Sam’s Stardew Valley Gift Guide

Sam's Stardew Valley Gift Guide

Sam, a marriage candidate in Stardew Valley, exudes friendliness with his spikey blonde hair. He resides in the bottom-left house in Pelican Town with his family. If you fancy Sam as your partner, discover his preferred and disliked gifts below to swiftly strengthen your bond.

Table of Contents

Loved Gifts

Sam cherishes gifts such as cactus fruit, maple bar, pizza, tigerseye, and other universally adored items, which are readily available and require minimal effort to obtain.

Among the simplest options are maple bars and pizza. While cactus fruit is also accessible, unlocking the desert area is necessary.

When gifting Sam, his enthusiastic response earns you 80 friendship points. You can gift each villager once a day, with a maximum of two gifts per week. Gifting Sam on his birthday, Summer 17, yields 640 friendship points or 2.5 hearts, thanks to an 8x multiplier.

During the Feast of the Winter Star festival, giving Sam a gift rewards you with 400 friendship points or 1.6 hearts.

Item Description
Cactus A forage item found in the desert. Sold by Sandy at Oasis on Tuesdays for 150g. Also available randomly from the traveling merchant for 225-1000g.
Maple Bar Crafted in the kitchen in your upgraded house or with the cooking kit at foraging skill level 9. Requires one maple syrup, one sugar, and one wheat flour.
Pizza Available for 600g at the Stardrop Saloon or crafted with one wheat flour, one tomato, and one cheese.
Tigerseye A mineral found in magma and omni geodes.
Golden Pumpkin Obtained by completing the maze at the Spirit’s Eve festival or from artifact troves.
Magic Rock Candy A unique item obtained from haunted skulls, the desert trader for prismatic shards, or as a museum donation reward.
Pearl Obtained from fishing in the night market submarine, certain fish ponds, or artifact troves.
Prismatic Shard A precious mineral mined from mystic stones and iridium nodes, or found in omni geodes, fishing treasure chests, and special rooms in Skull Cavern.
Rabbit’s Foot Obtained from rabbits or the traveling cart for 1695-2825g.

Liked Gifts

Sam appreciates various gifts in Stardew Valley, including:

  • Artisan goods (excluding oil, void mayonnaise, duck mayonnaise, regular mayonnaise, and pickles)
  • Cooking items (excluding fried egg, bread, strange bun, and seafoam pudding)
  • Flowers (excluding poppy)
  • Foraged minerals (except quartz)
  • Fruit tree fruits (excluding banana and mango)
  • Gems
  • Life elixir
  • Maple syrup
  • Piña colada
  • Joja cola
  • Egg items (excluding void and dinosaur eggs)

When receiving these gifts, Sam expresses his gratitude with a simple: “Thanks! I really like this.” You’ll earn 45 friendship points on a regular day.

Sam's Stardew Valley Gift Guide
Item Description
Most eggs Acquire eggs from various animals, excluding void and dinosaur eggs
Joja cola Can be found in garbage cans, obtained by fishing, purchased from Joja Mart, or from a vending machine at Stardrop Saloon
Maple syrup Obtained from a tapper placed on a maple tree
Life elixir Craftable item requiring various mushrooms
Most artisan goods Produce items such as cloth from a loom, excluding oil, void mayonnaise, duck mayonnaise, regular mayonnaise, and pickles
Many cooking items Sam appreciates most cooking items, excluding fried egg, bread, strange bun, and seafoam pudding
Most flowers (excluding poppy) Obtainable through planting seeds or foraging, excluding poppy
Most foraged minerals Can be found by foraging in caves, excluding quartz
Most fruit tree fruits Sam likes most fruit tree fruits, excluding banana and mango
Most gems Obtained by breaking specific rocks
Piña colada Available for purchase from Gus at the beach resort bar for 600g