8 Best VR Games Without a Controller

8 Best VR Games Without a Controller

For immersive VR gaming, additional hardware like a controller or an expensive headset, such as Oculus, is typically required. However, with innovations like Google Cardboard and Daydream, playing VR games using just the headset has become more accessible. While gameplay may lack interactivity, it still provides a thrilling sensation akin to real-life adventure. Here, we’ve curated the 8 best VR games playable without a controller, whether using Google Cardboard or another affordable headset. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list.

Top VR Games Sans Controller – 2019

Below, we list 8 VR games playable without a gaming controller on Android or iOS devices. Simply use a Google Cardboard compatible headset, preferably with a trigger button. Most of these games are budget-friendly, so pricing isn’t a concern. Without further ado, here are the top VR games without a motion controller.

1. VR Roller Coaster

VR Roller Coaster, available on Android and iOS, offers an immersive experience without the need for a controller. With Google Cardboard or Daydream support, you’re ready to ride. Experience the thrill of a roller coaster firsthand—it’s truly exhilarating. The game features various scenarios, including speed changes, inversions, and steep slopes, all controllable through the headset. With over 60 tracks from amusement parks, the simulation feels remarkably lifelike. Simply download the game and dive in for a controller-free adventure.

Install: Android / iOS (Free, with in-app purchases)

2. VR X-Racer

If you love racing, VR X-Racer ranks among the best VR games for your headset. Its stunning 3D graphics deliver an immersive racing experience akin to real life, creating an intense adventure. This game supports motion sensing, allowing you to navigate the track by moving your headset. Alongside other riders, you’ll encounter obstacles at high speeds. Overall, VR X-Racer offers excellent visuals and an exhilarating gameplay experience. Don’t miss out!

Install: Android / iOS (Free, with in-app purchases)

3. Smash Hit

Smash Hit, a popular VR game sans gaming controller, offers a three-dimensional journey through glass structures that break and create obstacles. Your task: smash glass objects accurately to avoid setbacks. The futuristic structures, coupled with immersive audio effects, enhance the experience. With 50 glass rooms featuring diverse graphic styles, there’s ample choice for players. In summary, Smash Hit offers a futuristic world of glass objects worth exploring.

Install: Android / iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

4. End Space

If you use an iPhone, End Space is the VR game you shouldn’t miss. It offers stunning visual effects and 3D graphics, immersing you in a space station environment. The game’s theme involves protecting your space ship from galactic enemies. You can shoot at opponents using a trigger button on the headset, or enable gaze shooting in the headset settings panel. The deep space battles provide immersive entertainment. Play End Space VR game without a controller on your iPhone for a top-notch VR gaming experience.

8 Best VR Games Without a Controller

Install: iOS ($0.99)

5. Snow Strike VR

Snow Strike VR offers enjoyable gameplay without a controller. While its visual effects may not be top-tier, its mechanics are impressive. For fans of Minecraft, this VR game provides a similar experience. Set in a snow fort, the game tasks players with defending against rogue enemies by hurling snowballs from an ice tower via headset controls, which function effectively. Dodging enemy snowballs adds to the thrill. Overall, Snow Strike VR is a fun choice for controller-free VR gaming.

Install: Android (Free)

6. Trooper 2 VR

Trooper 2, a new VR game, has garnered numerous positive reviews. Exclusive to Android devices with Google Cardboard support, the game operates without a controller. However, a magnetic trigger on your Google Cardboard headset is necessary for gameplay. It offers intense gameplay with a linear progression, one opponent at a time, providing a full 360-degree view. The standout feature is its instinctive awareness, enhancing immersion with 3D sound effects, simulating a genuine battle experience. If you enjoy PUBG Mobile or shooter games, Trooper 2 is a must-try VR game.

Install: Android (Free, with in-app purchases)

7. VR Racer

VR Racer, a controller-free VR racing game, offers a simple yet thrilling experience. Utilizing your headset as a motion navigator, it delivers smooth gameplay with realistic global environments and traffic. Steering is seamlessly executed through your device’s gyroscope, enhancing immersion. Selection of cars and maps is as easy as fixating your gaze. If intense visuals and high-speed racing appeal to you, VR Racer is worth trying.

Install: Android (Free)

8. VR Street Jump

VR Street Jump is a simple VR game that doesn’t require a game controller, only a compatible headset with a trigger button. The game starts on the road, where you must safely cross while avoiding vehicles and heavy traffic. As you progress, traffic intensifies, increasing the risk of being hit by speeding vehicles. The game provides a 360-degree view of your surroundings, enhancing realism and immersion. Additionally, it features voxel-like animated characters reminiscent of the classic frogger arcade game. In summary, VR Jump Street is an effortless VR experience suitable for leisurely play.

Install: Android (Free)

Experience The Best VR Games Without a Controller

Here are our top 8 VR games that don’t require a gaming controller or an expensive headset. These games are compatible with Google Cardboard or any similar headset. However, for serious VR gaming enthusiasts, Oculus offers dedicated headsets worth considering. That concludes our list. If you enjoyed our article, please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.