Top 30 Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds You Must Try

Top 30 Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds You Must Try

Minecraft PC players flaunt their advantages with superior modpacks and exclusive features. Minecraft PE, with its limited functionality, has lagged behind. But fear not, as these top Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds are poised to revolutionize your experience. From glitched End portals to endless ravines, prepare for a myriad of wonders. While compatible with other Bedrock editions, these seeds are tailored specifically for PE users. Waste no time and delve into this curated list of the finest Microsoft Pocket Edition seeds.

Top Seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition (December 2021)

Keep in mind, these seeds work only on compatible versions of the official game. The best seeds for Minecraft PE in our list are tested on version 1.17.4 and should work with 5-6 earlier versions too. For Java Edition players, we already have a list of the best Minecraft seeds for 2021. However, some of these Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds will easily outshine many of those Java seeds. Let’s see how.

1. The Rarest But Useless Seed With Active End Portal

Minecraft Java players have a major advantage in terms of seeds compared to PE and Bedrock players—the ready-to-use End Portals. Some Minecraft Java seeds generate worlds with End Portals that are active with 12 Eyes of Ender. Unfortunately, there is no Bedrock alternative for this seed, except for this one.

  • Seedcode: 60873110
  • Active End Portal Coordinates: X: 11589009, Y: 39, Z: 4689910

2. Circular Ravine with Mineshaft

Making circles in Minecraft isn’t easy. In-game ravines are usually long rectangular structures. However, this seed reveals a rare circular ravine, deep and leading directly to lava. While descending, you’ll notice a mineshaft intersecting with the ravine. Keep in mind, this location isn’t near your spawn. But the loot from the mineshaft and this unique structure make it worth the effort. Avoid digging under the lava; there’s only Bedrock there.

3. Unique Desert Village Seed in Minecraft PE

This seed features a rare desert village, typically found in the best Minecraft Java village seeds. However, vertical villages are usually limited to scattered savannas. This particular seed unveils a multi-level desert village, making it one of the luckiest finds in Minecraft PE.

  • Seed Code: 1859011
  • Vertical Village Coordinates: X: 100, Y: 70, Z: 100

4. Large Villages Adjacent to Mansion

Our next entry in the top Minecraft PE seeds list unveils an intriguing forest spawn area. Right by the spawn point lies a vast village bustling with villagers, an iron golem, and numerous basic chests and farms ripe for looting. But as you approach, a colossal hostile mansion looms behind it.

  • Seed code: 1390448415
  • Village Coordinates: X: 232, Y: 65, Z: 120
  • Second Village Coordinates: X: 456, Y: 64, Z: 168
  • Woodland Mansion Coordinates: X: 248, Y: 66, Z: 264

5. Glitched Ravine Seed in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Here, we spawn beside a vast village amidst a forest, with a plain adjacent and a river bordering the woodland. This village stands out as the largest I’ve encountered in Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds. However, our focus lies elsewhere. By teleporting to specific coordinates (listed below), a glitched ravine awaits exploration. Termed ‘glitched’ due to its recurrent pattern of broken blocks, a rarity in Minecraft.

  • Seed code: 1669320484
  • Village Coordinates: X: 120, Y: 65, Z: 184
  • Glitched Ravine Coordinates: X: -932, Y: 96, Z: -325

6. Contrasting Moods and Huge Flower Forest

This seed is among the top choices for Minecraft PE players seeking diverse biomes. It features two contrasting landscapes adjacent to each other: a sprawling flower forest bordered by a plains biome. Notably, the flower forest is one of the most extensive ones available in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

  • Seed code: 1425516286

7. Mountainous Terrain in Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

With the Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update now widely available, players can enjoy revamped mountain landscapes. However, for those yet to update seeking towering peaks in their Minecraft PE world, this seed offers just that.

On the simpler side of the best Minecraft PE seeds, this one offers irregular, and at some level, bizarre mountain generation. Some hills are floating. Additionally, a huge ravine sits right next to our spawn for those interested in survival mode. For resources, visit a large cold ruin or a nearby plains village.

8. Stronghold in Ravine Next to Village

Traveling a few dozen blocks, this Minecraft Pocket Edition seed surprises. We discover an exposed stronghold, openly generated in a ravine. To top it off, it’s adjacent to a village. To aid your journey, the spawn location has a Ruined portal with enchanted items.

  • Seedcode: -526746112
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 840, Y: 64, Z: 72
  • Village Coordinates: X: 1070, Y: 64, Z: 180

9. Pillager Outpost in Lava Ravine

This Minecraft Pocket Edition seed presents a peculiar Pillager outpost location, nestled within a lava ravine. Housing a trapped iron golem, the outpost emerges amidst the fiery depths. Despite its precarious setting, one side remains tethered to the land, mitigating concerns of plummeting into molten lava while ascending. Nonetheless, leveraging the surrounding environment to dispatch hostile mobs proves advantageous in this scenario.

  • Seed code: -322003417
  • Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: -710, Y: 78, Z: 390

10. Stronghold, Ravine, and Pillager Outpost in a Village

Seeds featuring an exposed stronghold in a ravine hold undeniable allure. Yet, this Minecraft Pocket Edition seed elevates the experience further. It boasts a sizable village nestled alongside the stronghold within the ravine, with the added intrigue of a Pillager outpost nestled within. Prepare for a potential showdown upon arrival as you plunder the stronghold.

  • Seed code: -1594804186
  • Village and Ravine Coordinates: X: -715, Y: 64, Z: 1842
  • Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: -728, Y: 64, Z: 1800

11. Huge Snowy Village with Stronghold

Our next seed presents a snowy village, a newer addition to the game. Many players have yet to encounter one, and this seed might be the one to change that. While the village isn’t at spawn, traveling to it will fulfill most resource requirements.

  • Seed code: 19825025
  • Village Coordinates: X: 1050, Y: 69, Z: 500
  • Stronghold Digpoint Coordinates: X: 1060, Y: 69, Z: 500

12. Four Buried Treasures and Flower Island Village

Next on our best Minecraft PE seeds list is a series of fortunate events, offering one of the luckiest experiences in 2021. Upon spawning, you’ll find yourself on an island surrounded by variously sized cold ruins, with four buried treasures dotting the beaches.

Traveling northwest, you’ll encounter an island boasting a village nestled within a flower forest, a sight to behold. However, the true gem of this seed lies in the Ocean Monument opposite the village, with a nearby shipwreck offering additional exploration opportunities.

13. Exposed Stronghold Entrance and Library in Village

  • Seed code: 322161687

14. Desert Temple and 4 Villages Near Spawn

  • Seed code: -1490077216
  • Village at Spawn Coordinates: X: 184, Y: 66, Z: 40
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 296, Y: 65, Z: -136
  • Plains Village Coordinates: X: -296, Y: 65, Z: 136
  • Savanna Village Coordinates: X: 568, Y: 68, Z: 152
  • Plains Village Coordinates: X: 600, Y: 65, Z: -264

15. Lucky Villages Collection

Exploring villages in Minecraft Pocket Edition, our featured seed consolidates diverse village types into one locale. Near the spawn point lies a sizable plains village atop a stronghold, accessible through a nearby ravine. Adjacent to this village stands a desert temple brimming with intriguing loot. For those craving richer resources, another desert temple awaits near a desert village in the same biome.

Top 30 Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds You Must Try
  • Seed code: ace (Certain Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds are also alphanumeric characters. Please preserve the capitalization.)
  • Village with Stronghold and Ravine Coordinates: X: 584, Y: 68, Z: 136
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 664, Y: 65, Z: 264
  • Zombie Village Coordinates: X: 1400, Y: 64, Z: 184
  • Desert Village Coordinates: X: 1080, Y: 67, Z: 232
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 1032, Y: 69, Z: 200

16. Kingdom of Ice Seed in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Upon spawning into this seed, it appears normal. A Ruined portal and a plains village lie nearly a thousand blocks away. Both offer loot to kickstart your Minecraft journey. However, the seed’s primary attraction lies elsewhere. If you navigate to specific coordinates (listed below), prepare for a surprise.

  • Seed code: 246669682
  • Snowy Village Coordinates: X: 120, Y: 68, Z: 171
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 334, Y: 69, Z: 120
  • Village Near Spawn Coordinates: X: 1032, Y: 65, Z: 121
  • Ruined Portal Near Spawn Coordinates: X: 1032, Y: 67, Z: 8
  • Witch Hut Coordinates: X: 536, Y: 76, Z: 376

17. Exposed Stronghold in a Farming Village

While browsing through the best Minecraft PE seeds, exposed strongholds may not seem uncommon. However, stumbling upon one randomly is indeed rare. This seed further amplifies its rarity by siting the stronghold atop a farm adjacent to a river, encompassing nearly half of the farmland.

  • Seed code: 12023120
  • Zombie Village Coordinates: X: 936, Y: 68, Z: 136

18. 10 Villages and 7 Blacksmiths Around Spawn

Let’s clear things up. All villages in this seed are independent, none merging into each other. Many have features like Ruined portals, desert temples, cold ruins, and Mineshafts nearby. Some require traveling a few hundred blocks, but it’s worth it.

Not forgetting, 7 out of 10 villages have blacksmiths providing all the iron you need. Perfect for resource hoarders, you can find every item necessary for making a Nether Portal passively. We’ll omit coordinates for a few villages to maintain the sense of discovery. Meanwhile, use these coordinates to find interesting locations:

  • Seed code: 85292285
  • Desert Temple by Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: -792, Y: 65, Z: 216
  • Savanna Village at Stronghold Coordinates: X: 488, Y: 64, Z: 536
  • Savanna Village Near Buried Treasures and Cold Ruins Coordinates: X: 504, Y: 68, Z: -236
  • Desert Village with Temple and Stronghold Coordinates: X: -792, Y: 70, Z: 1048
  • Pillager Outpost by Desert Temple Coordinates: X: -904, Y: 73, Z: 648

19. Calming Winding River Seed for Minecraft PE

After many twists and turns, relax with our next Minecraft Pocket Edition seed. It spawns you next to a river winding through plains, forests, and mountain biomes. The seed is simple, perfect for exploring the Minecraft world while unwinding.

  • Seed code: 95475027
  • Circular Crater Coordinates: X: 582, Y: 64, Z: -16

20. Winter is Everywhere Seed

Winter is here. This seed ensures you feel it, spawning us in the chilly snowy tundra biome. Next to it are snowy mountains and ice spikes. What makes this Minecraft PE seed interesting are the floating chunks of land beside the ice spikes. There are 3 villages and 3 Ruined portals in this biome to explore.

    Three Blacksmiths and a Stronghold

    Blacksmiths, beloved by Minecraft players, offer iron tools, ingots, and a convenient lava source. In this Minecraft PE seed, three blacksmiths await, each with chests brimming for the taking. Discovering them early in the game yields added benefits. Despite their distance from spawn, these blacksmiths promise ample rewards, though navigation or teleportation is necessary.

    • Seed code: 1287285758
    • Village Coordinates: X: 1053, Y: 64, Z: -345

    22. All Biomes Around Spawn in Minecraft PE

    Explore a unique Minecraft PE seed where you spawn on a beach next to wooded hills, surrounded by possibly all biomes within 2000 blocks. I’ve confirmed 60 biomes and sub-biomes in this area, as shown in the map. Further exploration may reveal more.

    • Seed code: 3568659533
    • Cold Ruin Coordinates: X: 2345, Y: 42, Z: 26

    23. Underwater Igloo with Basement

    • Seed code: -873280664
    • Igloo Coordinates: X: 547, Y: 64, Z: 85

    24. A Mob Hub Taking Over The Hill

    The next seed presents one of Minecraft’s most intriguing villages, featuring a zombie settlement scattered across and beneath a hill. Expect numerous mobs to spawn here at night, owing to its size and placement diversity. Additionally, a Pillar outpost stands adjacent to the village, providing opportunities to confront mobs during the day.

    • Seed code: 2011429558
    • Zombie Village Coordinates: X: -740, Y: 95, Z: 100

    25. Reliable Nether Survival Seed

    This seed distinguishes itself from others in this list by offering unique benefits in the Nether. Spawn near a plains village, a crucial location for establishing our Nether portal.

    • Seed code: -2063911105
    • Village Coordinates: X: 600, Y: 67, Z: 56
    • Savannah Village Coordinates: X: 175, Y: 67, Z: 195
    • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 58, Y: 66, Z: 366
    • Nether Fortress Coordinates: X: -389, Y: 70, Z: 75
    • Bastion Coordinates: X: 128, Y: 70, Z: 80

    26. Tallest Pillager Outpost in Minecraft PE

    • Seed code: 1256894139
    • Tallest Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: 100, Y:64, Z: 504

    27. Monumental Library Seed for Minecraft PE

    Monuments are rare in Minecraft oceans, let alone exposed stronghold libraries underwater. This seed combines both structures, making it exceptionally unique. The key location isn’t close to the spawn, but it’s worth the journey.

    • Seed code: 1234569
    • Underwater Library Coordinates: X: -1359, Y:54, Z: -1162

    28. Village Island with Underwater Exposed Stronghold

    In our next Minecraft Pocket Edition seed, we spawn near an island village. It’s a plains village covering almost the entire island. Most of the resources you need to start in survival can be found here. The most interesting part of this village lies beneath the island.

    • Seed code: 2029555703
    • Island Coordinates: X: 1320, Y:72, Z: -328

    29. Ruined Portal Merged with Villager’s House

    Continuing the trend of merging structures, we find a villager’s house merged with a ruined portal. This seed is perhaps one of the weirdest and most unique for Minecraft PE.

    Next to a river and dark oak forest lies a giant village, an intriguing place teeming with varied villagers and houses. Amidst the village stands a broken villager’s house, half of it engulfed by a ruined portal and its lava, with a chest nearby. The other half remains intact, complete with a bed and Crafting table. Using this portal as your primary Nether portal, the bed beside it serves as an ideal spawn point.

    • Seed code: 1416082668
    • Village Coordinates: X: 152, Y:67, Z: 40
    • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 99, Y:74, Z: 36

    30. A World of Taigas in Best Seeds for Minecraft PE

    Among forest-based Minecraft biomes, Taigas have a dedicated fan following. Our final seed for Minecraft PE caters to them, spawning on the edge of Plains and Taiga biomes. Exploring the plains biome reveals tiny ravines.

    • Seed code: bee bom (For this character-based seed, spacing counts. Ensure consistent capitalization and spacing when entering.)
    • Spawn-side Taiga Village Coordinates: X: 104, Y: 67, Z: 152
    • Taiga Village Coordinates: X: -232, Y: 64, Z: -232
    • Forest Edge Taiga Village Coordinates: X: -328, Y: 65, Z: 136
    • Furthest Village from Spawn Coordinates: X: 520, Y: 68, Z: -264

    Explore These Top Minecraft PE Seeds

    From merged structures to fantastic loot, these top Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds can elevate your gaming experience. They offer a plethora of thrilling adventures, rivaling those available to PC gamers within the Minecraft universe. However, syncing Minecraft worlds remains a challenge with Minecraft PE. Fortunately, our comprehensive guide to syncing Minecraft worlds across Android devices is available to assist you. Java players can also enhance their experience by trying out these top Minecraft Modpacks, surpassing many seeds available. Feel free to share additional seeds you discover with our readers in the comments section. So, without further delay, dive into these Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds now.