20 New Features in Counter-Strike 2

20 New Features in Counter-Strike 2

Valve recently announced Counter-Strike 2, a successor to CS:GO. CS2 is now available, featuring updated maps, improved lighting, new gameplay elements, and a new game engine. Beta testers are discovering changes that differentiate CS2 from its predecessor. Whether you’re a veteran player or a newbie, this guide explores the new features and improvements in CS2.

Many players have actively participated in the Counter-Strike 2 limited test over the past week. Consequently, the enthusiastic CS community has been tweeting about new features discovered in Counter-Strike 2. In this list, you’ll find all the new features in CS2, including some leaked but unimplemented features that may appear in future updates.

1. 24 Maximum Rounds in Comp

Counter-Strike 2 is adjusting the maximum number of rounds, now following an MR12 format, meaning victory can be achieved in 13 rounds. The maximum number of rounds is now 24, shortening competitive games in CS2 while making each round more significant. Overtime has also been introduced.

2. New ‘CS Rating’ Player Metric

Aside from your competitive in-game rank, Valve now assigns a “CS Rating” based on your performance in CS. This rating places players on global and regional leaderboards. Players can obtain their CS Rating by playing premier mode in Counter-Strike 2.

3. Enhanced Inspect Grenades Feature

In a recent update, Valve added new maps to Counter-Strike 2 playtest and enhanced the “Inspect” feature. Now, you can inspect smoke, flash, HE, or decoy grenades. With engine updates improving graphical fidelity and object physics, inspecting grenades becomes more impressive.

Examining the Molotov grenade reveals its liquid obeying gravity. This evokes Half Life: Alyx and its remarkable Source 2 physics.

4. New Loadout System for Guns

Counter-Strike 2 introduces an updated loadout system. Players select their weapons, categorized into pistols, mid-range, and rifles. For instance, Counter-Terrorists may now opt for both the M4A1-S (silenced) and M4A4.

Credits: Counter-Strike Twitter

The possibilities are vast now, as you can take both the R8 Revolver & Deagle into your game. With this new feature, players can customize their loadout to their preferences for both the Terrorist & Counter-Terrorist sides.

In Counter-Strike 2, there’s a brand-new menu for buying guns and other utilities. It’s now in a grid-style UI instead of the previous wheel menu popularized by CS:GO. This buy menu seems inspired by the Danger Zone update from 2018, where players could open a tablet to buy their guns. Additionally, players can sell their guns just like in Valorant.

If you select the wrong weapon or utility grenade, rectify the mistake by selling it with the revert button. New indicators display your teammates’ equipment, aiding in economy management. Explore the updated buy menu UI and refund button below.

6. Source 2 Game Engine

Counter-Strike 2 boasts a revamped game engine, departing from the older Source engine that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive relied on since 2012. Dota 2 received the Source 2 update earlier. After years of anticipation, players’ wishes for their favorite FPS to upgrade to the same engine have been fulfilled.

Counter-Strike 2, built on Source 2, introduces a range of new features, altering the game significantly beyond mere aesthetics. Notably, Half-Life: Alyx, acclaimed as one of the finest VR experiences, shares this foundation.

7. Sub-Tick System Innovation

Historically, network issues have plagued multiplayer gaming, impacting player experience. While individual connectivity issues remain beyond a game’s control, latency discrepancies persist even among well-connected players due to varied geographical locations. Valve’s introduction of the Sub-Tick Engine marks a paradigm shift in Counter-Strike 2’s netcode, promising remarkable performance improvements.

Playing various multiplayer FPS games, comparing Counter-Strike 2 to Valorant intrigues me. Valve claims that with the new netcode, CS2 will accurately track player movement and shots, enhancing responsiveness for actions like peeking, jumping, and shooting compared to the previous ’64-tick’ design. Share in the comments if you’re interested in a detailed explanation of the Counter-Strike 2 Sub-Tick system.

8. Match Ends If Cheater Detected

Valve employs VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) across all its multiplayer games. Continuously updated, it enables developers to detect new hacks, ensuring smooth gameplay. Counter Strike-2 is set to introduce an enhanced anti-cheat system named VAC Live (source: CS2 code leak by Twitter/@aquaismissing). Details regarding its functionality and changes remain undisclosed, yet it serves as the new anti-cheat mechanism for CS2.

Valve developers have implemented a notable feature: swift banning of cheaters detected during gameplay, ending the match immediately. Similarly, Valorant’s Vanguard anti-cheat system terminates matches upon cheater detection. Notably, Valve’s new VAC Live anti-cheat system operates differently, not at kernel-level like many others.

Counter-Strike 2 features revamped versions of many classic maps, offering a fresh aesthetic. Iconic maps like Dust 2 and Mirage now boast enhanced visuals thanks to the Source 2 Engine. Additionally, updated props indicate the passage of time, such as modern sinks replacing older ones in Overpass.

Valve categorizes CS2 map updates into three types: Upgrade, Overhaul, and Touchstone. Touchstone maps undergo minor alterations, while upgrade maps see significant improvements in lighting, materials, and reflections. Overhaul maps are completely rebuilt from scratch.

10. New Responsive Smokes

Counter-Strike 2 introduces a significant new feature: responsive smokes. Unlike the previous version, where a smoke grenade would envelop an area in a static grey fog, the new smokes offer a dynamic visual upgrade. They now resemble authentic smoke billowing from a grenade, boasting enhanced volumetric effects. Moreover, these smokes adapt to their surroundings as they develop, showcasing impressive physics in action.

Smoke can expand into surrounding areas and is affected by gunfire and explosions. For instance, an explosive HE grenade can make the smoke vanish momentarily. Shooting at the smoke removes portions, revealing players on the other side. The revamped smoke grenade in Counter-Strike 2 introduces new competitive possibilities.

Let’s observe how this mechanic unfolds, as it may undergo adjustments based on player feedback. Do you believe these CS2 smokes require reworking?

11. Environmental & Blood Splatter Effects

Counter-Strike 2 introduces new effects for environmental interactions. HE grenades explode realistically upon landing, while fire from molotovs or incendiary grenades appears more dynamic. Additionally, the C4 explosion produces a significant blast on the site, reminiscent of a mini-nuke. It adds a theatrical element to the game.

Upgraded player blood splatters enhance the visual experience. When shooting enemies or teammates, blood splatters now appear more gruesome, contributing to a gritty, mature atmosphere. While players may not always have time to analyze the patterns, it’s a subtle yet impactful addition.

12. Visual Audio Indicator in Mini-Map

The radar (or mini-map) in CS2 has been updated, courtesy of @fREQUENCYCS from Twitter, now featuring a visual indicator for your footsteps. A circular ring surrounds your character whenever you make a sound, indicating the area where other players can hear you. See this feature in action below:

13. CS2 Audio Rework

Alongside the visual indicator for audio on the radar, Valve states that the sound engine in Counter-Strike 2 has been updated. The new game will feature more ‘distinct sounds’ conveying match events more effectively. CS:GO has utilized HRTF spatial audio for some time, which has generally been well-received. It’s uncertain how much improvement this new sound rework will bring, particularly concerning 3D Audio.

We’ve introduced new game sounds, with significant changes across the board. Beta testers have already noticed the distinct variations in each weapon’s sound. Clips on social media and YouTube showcase the enhanced realism and definition in Counter-Strike 2’s gun sounds, offering players a more satisfying experience. Additionally, players will enjoy new radio announcements, alongside Valve’s efforts to rebalance the audio for improved comfort.

20 New Features in Counter-Strike 2

14. Player’s Perspective Enhanced

Counter-Strike 2’s beta testers have reported an update to the player perspective: now, players can see their legs when looking down. While seemingly minor, this addition is a noteworthy feature in CS2. In CS:GO, the absence of visible legs often creates a sensation of floating for the in-game avatar.

Image Credits: ValveIn CS2, there’s improved awareness of your character. Tasks like jumping onto boxes and bunny hopping feel different with the added visibility of your legs. It’s somewhat wacky, yet incredibly amusing for veteran players. But since it’s a video game, a bit of wackiness is acceptable.

Gun models in CS2 are updated, along with the existing skins (ported from CS:GO). These skins now have a distinct appearance, thanks to the new Source 2 engine. The lighting system and materials in-game undergo significant visual changes, making all your skins look impressive. The C4 Bomb has also been revamped.

Valve states that all stock weapons now feature upgraded, higher-resolution models, enhancing the appearance of many existing skins. Players have been admiring their skins in sunlight to appreciate them better. Personally, I find the knives most appealing. For instance, consider the appearance of the ‘Ursus Knife | Marble Fade‘ (credit: @burgerbang_ on X.com, formerly Twitter) showcased in the tweet below:

16. Two New Knives Revealed (Leak)

Courtesy of Twitter user @_ale_cs, two new knives—Kukri and Twinblade—have been discovered in the Counter-Strike 2 beta game files. So, how many types of knives are there in Counter-Strike 2? With these additions, the game now boasts 21 knife styles in total, including the default ‘Classic Knife’. There’s currently no confirmation on their availability in the game, but anticipation is high for their potential release this summer.

17. Enhanced Bot Interaction

Players familiar with the beta release report improved bot behavior and new interactions in Counter-Strike 2. Although the ability to summon bots to a specific location exists, it’s currently flawed and accessible solely via the developer console, as it hasn’t been integrated into the user interface.

18. Revamped In-Game UI

The UI in Counter-Strike 2 undergoes a complete overhaul, introducing various visual enhancements to the HUD and main menu. This includes a redesigned team selection screen, match-end phase, and other in-game moments. Drawing inspiration from Valorant, the UI now displays your kill count dynamically. Each kill is visually represented at the bottom, culminating in a shining ace once you achieve 5 kills.

19. Fresh Radio Updates

Counter-Strike 2 may introduce new radio announcements and additional voice lines for characters, currently dormant in the game’s beta but existing within its files. Expect these to be integrated into upcoming CS2 updates.

20. Dynamic Crosshair Adjustment

Counter-Strike 2 introduces a toggleable crosshair feature, which mimics the gun’s spray pattern (courtesy: @fREQUENCYCS from Twitter). Initially, it feels odd, especially for those accustomed to CS:GO’s spray patterns.

Yet, for novices, this feature elucidates gun mechanics. Some players oppose it, but I advocate its retention. CS2 aims to enhance accessibility and comprehension for newcomers.

Bonus Features/ Changes in Counter-Strike 2

Minor features or changes are listed in this section. Inform us of any additional disparities or updates between CS2 and CS:GO!

19. Wallbangs Return from Counter-Strike 1.6

Possibly a bug or an unverified alteration awaiting Valve’s feedback, wallbangs reminiscent of CS 1.6 have resurfaced in the CS2 Beta. The walls now offer minimal resistance, enabling players to shoot from CT-Base to eliminate foes on A-Short in the de_dust2 map. One notable instance is demonstrated in a video by Twitter user @JosiahCSGO, showcasing the absurdity of wallbangs. In the footage, enemies at A Long can be neutralized from A Short’s Catwalk, exemplifying the astonishing and chaotic nature of this feature.

20. Long-Distance Smoke Throws

Smokes can be thrown across the entire map in CS2. It’s uncertain if the skybox is fully open or if this change is intentional, but it could significantly alter tactical smoke usage. Guides on lining up grenades, similar to Valorant, are available. For instance, players can throw smoke from B site on Dust 2 to land it inside A Long.

Update: Valve’s patch notes mention sealing certain rooftops to prevent unintended grenade landings. Whether throwing smokes across the map will remain possible is unclear; it may be unintentional in the current limited test.

21. New Source 2 Tools For Community Map Makers

Community map makers can now utilize new tools enhanced by the Source 2 engine to develop Counter-Strike 2 maps. Valve has confirmed that the Source 2 item workshop will soon be enabled in the beta test.

22. Jump Scout (SSG-08) is Back & Highly Accurate

Previously, the SSG-08 allowed jump shots, but this was later heavily nerfed in CS:GO. Now, it’s back and easier to perform accurate jumps with the SSG-08, commonly known as The Scout. Currently, there’s no information on whether this mechanic will be nerfed again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CS:GO 2 Confirmed?

Yes, CS:GO 2 is confirmed, titled Counter-Strike 2. You can join the limited test for CS2 and play now without waiting until Summer 2023 for the official release.

Will Counter-Strike 2 be a separate game?

No, Counter-Strike 2 will replace CS:GO.

Will CS2 replace CS:GO?

Yes, CS2 will replace CS:GO. The older version will be removed from people’s Steam Library, replaced with the new game on the Source 2 engine.

How to Play CS:2 Beta?

To join the limited CS:GO test, await a qualifying notification for Counter-Strike 2 beta. Eligibility hinges on recent playtime, trust factor, and Steam Account status. Refer to this guide for CS:2 beta gameplay tips to improve your odds.

Will my CS:GO skins transfer to CS:2?

Valve confirms existing skins will transfer, enhanced by the Source 2 Engine upgrade.