Leak: Next-Gen Intel Battlemage GPU Suggests Larger Die Size

Leak: Next-Gen Intel Battlemage GPU Suggests Larger Die Size

Intel’s Arc graphics card lineup stands out as a remarkable first-generation offering. Despite encountering some issues, many users voice support for Team Blue’s venture into the GPU market. With new leaks emerging, let’s explore details about Intel’s upcoming Arc GPU lineup, known as Battlemage.

New Test Tools Emerge for Intel Battlemage GPUs

A recent leak regarding the rumored Intel Battlemage Arc GPU lineup surfaced on Intel’s Design-In Tools website. This platform sells tools utilized for validation, platform testing, debugging, etc., to Intel’s partners, including those designed for future products.

New test tools spotted by a Korean hardware enthusiast (Twitter/@harukaze5719) indicate future Intel Battlemage GPU variants: BMG-X2 & BMG-X3. The BGA2362-BMG-X2 Interposer and BGA2727-BMG-X3-6CH interposer are available.

Note: These are not actual product names but references to the rumored graphics processor for potential use in future Intel Arc Battlemage GPUs. What does this leak suggest about Intel’s rumored successor to the Arc Alchemist series (e.g., Arc A770 & A750)?

Examining the testing tool for BMG-X3, the socket featured is BGA-2727. Contrasting it with the one used on the highest-end Intel Arc GPU currently available, the Arc A770, the new socket is slightly larger. This leak offers insight into Intel’s initial chip design for future Intel Arc GPUs. However, there’s no confirmation if this is the final design.

Leak: Next-Gen Intel Battlemage GPU Suggests Larger Die Size

If Intel proceeds in this direction, it indicates they are currently experimenting with a bigger die size for future Arc GPUs, part of the upcoming Intel Battlemage GPU lineup. A larger die size doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger graphics processor inside. While it could be the case, this design choice could also relate to adjusting the heat spreader’s size.

New Intel Battlemage GPUs Release: What to Expect

Intel’s highly anticipated Arc GPUs may not hit the shelves until Q2 2024, according to recent leaks. However, there’s a possibility of an earlier launch, albeit uncertainties loom due to ongoing development challenges. Notable hardware leaker Moore’s Law Is Dead has provided insights into Intel’s Battlemage Arc graphics, shedding light on potential release dates and key specifications, including memory bandwidth, size, and type (with GDDR6X hinted for top-end models). Explore the details below:

Intel Battlemage Rumors (Source: YouTube/Moore’s Law Is Dead)

Intel persists in updating drivers for older Arc GPUs and offering robust support to its users. We interviewed Raja Koduri, the architect of Intel Arc Graphics, who has departed from the company. Despite his exit, Intel’s ongoing backing of Arc instills some confidence in the future of its dedicated graphics business. Anticipation mounts for Team Blue’s forthcoming graphics card lineup. It promises to unveil exciting developments.

Are you considering the upcoming Intel Arc Battlemage GPUs? Share your preferred GPU brand in the comments. Also, check out our comparison of Intel’s XeSS technology versus Nvidia’s DLSS & AMD’s FSR to determine the superior option.