Sending Instagram DMs Online: A Guide for Desktop Users

Instagram DMs offer an effective way to connect with friends and followers. While I’ve always enjoyed using Instagram’s Direct Messaging, I’ve longed for a web-based option for desktops running Windows or macOS. And I’m certainly not alone in this desire among Instagram users. If you’re in the same situation and seeking a way to communicate with your Instagram contacts while on a Mac or PC, this guide is tailored for you. I’ll walk you through various methods to bridge this gap and enable direct messaging directly from your computer. So, without further delay, let’s dive into how you can send Instagram DMs online.

Sending Instagram DMs Online (2020)

This article shares multiple methods to send direct messages online on Windows PC, Mac, and browsers. You can easily navigate to the relevant section.

1. Sending Instagram DM Online on Windows PC

If you’re a Windows user, Instagram offers a full-fledged app on the Windows store. Install this app for seamless communication via Instagram Direct Message. Instagram for PC features a familiar interface, enabling you to chat with your friends using all the available features.

1. Launch the Microsoft Store on your PC and search for Instagram or click here to install it.

2. Open Instagram and sign in.

3. Look for the DM icon at the top and click it.

4. Choose an existing conversation or start a new one.

Consider Third-Party Instagram Clients

If you prefer alternatives to the official Instagram app, consider “IG:dm” (free). It offers a lightweight, clean interface tailored for Instagram direct messaging. It’s available for macOS, Windows 10, and Linux.

Sending Instagram DMs Online with Mac

Unfortunately, Instagram lacks a macOS app. However, fret not, as several handy Instagram clients for Mac support Direct Messaging. I recommend trying out IG: dm for its reliability and seamless operation.

Functionality-wise, it serves as a reliable Instagram client for Mac. After signing in, you can access all conversation threads from the sidebar, selecting the one you wish to engage with. Additionally, it offers a wide range of emojis, allowing you to express yourself vividly.

Other options? Flume, an app (free, $20), enables Instagram DM on Mac. It ensures seamless messaging. For exploring alternatives, it’s reliable. Plus, for unrestricted Instagram use on Mac, check out our article.

3. Sending Instagram DM Online via Chrome Browser

Using Google Chrome, send Instagram direct messages online by configuring settings. Follow these steps:

1. Open Instagram’s official website in Chrome. Log in with Facebook or separate credentials.

2. Once logged in, press CMD+Shift+C key (Mac) / Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows) to open the developer console. On the right pane, click the “mobile-tablet” button located on the top-left corner.

3. Next, refresh the page for Instagram to reload in mobile view. Then, close the console.

4. Notice the direct message button on the top-right. Utilize it not only to read Insta DMs online but also to send them at your convenience.

Elevating Instagram Direct Messaging

With all possible means to overcome the hurdle, use Insta DM on your computer to stay in sync with friends and funny buddies. For an enhanced experience, explore the best Instagram filters, photo editors, and video editors, along with the easiest way to download Instagram videos. As you dive into messaging, I’m delving deeper to discover more tips to share with you. Stay tuned so you never miss our latest guides.