Top 10 Fast Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Top 10 Fast Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

When Apple omitted power bricks from iPhone 12 Series shipments in October 2020, it signaled an industry shift. Now, Samsung has followed suit, excluding power bricks from the Galaxy S21 Series packaging. Consumers bear the burden of purchasing chargers separately. Fear not, I’ve compiled the top 10 fast chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, available at competitive prices.

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Optimal Power Adapters for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

USB-C fast chargers abound for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. From compact adapters to robust wall chargers delivering up to 100W, options are plentiful. I’ve also selected fast wireless chargers for added convenience, eliminating cable clutter. Now, let’s dive into the top chargers!

1. Anker Power PD 2 – Premier Wall Charger

Anker ranks among the top brands for charging accessories. For the ultimate wall charger for your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, look no further.

The faster charger brick features two ports, one delivering 18W and the other 12W. The dual-port design enables simultaneous charging of multiple devices, ideal for managing several devices and ensuring continuous power.

Notably, the Anker Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra power brick includes PowerIQ technology to optimize charging, preventing issues such as overheating and overcurrent. Anker offers a range of efficient fast charger bricks at various price points. Explore Anker’s collection for more wall chargers compatible with the S21 Ultra.

Buy from Anker: $25.99

2. Spigen SteadiBoost – Ultra-Portable Fast Charger

For a highly efficient fast charger for your Galaxy S21 Ultra at a relatively affordable price, consider Spigen SteadiBoost. The USB-C power adapter has a compact form-factor for easy portability.

It’s universal and supports 18W-27W power delivery, ideal for turbocharging various devices, including iPhones. The built-in smart IC chip protects against overcurrent, and ControlHeat technology prevents overheating. At $16, Spigen SteadiBoost is one of the most affordable fast chargers for the S21 Ultra.

Amazon Price: $15.99

3. RAVPower Pioneer – Exceptional Fast Charging

When discussing top-grade power adapters, disregarding RAVPower’s offering is perilous. The RAVPower Pioneer delivers 61W output, significantly speeding up charging for devices like the Galaxy S21 Ultra with its 5000mAh battery.

Equipped with Smart 2.0 technology, this wall charger detects devices and optimizes charging accordingly, ensuring fast and secure charging while guarding against threats like overcurrent and overcharging. Furthermore, it features dual ports for simultaneous charging of multiple devices.

The RAVPower Pioneer’s design is compact, with foldable pins for convenient portability. Considering its performance, the $22 price tag is reasonable.

Buy from Amazon: $21.99

4. Aukey Omnia – Premium Fast Charger Brick

Like Anker and RAWPower, Aukey is a noted charging accessory maker (and one of my firm favorites for turbocharging). If the specs don’t lie, Aukey Omnia charges your ultra-large device at top speed.

Omnia offers 65W power delivery with two ports. The wall charger features GaNFast technology for fast and optimized charging. Additionally, it has built-in safeguards against dangers like overheating and excessive current.

Regarding design, Aukey asserts its title as the world’s smallest PD charger. I endorse its ultra-portable design, ideal for travelers.

Buy from Amazon: $37.99

5. JSAUX – Highly Efficient Power Adapter

With its ultra-compact design, the JSAUX USB-C power adapter rapidly charges your Galaxy S21 Ultra at 30W, safeguarding against overheating and short-circuiting.

Featuring a foldable plug design, the power brick is highly portable, fitting easily into small bags. Priced at $20, it boasts universal compatibility, earning it a top spot among fast chargers for S21 Ultra.

Available on Amazon: $19.99

6. WEMISS – Compact and Efficient Charger

The WEMISS charger impresses with its compact design and efficient performance. Priced affordably at $18, it’s a strong competitor, offering fast charging technology.

Top 10 Fast Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The fast charger brick provides 40W power delivery for rapid charging your Galaxy S21 Ultra. With dual ports, you can power up multiple devices simultaneously. WEMISS is lightweight, compact, and travel-friendly.

Buy from Amazon: $17.99

7. STAPOW – Robust 100W Power Delivery

What caught my eye in STAPOW is the 100W power delivery. If the power brick lives up to its claim of fast charging, it will likely become your favorite.

Additionally, the wall charger features dual ports, ensuring convenient charging for multiple devices. Equipped with GaN charging technology, it automatically detects devices and optimizes charging speed.

In terms of design, STAPOW boasts rugged construction capable of withstanding impact, providing reliable protection against bumps. With all factors considered, it emerges as a dependable fast charger for your Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Available on Amazon: $32.75

8. Duloch – Lightweight, Compact & Affordable Wall Charger

When charging the S21 Ultra swiftly and securely, Duloch delivers. The fast charger brick supports 20W power delivery, enabling efficient device charging. Additionally, built-in safeguards prevent overcharging and overcurrent, ensuring safety.

Moreover, the Duloch brick boasts a compact form-factor, ideal for travel convenience. Furthermore, it comes in a three-pack, making it one of the most affordable fast chargers for the S21 Ultra.

Available on Amazon for: $23.99

Top Wireless Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

For those embracing wireless charging, here are notable chargers for Galaxy S21 Ultra.

9. Spigen – Convertible Fast Wireless Charger

Whether you prefer a flat charging mat or a stand for hands-free video calls or movie streaming while powering up, Spigen Convertible Fast Wireless Charger is versatile. You can convert it into a flat mat or a stand for your smartphone.

Spigen wireless charger supports up to 15W charge. Keep in mind, you’ll need a QC 3.0 27 power adapter for full 15W charging speed. With a smooth, anti-skidding surface, it steadies your device and prevents scuffs.

Buy from Amazon: $31.99

10. Kartice – 3-in-1 Charger for S21 Ultra, Galaxy Watch & Buds

If you want a complete organizer for your Galaxy devices—S21 Ultra, Galaxy Watch, and Galaxy Buds—Kartice is a great choice. The 3-in-1 wireless charging stand lets you juice up wireless earphones (3W), the smartwatch (5W), and the smartphone fast (18W) and efficiently.

Featuring a two-coil design to improve charging efficiency, this stand offers secure charging and enhances hands-free video-calling with its adjustable design. Considering these features, the $41 price tag seems justified.

Buy from Amazon: $40.88

Bonus: WAITIEE – Super Handy Car Wireless Charger

When on the go, a super handy car mount that doubles as an efficient charger is invaluable. It securely holds your smartphone and keeps navigation and music uninterrupted. For this purpose, WAITIEE is ideal.

This car wireless charger impresses with its automatic opening and closing design, featuring trapezoidal structure clamps and anti-vibration rubber on both arms, ensuring your smartphone stays steady.

The case-friendly design eliminates the need to remove the case before charging (15W), while the double suction cup allows convenient placement on the dashboard or windshield. WAITIEE emerges as a top choice for S21 Ultra users.

Available on Amazon: $29.99

Top Fast Wall Chargers for Galaxy S21 Ultra

Hopefully, you’ve found a suitable power adapter for your Galaxy S21 Ultra. Both in terms of fast charging and security, they meet expectations. Moreover, these chargers are designed to be ultra-portable for convenient travel.

Which of these wall chargers will accompany your smartphone? Share your favorite fast charger in the comments below.