Apple Arcade vs Google Play Pass: A Concise Comparison

Apple Arcade vs Google Play Pass: A Concise Comparison

Apple and Google recently launched game and app subscription services: Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass. Both target avid gamers seeking streamlined gaming across devices. If you’re unsure which to choose, we’ve prepared a quick comparison. We delve into the details of each service to help you decide. Let’s determine the winner in the battle of Apple Arcade vs Google Play Pass.

Apple Arcade vs Google Play Pass

The article is divided into five sections: basic details, game catalog quality, availability, pricing, and third-party controller support. Feel free to navigate through the relevant sections based on your interests.

1. Basics

Apple Arcade is a subscription service offering over 100 exclusive games not available on other platforms. You can share your subscription with up to 6 people, each with their own dedicated access. With Apple Arcade, there’s no need to purchase games separately.

Google Play Pass, like Apple Arcade, offers a game subscription service, but it also includes a selection of apps. The games aren’t exclusive, but they’re carefully curated. Currently, Google provides 350 games free from ads or in-app purchases, which can be shared with up to six people at no additional cost.

In terms of offerings, Google surpasses Apple with over 350 apps compared to Apple’s 100+ games. However, the key distinction is that Google Play Pass games are available for individual purchase, as they aren’t exclusive. The significant disparity lies in the quality of gaming titles, which we’ll explore next.

2. Game Catalog Quality

Regarding game quality, Apple Arcade outshines Google Play Pass. Here’s why: Apple introduces exclusive games that push the boundaries of gaming solely for Apple Arcade. These games promise innovative gameplay and diverse themes. Furthermore, in addition to supporting indie developers, Apple collaborates with major game developers to deliver exceptional titles to Apple Arcade.

Among the games available, Where Cards Fall offers a beautiful puzzle experience, Sayonara Wild Hearts immerses you in high-speed motorcycle races with a female gang, Sonic Racing delivers fast-paced action, and more. This list only scratches the surface; numerous innovative games await to ignite your curiosity and sense of adventure. Additionally, Apple pledges to introduce new games monthly, a truly remarkable commitment. Explore the vast array of options with Google Play Pass.

Apple Arcade vs Google Play Pass: A Concise Comparison

Speaking of Google Play Pass, it offers a curated selection of high-quality games available on the Play Store. Google plans to introduce new games monthly, but whether they’ll rival Apple Arcade remains to be seen. However, Google does provide a vast array of popular games such as Stardew Valley, Terraria, Monument Valley, and LIMBO under one subscription, which is remarkable. Additionally, subscribers gain access to utility apps like AccuWeather, FaceTune, Pic Stitch, and others without ads or extra charges.

Overall, Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass present subtle distinctions. Arcade offers a premium gaming experience, while Play Pass appears as yet another tool for monetizing the Play Store. It’s not solely focused on gaming, serving more as an app subscription service. Therefore, opt for Apple Arcade if seeking new and innovative games. Nonetheless, Play Pass offers remarkable value, boasting a plethora of popular games within a single monthly plan.

3. Device and Region Availability

Apple Arcade launched with significant hype, and rightfully so. It’s available in over 150 countries, accessible across all Apple devices, including iOS (from iPhone 6 and SE onwards), iPadOS, macOS Catalina, and tvOS 13. In contrast, Play Pass has only launched in the US, with its global availability still undisclosed. Nonetheless, we managed to activate Play Pass in India, and it’s accessible in other countries too. For hardware compatibility, Play Pass supports any device with the Google Play Store. Essentially, with a Play Pass subscription, you can enjoy games on Android smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks.

4. Third-party Controller Support

Regarding third-party gaming controllers, Apple Arcade surpasses Google Play Pass. Apple Arcade games are playable using PS4 DualShock 4 Controller, Xbox One S Controller, and other iOS-compatible controllers. With iOS 13 updates, connecting a PS4 controller to an iPhone is now a simple tap away. Play Pass also supports gaming controllers, but compatibility varies based on the game and device. Notably, Play Pass games are compatible with Xbox One S Controller and Samsung GamePad Controller.

5. Pricing

If not for game quality, pricing is where tech giants battle equally. Apple Arcade costs $4.99 monthly with a one-month free trial and accommodates up to 6 family members. In comparison, Google Play Pass also costs $4.99 monthly with a 10-day free trial and allows sharing with 6 family members. Subscribing before October 10 offers a special rate of $1.99 per month for one year, which is exceptional. Since pricing is almost identical and nominal, consider other key points when choosing a service.

Apple Arcade vs Google Play Pass – Which Service is Right for You?

This quick comparison between Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass aims to assist users in deciding between the two. While Arcade emphasizes gaming experience, Play Pass offers great value for money. That concludes our analysis. Share your thoughts on both services in the comments below if you found our insights helpful.