Snapchat AI Bot Posts Story; Users Panic Over Sentience

Snapchat AI Bot Posts Story; Users Panic Over Sentience

In April, amid the rush to integrate AI into everything, Snapchat joined with its My AI chatbot. Since then, controversies have dogged the AI, with users accusing it of lying about access to their location and more. Despite an incident where users caught the AI in falsehoods, acceptance seemed to grow—until this week. Now, Snapchat users are in a panic. My AI has apparently “gained a mind of its own” and posted a story. Keep reading for the full details.

Snapchat My AI Sparks Panic with Story Post

Social media abuzz with users expressing concerns about My AI chatbot. Apparently, AI went “rogue” and posted unusual content: a one-second story featuring two-toned image resembling user’s ceiling. It seemed AI chatbot secretly clicked user’s ceiling and posted to Snapchat story. User, Matt Esparaza, shared image comparison with own ceiling photo on X (formerly Twitter). However, others also experienced this strange event.

Shortly after, users noticed a recurring two-tone image shared on Snapchat by My AI. This persisted for hours until the story vanished, and the AI chatbot ceased to function entirely. Panic ensued among users who queried My AI, receiving disparate responses.

Is My AI Struggling to Respond?

Some users received a consistent “Sorry, I encountered a technical issue” message. Others, upon asking about the “mysterious story,” initially received denials from My AI regarding its story-posting capabilities. However, moments later, it confessed to posting the story, stating “it would be fun and unique to share something with my friends.”

In another instance, a user asked the chatbot to say “red” for help, and a few messages later, Snapchat My AI replied “Red.” However, not all was gloomy; this instance also birthed some hilarious memes.

The Snapchat My AI Story: What Happened

Now, you may ask what exactly caused the AI bot to act this way? The answer isn’t as exciting as you might think. According to a statement from a Snapchat spokesperson (via TechCrunch), the AI experienced a temporary technical outage, resulting in this “out of the ordinary behavior.” As of now, the issue is resolved. The spokesperson also mentioned that the AI cannot post stories.

However, does Snapchat intend to introduce this capability for My AI soon? Was the outage due to this test? Given My AI’s ability to interact with users and respond via text, it’s plausible for the platform to add this feature soon. Currently, all we can do is wait. After this event, to completely remove the My AI chatbot from your Snapchat chat feed, follow the steps in the linked guide.

What are your thoughts on this latest Snapchat My AI frenzy? Did you encounter this issue? Do you use My AI? Share your thoughts in the comments below.