MoviePass: Your Ticket to Affordable Cinema

MoviePass: Your Ticket to Affordable Cinema

Indulging in the magic of movies is a universal pleasure. Whether it’s a casual pastime or a dedicated pursuit, the allure of cinema captivates us all. For those who prioritize cinematic experiences amidst life’s hustle, the financial toll can be daunting. Enter MoviePass – your passport to cinematic bliss without breaking the bank. But what exactly is MoviePass?

Unlocking MoviePass: A Cinematic Revelation

Headed by Mitch Lowe, co-founder of Netflix, MoviePass is a subscription-based startup allowing daily movie viewings for a fixed monthly fee. Encompassing approximately 91% of theaters across the US, the service operates even during blackout dates, with the objective of encouraging more theater attendance amidst the prevailing trend of online streaming.

Delving into its origins, MoviePass emerges as a relatively young entity, established in 2011 and steadily striving for recognition. Despite encountering initial resistance from various theater chains, owing to its impact on box office revenues, it has persevered and endured.

Utilizing MoviePass

Using MoviePass is straightforward. Initially, sign up on their website using either your Facebook account or email. Then, pay the first month subscription fee with your credit card or PayPal account. Within 7 business days, you should receive your MoviePass card in the mail, marking the beginning of your monthly subscription.

Once you have your card, download their free app (Android/iOS) and use it to browse theaters and showtimes nearby (within 100 yards) where MoviePass is supported. Decide on a show, check-in on the app, and swipe the card at the box office or kiosk to get your ticket. When you check-in, the exact amount needed to purchase a ticket is credited to your MoviePass card and deducted when you swipe it.

MoviePass Revenue Model

Offering a movie daily for a monthly subscription, priced as a single ticket, plunges MoviePass into significant losses, notably because it lacks the anticipated customer base. To mitigate these losses and transform the service into a potential profit center, a majority of MoviePass’s stakes were recently acquired by the New York-based data firm Helios and Matheson Analytics. This acquisition aims to gather viewing behavior data from the service’s customers for personalized advertising and marketing.

MoviePass: Pros and Cons

MoviePass: Your Ticket to Affordable Cinema

Great service has its pros and cons. Nothing in this world is perfect, and MoviePass is no exception. While there are enjoyable aspects to this service, there are also drawbacks worth considering. To aid your decision on whether to try MoviePass, I’ve outlined its pros and cons.


  • Saves money for movie enthusiasts
  • No blackout dates
  • Covers approximately 91% of US theaters
  • MoviePass covers the full ticket price
  • Maintains a record of watched movies


  • Only offers 2D movies, no IMAX or 3D
  • Requires being within 100 yards of the theater for check-in
  • Limited to one ticket per subscription
  • Each movie can only be watched once
  • Their website currently operates slowly

MoviePass: Pricing and Availability

Over the years, their pricing model has undergone numerous changes. The most recent, implemented recently, costs $9.95/month. This subscription allows for one movie per day viewing, with the restriction of one viewing per movie. It is currently limited to the US, encompassing over 4,000 theaters and 36,000 screens. Expansion to other countries may follow if this model proves successful.

Should You Use MoviePass?

The only reason someone might skip a MoviePass subscription is its restrictions. Conversely, if you’re a cinephile unbothered by solo movie outings, subscribing is a must. Personally, I’d appreciate additional membership tiers allowing multiple viewers and the option to pay a surcharge for IMAX or 3D movies instead of full price.

Your Verdict: MoviePass – Yes or No?

Nothing’s flawless. Some adore the daily movie perk for the price of one ticket, while others find the limitations off-putting. Regardless, I’ve outlined MoviePass’s pros and cons. Feel free to trial it for a month to decide. Share your thoughts below.