

Consider disenchanting a card, particularly a common one that you find useless and seldom use. Disenchanting your first card yields an additional 95 Arcane dust, totaling 100 Arcane Dust—sufficient for crafting either a Rare card or two Common cards. To guide your crafting decisions, consult Hearthpwn.com for suitable deck archetypes and craft cards accordingly.

Adventures or Expansions: Which to Prioritize?

In Hearthstone, you can purchase Adventures or Expansions using real-life money or in-game gold. Opting for real money? Adventures offer the best value. While buying packs doesn’t ensure Legendary or Epic cards, Adventures guarantee Legendaries and other specific cards.

First, prioritize purchasing Adventures, as they contain key cards commonly used in top decks. Keep in mind Blizzard’s announcement of new modes: Standard and Wild. Standard mode excludes Adventures or Expansions older than 2 years, such as Naxxramas and Goblins vs Gnomes packs, rolling out with the upcoming update within a month. Focus on opening packs to expand your card collection, starting with Classic packs until you possess around 60-70% of the classic cards.

Invest in the latest adventures or expansions, ensuring they have at least a year before rotating out of the game. By completing daily quests and winning games, you can earn nearly 100 gold daily, sufficient for purchasing adventures/expansions using in-game gold alone.


Unlocking all classes grants access to the Arena. The first entry is free, but subsequent entries require 150 in-game gold or $1.99 each. Arena challenges your game knowledge, offering a choice of three randomly generated classes and allowing you to build a deck from random card selections. Your familiarity with the game enhances your ability to draft a strong deck and succeed in the Arena. Losing all three games results in receiving a card pack (equivalent to 100 gold) and some Arcane dust, essentially costing you 50 gold if paid with gold. To break even, aim to win 5-6 games. Achieving the maximum of 12 wins yields at least 400 gold and valuable card rewards, though it’s challenging, especially for newcomers. Utilize your free Arena ticket once you’re acquainted with the game to secure a decent number of wins.

Avoid succumbing to pressure to participate in Arena matches. While it can yield substantial gold, it’s not the simplest route. Prioritize completing daily quests and acquaint yourself with the game before delving into Arena runs. Observe skilled players such as Kripparian and Hafu to glean insights for successful Arena endeavors.

Choosing Your Class

Begin your tutorial with Mage, one of Hearthstone’s most versatile classes. Mage offers access to powerful spells, solid minions, and a reliable hero power. However, select a class that aligns with your playstyle. Experiment with each class, leveling them all to 10, before committing to your favorite. Some classes demand more than basic cards to excel, while others lean heavily on their core set. Opt for a class that suits you and commit to it. If you’re a Free-to-Play (F2P) gamer, understand that top-tier decks for every class are unattainable. Focus on 2-3 classes instead. For those investing real money, the number of decks you can construct depends on your budget.

Understanding Tavern Brawl

Weekly, engage in a new Tavern Brawl, each with unique rules distinct from the regular game. Explore unconventional strategies and win a free Classic pack upon your first Tavern Brawl victory, adding up to four free packs monthly, facilitating collection building for free players.


  • Avoid fixating on a single class.
  • Avoid exclusively investing gold in Arena.
  • Create your decks rather than relying on others’, once you grasp the game.
  • Complete your daily quests frequently to avoid accumulation and missing out on new ones.
  • Avoid crafting/disenchanting cards impulsively; you might require them later.
  • If experiencing a losing streak, take a break. Engage in other activities to refresh your mind before returning to Hearthstone.
  • Avoid switching decks too often. Focus on mastering one before exploring new options.

These tips aim to enhance your Hearthstone gameplay. Particularly beneficial for players unwilling to invest real money, they facilitate competitive play without financial commitment. While pursuing a free-to-play approach, adjust your expectations as building a collection demands time and patience. We welcome your thoughts on Hearthstone and invite you to share your own advice for newcomers.