15 Essential Minecraft Commands You Need

15 Essential Minecraft Commands You Need

Whether you’re a fan of cheats or not, Minecraft boasts the most robust in-game commands compared to any other video game. They not only grant special abilities but also allow for extensive world customization. Minecraft’s adventure mode, accessible solely through commands, elevates them beyond mere features. Here, we present the most indispensable Minecraft commands. Some provide survival advantages, while others streamline your Minecraft house projects. If you crave more than just a handful of commands, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Minecraft Bedrock commands for your exploration. Without further ado, let’s delve into the essential Minecraft commands!

Most Valuable Minecraft Commands (2023)

According to Minecraft Wiki, there exist over 115 commands in Minecraft. We’ve curated the most valuable ones, offering actions not replicable by in-game blocks. Their utilization, however, hinges solely on personal preference. Explore them at your leisure using the table below.

Utilizing Commands in Minecraft

In Minecraft, commands can be utilized in two ways. Firstly, simply enter them in your chatbox. This method functions seamlessly on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock across all supported platforms. However, for tweaking, extending, and repetitive tasks, resort to a command block. Refer to our linked guide for comprehensive insights into command block functionality.

Returning to their usage, simply enter the “/” symbol followed by your command. Most commands in Minecraft have additional modifiers that further customize their functionality. But that’s a discussion for another time. For now, let’s explore some of the most useful Minecraft commands.

1. Teleportation in Minecraft

One of the most common and useful commands in Minecraft is teleportation. Know the coordinates of your target location, and you can be there in no time. No more aimless wandering. Additionally, we have a guide to teleportation in Minecraft to assist you in getting started.

Comparatively, Nether portals are currently the fastest mode of transportation, falling significantly short of teleportation. Furthermore, only teleportation permits travel with other players in Minecraft, excluding the use of boats.

2. Change Game Mode

  • Survival serves as the default mode emphasizing open-world gameplay and exploration, allowing respawning.
  • Creative mode facilitates building structures and crafting Minecraft maps. Your character becomes virtually invincible, and hostile mobs no longer pose a threat.
  • Spectator mode allows exploration of the world in a ghost-like state, with the ability to fly through blocks but not interact with them.

Adventure mode lets players engage with custom Minecraft adventure maps while restricting mining, crafting, and other abilities.Exclusive to Java, hardcore mode offers survival gameplay without respawning.3. Summon Any Entity in MinecraftMobsBoats and MinecartsBlocks affected by gravityItems with “use” controlMobs riding other mobsFurthermore, this command uniquely enables access to objects not present in the game. For instance, summoning a giant zombie into your world is possible with the “/summon giant” command.4. Easily Locate Structures

Without access to a list of the best Minecraft seeds, discovering rare in-game structures becomes challenging. Seeking elusive locations like Woodland mansions may prove fruitless in a standard world. This is where the locate command becomes invaluable.

Simply specify your desired find, and the game will provide the location of that biome or structure. Subsequently, utilize the teleportation command discussed earlier to reach said location. Additionally, there’s a corresponding “/locatebiome” command, revealing coordinates of various Minecraft biomes.

5. Alter Your World’s Time

Time in the Minecraft world moves faster than in reality. Still, it can feel slow. Using the time command, you can switch between different quarters of the day or skip a few hours.

These adjustments prove handy for crop growth. Yet, to alter the overall time speed, another Minecraft command is necessary.

6. Modify Game Rules

Our next powerful Minecraft command, “CommandName,” alters entity, player, and world behavior. It adjusts time speed, entity spawning, and grants players special abilities. Keep in mind, however, that certain alterations may permanently impact your world.

7. Structure Building and Block Placement

For Minecraft builders, this command is invaluable. It allows creation of cuboid structures using all placeable items, including blocks, light, air, water, and portal frames.

15 Essential Minecraft Commands You Need

8. Mob Elimination

Whether facing an accidentally spawned creeper or an unplanned Wither fight, chaos can swiftly ensue in Minecraft. Fortunately, the kill command swiftly eliminates all nearby entities, ensuring a swift resolution. Entities killed this way still yield experience orbs and mob loot.

If you find yourself trapped in a glitch or wish to restart your world, the kill command proves invaluable. By safeguarding your inventory, you can terminate your character, respawning into the world. However, locating your home may require some effort.

9. Induce a Shaking Effect

  • Syntax:/camerashake[intensity] [time] [shake type]
  • Example:/camerashake @s 0.25 5 positiona

In Minecraft, visual effects are sparse during gameplay. However, players of Minecraft Bedrock and Education can trigger a hidden camera shake effect using the “camerashake” command. This effect simulates an earthquake in the game world without causing any damage.

10. Acquire Any In-Game Item

In creative mode, most items are obtainable with a simple click. Yet, items not found in the creative inventory can be acquired using the “give” command. This command also facilitates the spawning of command blocks, allowing players to specify the desired quantity of items. Some players employ this command exclusively to obtain unreleased secret items during Minecraft betas.

11. Replicating Locations

Building a base in Minecraft often involves the tedious task of finding the perfect location. Some may be near villages, while others might feature glitched mansions. However, imagine being able to relocate structures and landmarks to any spot in your world effortlessly. This becomes a reality through the clone command, allowing you to duplicate and transfer structures to your desired locations.

All you require are the coordinates surrounding your target area to replicate it. Ever envisioned placing a desert temple on the ocean surface? With this command, your vision can become a reality.

12. Expanding Command Knowledge

By now, you’re well aware of the incredible functionality commands bring to Minecraft. To continue delving into them, Minecraft offers a specialized help command. This command streamlines your understanding and utilization of all in-game commands effortlessly. Should you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to us via the comments section.

13. Altering Minecraft Biomes

The “fillbiome” command stands out as one of the latest and most requested features in Minecraft. With this command, you can modify the biome of any specific region within your Minecraft world to your preferred biome. During this process, the area’s blocks remain untouched while its environmental aspects, weather settings, and mob spawning patterns are altered. Additionally, you gain the ability to transfer biomes between dimensions, unlocking vast potential for a variety of Minecraft farms.

14. Playing Music

Despite recent updates adding new soundtracks sporadically, Minecraft lags behind other games in idle music. Fortunately, you can take control and play your favorite in-game music at will using this command. However, consider the community’s preferences if you’re on a multiplayer server, as not all soundtracks are equally beloved.

15. Enchant Any Item

Minecraft enchantments are pivotal for players, capable of tipping the scales in any encounter. Yet, vanilla Minecraft doesn’t fully unlock the potential of these enchantments. This command allows you to surpass the game’s suggested limits and elevate your enchanted items to unprecedented levels.

Discover several enchantments capped at level 3 in the main game but extendable to level 5 with this command. Limiting magic feels wrong, so don’t restrict your enchantments. Additionally, use it to enchant items ineligible for enchantment.

Enhance Your Gameplay with These Minecraft Commands

Here are the best Minecraft commands for 2022. Depending on the scenario, some may prove more useful than others, but all will simplify your gameplay. Alternatively, explore traditional benefits with the best Minecraft enchantments and potions. Improve your skills with our top Parkour maps to master in-game movement. Ready for a challenge? Try the best speedrun seeds and impress your team. Which other useful Minecraft commands do you suggest? Share in the comments below!