15 Top GoPro Fusion Accessories Available Now

15 Top GoPro Fusion Accessories Available Now

GoPro Fusion ($699) stands as the pinnacle of GoPro’s camera lineup, boasting features such as 5.2K recording at 30 FPS, an 18MP sensor, and over capture functionality. Yet, like other GoPro models, realizing the full potential of the Fusion necessitates investing in accessories. With a plethora of options flooding the market, discerning between essential and non-essential accessories can prove challenging. To simplify this process for our readers, we’ve curated the 15 finest accessories for the GoPro Fusion, guaranteeing an enhanced user experience:

1. SmilePowo 42-in-1 Accessory Kit for GoPro Fusion

Starting the list with a comprehensive accessory kit containing not 1, not 2, but 42 different items for your GoPro Fusion, the SmilePowo 42-in-1 kit stands out as the ultimate choice. Many individuals hesitate to invest substantially in accessories after already spending $699 on their GoPro Fusion. If this resonates with you, consider this accessory kit as the ideal solution.

This kit includes all essential accessories such as handle grip, handlebar seat post holder, chest mount, head strap, and more. Keep in mind, however, that the accessories in the kit may not match the premium quality of individual purchases.

Available on Amazon for: $26.99

2. GoPro Fusion Case from Actpe

While GoPro produces sturdy cameras, such as the GoPro Fusion, it’s understandable if you seek additional protection for your costly investment. Actpe offers a budget-friendly, top-notch case for safeguarding your GoPro Fusion.

This case envelops your GoPro from all angles and includes back and front lens caps. Crafted from soft silicone, it ensures lasting defense against dirt, scratches, dust, and minor impacts.

Available on Amazon: $9.99

3. Kupton GoPro Fusion Case

For protecting your GoPro Fusion during use, a case suffices, but for safeguarding it during travel, a sturdier option is necessary. Enter the Kupton case for GoPro Fusion. Constructed from water-resistant, durable material with removable buffer sponge, this case features an outer hard shell to shield your device from mishandling while the soft sponge prevents scratching or scuffing. If you’re a frequent traveler with your GoPro Fusion, this accessory is a must-have.

Buy From Amazon: $17.98

4. GoPro Camera ASBHM-001 Fusion Grip

Ensuring your GoPro Fusion’s protection, let’s explore accessories to optimize its performance. GoPro offers the versatile Fusion Grip, functioning as a camera grip, extension pole, and tripod. Whether positioning your GoPro Fusion, capturing a selfie, or stabilizing your recording, this accessory serves multiple purposes.

Available on Amazon: $59

5. GoPro Camera ASBBA-001 Fusion Battery

As you might know, the GoPro Fusion comes with a 2620 mAh battery, providing anywhere between 1.5 to 2.5 hours of battery life depending on usage. However, if you plan to use your GoPro for longer periods, you’ll need an external battery. The external battery ensures you can swap batteries whenever your GoPro Fusion runs out of power and continue recording.

Buy From Amazon: $29

6. Sandisk Ultra 64GB Micro SD Card

Despite the high price of the GoPro Fusion, it’s unfortunate that, like other GoPro cameras, it doesn’t include an SD Card. Therefore, purchasing one is necessary prior to use. Regarding SD Cards, I endorse GoPro’s recommendation and suggest the 64GB version from SanDisk. SanDisk cards are not just fast but also highly reliable. Having used them for years, I’ve never experienced a single card failure. Purchasing this one requires no second thoughts.

Available on Amazon: $19.99

7. Anker PowerCore Speed for GoPro Fusion

Consider adding a portable charger to your GoPro Fusion kit. While swapping batteries works, eventually, you’ll need to recharge them. When you’re outdoors, a portable charger is invaluable. I recommend Anker; their PowerCore Speed charger offers 20,000 mAh capacity, fast PowerIQ charging technology, all in a pocket-sized package. Plus, it can charge smartphones and tablets.

Available on Amazon: $55.99

8. Joby GP3 GorillaPod

15 Top GoPro Fusion Accessories Available Now

Joby GP3 GorillaPod stands out as an exceptional tripod choice for your GoPro Fusion. Crafted from Japanese medical-grade ABS plastic, stainless steel, and German TPE, this tripod ensures remarkable durability. However, its standout feature lies in its legs. Comprising two dozen individual joints, these legs offer both flexibility and adaptability. Regardless of terrain ruggedness, this tripod guarantees stable placement for your GoPro Fusion, facilitating seamless photo and video capture.

Available on Amazon: $47.90

9. GoPro Fusion Suction Cup

Many GoPro users purchase their cameras primarily for recording adventurous activities or high-speed maneuvers. After all, GoPro cameras are renowned as action cameras. To capture footage during these dynamic moments, mounting accessories are essential. One such accessory is the suction cup, which enables you to mount your GoPro Fusion onto various surfaces such as cars, bikes, and boats. This suction cup has undergone testing at speeds exceeding 150 mph, ensuring the security of your GoPro Fusion regardless of your velocity.

Available on Amazon: $39.99

10. GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount

While a suction cup is suitable for using your GoPro Fusion on a vehicle, it’s ineffective for recording footage while swimming, surfing, paragliding, or engaging in activities not involving vehicles. In such cases, attaching your GoPro Fusion to your body becomes necessary, and the GoPro helmet mount facilitates this. The GoPro helmet mount not only attaches your GoPro Fusion to your helmet but also enables easy rotation and adjustment of its position.

Buy From Amazon: $29.99

11. Luxebell Chest Mount Harness Strap for GoPro Fusion

Similar to the suction cup, the helmet mount has its drawbacks. For instance, what if you’re recording footage without wearing a helmet? Additionally, some individuals prefer not to attach their GoPro cameras to their heads due to rapid movement, potentially resulting in unstable footage. In such scenarios, consider utilizing the chest mount harness, enabling you to securely attach your GoPro Fusion to your chest. This harness ensures you can use your GoPro even without a helmet.

Available on Amazon: $9.99

12. HAPY Pet Dog Harness for GoPro Fusion

Many users mount their GoPro cameras on their pet dogs to record activities. The HAPY pet dog harness for GoPro Fusion facilitates this. The strap easily attaches GoPro Fusion to the dog’s back or chest. To ensure comfort, the harness features elastic adjustable straps that fit dogs weighing 10 to 110 lbs (5 to 50 kg). Premium soft foam lining prevents discomfort.

Buy From Amazon: $17.99

13. GoPole Bobber

For avid swimmers with a GoPro Fusion, the GoPole Bobber is indispensable. This handheld mount ensures your GoPro Fusion remains buoyant, preventing it from sinking if accidentally dropped into water. Painted bright yellow, the Bobber is highly visible even from afar, minimizing the risk of losing your device while swimming. Secure your GoPro Fusion with the GoPole Bobber to swim worry-free.

Purchase on Amazon: $21.85

14. GoPro The Tool

The cheapest accessory for the GoPro Fusion listed here, yet crucial. Named simply GoPro tool, it aids in tightening the GoPro thumb screws effortlessly. This tool proves invaluable each time you mount your GoPro Fusion on a harness, ensuring secure attachment and averting mid-recording mishaps.

Available on Amazon: $4

15. GoPro Seeker

The GoPro Seeker, a sports bag from GoPro, is our final accessory recommendation. Specifically designed for carrying GoPro cameras, it features separate compartments and can accommodate up to six cameras, along with multiple batteries, microSD cards, mounting accessories, and more. If you transport a significant amount of gear and multiple GoPro cameras, this bag is a must-have. Additionally, it includes built-in chest and shoulder mounts, allowing seamless use of your GoPro Fusion even while wearing the backpack.

Buy From Amazon: $169

Maximize Your GoPro Fusion Experience with Essential Accessories

GoPro Fusion stands out as GoPro’s premier action camera, offering an array of features for capturing stunning shots. However, the camera alone falls short of its potential, necessitating the purchase of essential accessories to unleash its full capabilities. We trust this article has guided you in identifying these accessories. Share your favorite picks in the comments below!