10 Best Chrome Download Manager Extensions

10 Best Chrome Download Manager Extensions

In recent years, Google Chrome has significantly improved, focusing primarily on stability and enhancing the user experience. However, Chrome’s built-in download manager lacks essential features such as resuming broken downloads, scheduling, and download acceleration. Fortunately, numerous third-party Chrome extensions and apps outperform Chrome’s basic download manager. Until Google integrates these useful download features into Chrome, you can utilize these extensions, which provide all the necessary functionalities. Below are the top Chrome download manager extensions:

Note: Downloading content from the internet may constitute piracy. Therefore, ensure you review the content policy of websites before downloading and sharing content.

Google Chrome Download Manager Extensions (2020)

Optimizing Chrome Downloads with Flags

Although Chrome lacks a robust download manager, you can enhance its functionality with Chrome Flags. Chrome Flags represent experimental features under Google’s ongoing testing. These flags offer access to features currently in development.

Enable the “Parallel downloading” flag to speed up downloads by dividing files into smaller chunks, akin to IDM and other download managers. This benefits users averse to third-party extensions. Access the flag via the chrome://flags page.

Now, onto our list.

Standalone Download Manager Chrome Extensions

1. Chrono Download Manager

Chrono Download Manager stands out as the premier Chrome extension for managing downloads. It boasts comprehensive features and exceptional performance. While standalone extensions often fall short compared to dedicated programs, Chrono Download Manager proved stable and responsive in our tests, delivering a seamless experience without delays. The download process is straightforward and user-friendly—simply click a link to initiate the download instantly. Accessing your downloads is equally effortless; just click the extension icon in the top-right corner.

There’s sniffer mode for inspecting downloadable links on webpages. It can download 20 files simultaneously, with an option to increase concurrent downloads. We paused and resumed pending downloads multiple times without connection interruption, which is excellent. Chrono Download Manager supports all file types – video, image, zip, etc. Additionally, it offers an extension filter for customizing downloaded file types. In summary, it’s a comprehensive Chrome download manager.

2. Online Download Manager

Online Download Manager, another extension in our list, offers basic controls to the user. The performance is good with decent speed, though it sometimes lags opening the manager. You can manage all downloads with just a click on the extension, no need to leave your current window. Additionally, you can filter out desired file types. Note that Online Download Manager doesn’t support downloads from popular media websites like YouTube. However, if you seek a simple download manager putting all downloads a click away, this extension may suffice.

3. Turbo Download Manager (v2)

Turbo Download Manager (v2) is an extension that consolidates all downloads into a compact window with basic controls. It functions as a multi-thread download manager equipped with an integrated audio, video, and image grabber. Users can initiate, pause, and resume multiple downloads without disrupting connections. Additionally, it provides notifications upon download completion, a convenient search bar, and a filter to organize downloads. If you seek a straightforward download manager accessible with a single click, Download Manager is the solution.

4. VLC Video Downloader

VLC Video Downloader, a Chrome extension, efficiently downloads media from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. However, it does not support YouTube. Consider this limitation before installation. Regarding Chrome downloads, the extension performs exceptionally. It optimally serves streams and live media by redirecting links from online players to VLC media player, a widely used application. For online video downloading, consider “Video Downloader professional” extension (free), ideal for Facebook and Instagram videos.

Install: (Free)

App-Enabled Download Manager Chrome Extensions

5. Internet Download Manager

10 Best Chrome Download Manager Extensions

Internet Download Manager, the leading download manager for Windows, is compatible with all major browsers, including Chrome. With its integrated extension for Chrome, IDM seamlessly intercepts download links, enhancing user experience. Utilizing Dynamic Segmentation technology, IDM significantly accelerates download speeds, making it one of the fastest options available. Moreover, its extension effortlessly parses various media formats such as video, audio, and images, enabling convenient downloads from platforms like YouTube and other popular sites.

Several advanced options are available. This tool enables you to extract downloadable links from webpages, schedule and prioritize pending downloads, and add a batch of links simultaneously. Additionally, it offers support for various proxy servers and can recover broken downloads through its comprehensive error recovery technology. Overall, it serves as a complete download manager, with seamless integration with Chrome enhancing its capabilities. For Windows users, this is the ultimate solution.


Folx is akin to IDM for Mac, a comparison I can attest to after testing the app. Like IDM, Folx provides a Chrome extension for capturing download links from the web, supporting all file types and nearly all major websites. Regarding speed, it employs simultaneous fetching to significantly accelerate downloads. This feature divides files into threads and consolidates them upon completion.

Support for proxy server allows anonymous file downloads from the web. Additionally, you can schedule downloads, automatically move files to iTunes, search for torrents within the app, and resume interrupted downloads. Folx, a Chrome extension, offers both standard and advanced features essential in a download manager for Mac users. Try it out – you won’t be disappointed.

Install: (Free Version, Pro Version $19.95)

7. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager, as its name suggests, is a free app for downloading and organizing files effortlessly. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac and provides a browser extension to intercept web links. Simply click the download tool, and FDM will begin downloading immediately. It also features download acceleration based on file splitting, downloading, and merging technologies.

Aside from that, you can resume interrupted downloads, schedule files, manage traffic, and download BitTorrent files. I discovered two unique features not found in other download managers: preview files before downloading and partially download zip files. Both are immensely helpful, aiding users in deciding whether to proceed with downloads. Therefore, if you seek a free download manager offering premium features, I wholeheartedly recommend Free Download Manager. It fulfills all criteria, deserving a try before opting for a paid alternative. 

8. FlareGet

FlareGet, a cross-platform download manager, offers robust extension support across Windows, Mac, and Linux, seamlessly integrated with Chrome via the FlareGet extension. Download various file types from the web and organize them with tags and labels. FlareGet facilitates download acceleration through dynamic file segmentation technology. Notably, it automatically resumes broken downloads in case of power failure or abrupt crashes during the download process. 

FlareGet supports various protocols and lets you set a proxy server for anonymous content downloads. It includes download scheduling and batch download support. The clipboard monitoring feature is underrated; it automatically detects copied URLs and offers instant file downloads without manual input. Overall, it offers standard features and an excellent Chrome extension. Consider trying FlareGet for a change.

Install: (Free, $9.99)

9. EagleGet

EagleGet, a robust Windows download manager, boasts numerous powerful features. Alongside its core program, it offers a browser extension that captures download links seamlessly. Performance-wise, it delivers reliable, consistent download speeds through advanced multi-threading technology. Notably, EagleGet identifies various media types on webpages, enabling instant downloads for users.

Various features including smart scheduling, clipboard capture, integrity check for downloaded files, media conversion after download, etc. EagleGet stands out as the most feature-packed among all download managers. If you need a download manager that excels at the basics while offering numerous features, EagleGet is the top choice.

10. iDownload Manager

iDownload Manager is a robust download manager app for Windows. Alongside other download managers, it offers a browser extension for convenient file and media content downloads. What sets this app apart is its availability on the Microsoft Store, eliminating the need for manual setup file downloads and installations. Simply click “install” and you’re ready to go.
Furthermore, iDownload Manager features accelerated downloads, resume functionality for expired downloads, scheduling, and automatic download categorization. If you seek a Metro-style Windows app that seamlessly integrates with Chrome, iDownload Manager is the ideal choice. Give it a try and assess its suitability.

Install: (Free, $9.99/year)

Install Chrome Extension to Manage Your Downloads

Plenty of download managers exist, but these ten excel in reliability and performance. For a straightforward Chrome download manager, install a standalone extension. For enhanced features, opt for a full-fledged manager on your PC or Mac. If you have questions or suggestions, comment below.