13 Best Elden Ring Mods You Should Try

13 Best Elden Ring Mods You Should Try

Elden Ring hasn’t fully embraced modding yet, unlike some past FromSoftware titles. Nevertheless, the community has produced some fantastic mods, ranging from simple quality-of-life tweaks to significant gameplay overhauls. Here, we’ve curated some of the finest mods for your next Elden Ring playthrough.

In this article, we highlight 10 mods that alter the gameplay experience of Elden Ring. It’s essential to note that you’ll need a legitimate copy of the game to install these mods.

1. Skip Intro Logo

Ever find opening logos annoying, eager to jump into the game? The Skip Intro Logo mod is perfect. It removes logos shown during startup.

Installation requires Elden Mod Loader. Download, unzip, and place files in the mod folder within Elden Ring installation path. Correct installation enables game boot without startup logos.

2. Pause Game

Since Dark Souls days, gaming community requested Fromsoftware add pause option. Developers never prioritized request, so modding community did it themselves.

The Pause Game Mod enables instant pausing of Elden Ring with a single button press. Download it from the Nexus Mod page, extract the files into the mod folder, and it will activate upon game startup. Usage of this mod necessitates the installation of the Elden Mod Loader.

To pause, press P on the keyboard or Start/Option on your Xbox/Dualshock controller. For key reconfiguration, modify the ‘pause_keybind.ini’ file, allowing assignment of either a single key or a key combination. Users must input hexadecimal values for keyboard rebindings and adjust the ‘Bitmask’ value for controller button reconfigurations.

3. Disable Rune Loss on Death

Elden Ring punishes players by stripping away runes collected from defeated enemies upon death. While this enhances the game’s challenge, it can frustrate players to witness their hard-earned runes vanish after an ambush. Disable Rune Loss on Death addresses this issue.

This mod, one of the finest available, eliminates the “rune loss on death” penalty in Elden Ring. Players retain their runes even after dying, provided they install the Elden Mod Loader.

4. Unlock FPS in Elden Ring Mod

Among Elden Ring players, an uncapped frame rate stands as a highly requested feature. Unfortunately, the game currently limits its frame rate to 60FPS, regardless of system capabilities. Although developers have not addressed this issue with patches, modders have intervened to provide a solution.

The Uncapped FPS mod achieves its promise by eliminating frame rate restrictions in the PC version of Elden Ring. Consequently, the game can now operate at frame rates exceeding 60FPS, with support extending up to a 240Hz refresh rate.

To install, users must download the mod from its linked GitHub page. The creator includes a comprehensive guide for both NVIDIA and AMD systems, facilitating smooth implementation. Following these instructions should effectively unlock the frame rate in Elden Ring. Furthermore, this mod offers additional features, such as the ability to adjust FOV, implement widescreen support, and more.

5. Seamless Co-Op

Similar to all FromSoftware games, Elden Ring offers multiplayer mode, allowing players to join random matchmaking or play with a friend. However, the developers imposed restrictions to balance the game. Players can only co-op in designated areas of the map, and horse usage is limited in multiplayer mode.

The Seamless co-op mod offers players the opportunity to experience the entire game alongside friends, unencumbered by the restrictions imposed by the developers of Elden Ring. It enables seamless cooperative play, eliminating constraints such as the inability to use the horse, interruptions during boss fights, or concerns about leaving the game. Additionally, players can respawn following death and enjoy various other benefits. Notably, the mod ensures that players will not encounter invasions or risk bans from Fromsoftware’s multiplayer server.

To install the mod, download it from the link below and unzip it. Move the files to the Elden Ring folder and launch the game via the “launch_elden_ring_seamless_coop.exe” file. Open “seamlesscoopsettings.ini” and add a password to secure the connection with your friend. Ensure both of you use the same version of the mod and the game.

6. Enemy/Item Randomizer

Elden Ring isn’t easy, but some relish the challenge and seek to push further. The Enemy and Item Randomizer mod intensifies this, scattering enemies and items across the map unpredictably, heightening the game’s difficulty.

To install the mod, use Mod Engine 2, downloadable from here. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions on the Nexus Mod page for setup. We recommend this only for players who have completed the game and seek a challenge.

If returning to online play in Elden Ring, restore a clean save file from before any mods were used to avoid being banned. The Randomizer creates a save backup upon the initial randomization of enemies and items.

7. Elden Ring Reforged

Among the top mods enhancing Elden Ring’s gameplay, the Reforged mod stands out for those seeking greater challenge. It overhauls the balance and mechanics, introducing features like deflects, the Fortunes class system, rebalanced player equipment, status effects, custom camera parameters for bosses, and modified enemy AI.

To install the mod, users need Mod Engine 2. After installing Mod Engine 2, download and unzip the mod, then copy it to the Mod Engine 2 folder. Adjust the “config_eldenring.toml” file to reference the “ERR” folder, and run “launchmod_eldenring.bat” to activate the mod.

13 Best Elden Ring Mods You Should Try

8. ReShade – HDR FX

While FromSoftware prioritized art design and visuals, modders enhanced the game’s aesthetics with HDR FX ReShade, providing players with a means to elevate its appearance.

This mod introduces an advanced version of ReShade, delivering precise HDR lighting while ensuring performance efficiency and straightforward installation. Download, unzip, and transfer files from the “Main Files” folder to the game directory. Activate the mod by pressing the End key, adjust Depth of Field with PageUp and PageDown, and access the GUI using the Home key.

9. Custom Summoning for Bosses and NPCs

Ever wanted to summon bosses like Malenia, Maliketh, and others to aid you in fights? If so, Boss and NPC Custom Summon mods for Elden Ring are perfect for you. They add 186 summons, ranging from NPCs to essential bosses, and introduce custom NPCs like Guts from Berserk. This mod removes summoning restrictions, allowing unlimited summons.

But that’s not all. The mod also includes six different custom armor sets for players, including the Artorias set from Dark Souls. Installing the mod requires Mod Engine, with files placed in the “Mod Engine folder” and then loading the “launchmod_eldenring” file.

10. Enhanced Moveset Utility

One major concern with Fromsoftware titles on PC is that mouse and keyboard input is not intuitive, unlike controller input. Though things have improved in Elden Ring, it is still not as desirable. That is where the need for another Elden Ring mod comes in.

The Enhanced Moveset Utility mod in Elden Ring aims to fix these problems. A successor to a Dark Souls 3 mod, EMU Light for Elden Ring removes roll delays on the keyboard, adds magic hotkeys inspired by PC RPG titles, a dedicated roll and sprint key, and more.

Installation is straightforward. Players download the EMULight for Elden Ring_Executables_vX.X.zip file and extract it to their desired location. Then, they download the latest version of EMULight and extract it in the same place. Finally, they launch the EMULight.exe and press the “Activate” button whenever they want to play the game.

11. The Convergence

Upon completing the journey of Elden Ring, you may lose interest in replaying the vanilla experience. This is where the Convergence mod for Elden Ring shines. It’s a comprehensive overhaul that introduces numerous new weapons, hundreds of spells, and extensively reworks areas on the map.

Convergence enhances visuals, introduces new enemies and bosses, and more. Installation involves downloading and installing the mod downloader. We recommend this for those who have completed Elden Ring multiple times and want to enhance their new run.

12. Grand Merchant

Merchants are crucial NPCs in Elden Ring, selling items to aid you. However, they are spread out across the Lands Between, making it cumbersome to visit each for specific items. Grand Merchant addresses this by adding a new option to the game.

This mod makes Merchant Kale the ultimate merchant for all your in-game purchasing needs. No need to fast-travel to different merchants anymore; with this mod, you can buy everything you need from one source.

Installing the mod requires Mod Engine 2. The creator has provided detailed instructions on the original page, which we advise reading. However, be aware that using this mod will prevent you from accessing the main game. Therefore, it’s crucial to create a backup of your original saves and files and disconnect from the internet after installation—not just for this mod, but for any Elden Ring mods you install.

13. Magic Overhaul

Elden Ring excels in its expansive magic options. However, some spells bear resemblances. Magic Overhaul rectifies this by introducing fresh sorceries, incorporating elements from existing spells. This infusion results in novel sorceries, animations, and an enriched gameplay experience, particularly for sorcerer builds. Overall, the mod transforms twenty magic spells, revitalizing the magical landscape.

Are FromSoftware and Bandai Namco opposed to Elden Ring modding?

Neither FromSoftware nor Bandai Namco prohibits modifying Elden Ring, but the game utilizes Easy Anti-Cheat to safeguard the online experience. Hence, we advise against installing any significant online game-altering mods.

Modding Elden Ring Safety

Modding entails risks. While it can be as straightforward as replacing files in the game directory, there’s always a chance of file corruption. Therefore, always back up files before starting the modding process. Additionally, adhering to the mod authors’ instructions should prevent game corruption.

Rolling Back Elden Ring to Previous, Unmodded Files

To return Elden Ring to its original state, remove all installed mods from the main folder. If locating mods becomes challenging, delete all files and substitute them with the backup folder created before modding. Then, download the game via Steam to the original folder, where Steam will identify and verify files, only replacing corrupted ones.

How to Restore Elden Ring to a Previous Save?

For saved files, ensure a backup exists. Press Windows and R, then type “%appdata%” to access the Elden Ring folder. Copy the folder with a numerical string to preserve the unmodified save. When reverting, replace new saves with the backup.