Top 6 OnePlus 6 Cases and Covers

Top 6 OnePlus 6 Cases and Covers

The OnePlus 6, just announced, is poised to continue the company’s winning streak. In a market where flagship smartphones approach the $1000 mark, it’s refreshing to find a company offering flagship-level specs at nearly half the price. With its glass back adding fragility to its features, it’s wise to have a case ready for your new OnePlus 6. To assist you in protecting your investment, here are the top 6 cases and covers available today:

Note: Since the announcement of OnePlus 6, few cases are available. We’ll update the article as more cases become available, so revisit this article periodically.

1. Official OnePlus 6 Dual Protection Bundle

OnePlus produces premium cases for OnePlus 6, including flip covers, sandstone, carbon-fiber, and bumper cases. My top pick is the carbon-fiber case, currently available along with a silicone flip cover in a bundle. The carbon-fiber case features expertly woven fibers for flexibility, sturdiness, and lightness, offering ample protection against shock, high temperature, and corrosion.

If you prefer, opt for the sandstone case over the carbon-fiber one to revive the iconic OnePlus aesthetic. The second case included is a flip cover, offering protection for both the front and back of your device. Alternatively, select the silicone case, which boasts precise molding for enhanced shock absorption and drop resistance. This bundle offers a choice of four case types, providing versatility.

Buy From OnePlus: $42.65

2. Flexishield OnePlus 6 Gel Case

Olixar excels in the cases and screen protector industry for all the right reasons. Their cases are top-notch, and the Flexishield OnePlus 6 Gel Case is no exception. With a simple and minimalistic design, it preserves the original look of your OnePlus 6 while adding protection. However, it’s essential to note that this case prioritizes scratch and scuff protection over drop protection.

Buy From Olixar: $8.33

3. ArmourDillo OnePlus 6 Protective Case

If looks aren’t your priority and complete protection for your OnePlus 6 is what you need, then the ArmourDillo protective case from Olixar is perfect for you. It utilizes a two-layer TPU and polycarbonate design to provide shock and impact resistance. This design not only withstands drops but also absorbs resulting shocks, keeping your OnePlus 6 safe and sound. Additionally, the case features a built-in kickstand that flips out from the rear, allowing you to easily place your device on any surface for convenient movie-watching or photo-viewing.

Buy From Olixar: $12.49

Top 6 OnePlus 6 Cases and Covers

4. Sucnakp TPU Case for OnePlus 6

If you seek an affordable yet sleek case, consider the TPU case by Sucnakp for OnePlus 6. This case features a textured back for improved grip and provides full-edge protection, safeguarding your OnePlus 6 from accidental drops. Constructed with a blend of hard plastic and soft rubber, it effectively shields your device from falls and scratches. Available in various colors, including black, red, and green.

Available on Amazon: $8.98

5. DUX DUCIS Layered Dandy Case for OnePlus 6

If you prefer flip cases but seek a more affordable alternative to OnePlus’s offering, consider the DUX DUCIS Layered Dandy Case for OnePlus 6. It features synthetic PU Leather that feels pleasant to the touch and is gentle on your OnePlus 6’s display. The soft, flexible, and durable TPU Silicon hybrid material ensures the case won’t scratch your phone’s body. A standout feature is its ability to double as a stand for hands-free media consumption on your OnePlus 6. Additionally, the front flap includes a pocket for cards and cash, making it one of the most versatile options available.

Available on Amazon: $9.99

6. Wellci Clear Love Series Case for OnePlus 6

The Clear Love series case for OnePlus 6 by Wellci is a hybrid, flaunting your OnePlus 6’s design while providing ample protection. It features a clear acrylic hardback paired with a flexible, durable TPU frame. The TPU offers excellent impact resistance, absorbing shocks, while the hardback shields the OnePlus 6’s glass back from scratches or scuffs. Also available in various colors for personalized style.

Buy From Amazon: $8.99

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Protect Your OnePlus 6 With These Cases

The OnePlus 6, with its glass back, requires a case for protection. Explore our list and share your favorite in the comments.