Top 10 iPhone 12 Pro Cases and Covers

Top 10 iPhone 12 Pro Cases and Covers

At the iPhone event, Apple unveiled Ceramic Shield, offering 4x drop protection for iPhone 12 Pro and other 12 series models. Apple asserts these new-gen iPhones can endure drops and scratches without significant harm. However, note that Ceramic Shield only shields the front display; the back remains covered in the standard Textured matt glass. Thus, for complete protection of your iPhone 12 Pro, a case is still essential. To simplify your selection, we’ve compiled the finest iPhone 12 Pro cases available for immediate purchase. Let’s delve into our top picks without delay.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases and Covers

Here, we list various iPhone 12 Pro cases, including leather, folio, protective, kickstand, and clear cases. Below is a quick overview, with links to each case.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases

1. Official iPhone 12 Pro Silicone Case by Apple

Typically, I suggest third-party cases due to their lower cost and comprehensive protection. However, with MagSafe on the iPhone 12 Pro, it’s essential to choose a MagSafe-compatible case for faster wireless charging and accessory support.

This silicone case comes in 8 colors, offering a stunning appearance. Crafted with a silky silicone exterior and featuring a soft microfiber lining for interior protection, it also includes built-in magnets perfectly aligned with iPhone 12 Pro.

Notably, it supports charging not only with MagSafe compatible chargers but also with Qi-certified chargers. In summary, Apple’s official Silicone case stands as the top choice for iPhone 12 Pro users.

Buy from Apple: $49

2. Spigen Liquid Air

Spigen offers a range of cases for iPhone 12 Pro, and among them, the Liquid Air case stands out. Its sleek, slim profile feels great in hand, with a unique texture on the back for a solid grip, while still maintaining device thinness.

The case is made of high-quality Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), prized for its flexibility and shock absorption. Additionally, tactile buttons ensure responsiveness, and built-in Air Cushion Technology protects against hard drops.

Notably, the case is compatible with both wireless and reverse charging. Summarily, Spigen Liquid Air stands out as an excellent choice for iPhone 12 Pro. Other notable Spigen cases include Ultra Hybrid, Tough Armor, and more. Explore all Spigen cases from the provided link.

Buy from Spigen: $24.99

3. Caseology

Similar to Spigen, Caseology offers a range of sturdy iPhone 12 Pro cases. Opt for Caseology Dual Grip for all-around protection and a reliable grip. It prevents scratches and damage from drops while maintaining a slim profile.

Introducing the Legion case for iPhone 12 Pro, featuring a blend of two unique colors on the back. Additionally, there’s the Caseology Calin, a superior Folio case for iPhone 12 Pro. Caseology provides a comprehensive selection of cases and covers for iPhone 12 Pro, ensuring top-notch protection and wireless charging support.

4. Dbrand Grip Case

Dbrand’s renowned Grip case offers military-grade protection using shock-absorbing polymers, safeguarding against severe drops and scratches without compromising aesthetics.

The Grip case measures just 2mm thick, ensuring no added bulk to your iPhone. The buttons are tactile and responsive, a crucial feature in any protective case.

Furthermore, raised edges around the screen and camera minimize damage from drops. Overall, the Dbrand Grip offers the best value for iPhone 12 Pro users seeking 360-degree protection.

Available at Dbrand: $29.95

5. OtterBox Defender Case

OtterBox, a renowned iPhone case maker, presents its signature Defender case for iPhone 12 Pro. It features a rugged Polycarbonate shell for advanced protection, complemented by an antimicrobial additive that inhibits microbial growth and bacteria.

Amid the pandemic, this antimicrobial feature is invaluable. Additionally, the case provides a secure grip and raised edges for camera and screen defense. In summary, the OtterBox Defender Case is a durable solution for iPhone 12 Pro, capable of withstanding any damage.

Top 10 iPhone 12 Pro Cases and Covers

Available at OtterBox for: $69.95

6. Totallee Matte Case

If you seek a slim iPhone 12 Pro case with enhanced protection, Totallee delivers. Available in various colors and finishes, the Froster Clear case stands out. Customize it for transparency if desired. While not drop-proof, it shields against scratches and scuffs.

Moreover, it features a raised lip around the camera module for added defense and supports wireless charging. In summary, Totallee Matte offers an ultra-thin design with decent protection for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Buy from Totallee: $35

7. ESR

Among iPhone 12 Pro cases, ESR stands out for its diverse selection and affordable prices. Having used ESR cases for iPad previously, I can attest to their superior quality, evident in precise alignment and responsive buttons.

The ESR silicone case for iPhone 12 Pro boasts a soft interior lining and exterior made of shock-absorbent material.

The leather case for iPhone 12 Pro exudes a premium look while providing protection against scratches. Crafted from high-quality leather with a soft touch, it fulfills ESR’s promise of quality.

Lastly, there’s the ESR Metal Kickstand Case for iPhone 12 Pro.

  • Amazon Price:$12.99 (Silicone)
  • Amazon Price:$25.99 (Leather)
  • Available on Amazon: $16.99 (Metal Kickstand)

8. Nomad Leather Case

For an iPhone 12 Pro leather case, consider the Nomad Leather Case. Nomad uses renowned Horween leather from Chicago, America‚Äôs oldest tanneries. The raw leather develops a patina over time, enhancing the device’s premium appearance. Additionally, the Nomad case offers rugged protection against drops and scratches.

Nomad claims the case can survive a 10ft drop without damage. Additionally, it includes an internal shock absorption bumper, enhancing protection. Thus, you’re not just acquiring a premium leather case for iPhone 12 Pro but also a protective one comparable to other rugged options.

Buy from Nomad: $49.95

9. Mujjo Leather Wallet Case

Mujjo offers premium leather cases for iPhone 12 Pro, featuring high-quality vegetable-tanned leather. The leather develops a patina over time, lending the case a rich and premium appearance.

Every stain and scratch on the case blends with the leather, enhancing its unique character. Additionally, it features a back pouch for convenient card storage. In summary, the Mujjo case proves to be an ideal leather option for iPhone 12 Pro.

Buy from Mujjo: $46.19

10. Mkeke Clear Case

Lastly, Mkeke presents a clear case for iPhone 12 Pro, allowing you to showcase its distinct color. Made of TPU and hard polycarbonate, this transparent case provides decent drop protection.

Rest assured, it doesn’t add bulk to your device and maintains your iPhone’s slim profile. The case features precise cutouts for volume, charging, and side buttons. For those who prioritize phone care, the Mkeke Clear Case is an excellent option.

Buy from Amazon: $12.99

Choose the Best iPhone 12 Pro Case

Here are the carefully curated cases for the iPhone 12 Pro, encompassing silicone, leather, folio, clear, and hard TPU cases. Explore the list to find the perfect fit for your needs. That concludes our recommendations. If you found this list helpful, please leave a comment below.