Hidden Gnome Locations: Fortnite OG Map

Hidden Gnome Locations: Fortnite OG Map

Fortnite consistently introduces new elements to captivate its players, yet amidst map updates, Gnomes remain a constant. Amidst the chaos of battle for Victory Royale, these Gnomes beckon, offering 20,000 XP. However, their locations vary across the Fortnite map. With the return of the Fortnite OG map, let’s explore where these elusive Gnomes can be found.

Gnome Locations Overview:

Ten Gnomes hide across the current map. Refer to the image above or read on for their OG map locations. Act fast to gather them for a 20,000 XP boost.

All Hidden Gnome Locations in Fortnite

Discover Gnomes on the Fortnite OG map in any order; XP remains unaffected. Press the E key (square on PS, X on Xbox) near each Gnome. Additional locations will be added here if Fortnite updates.

1. Cliff of Paradise Palms

To find the Gnome in Fortnite’s Paradise Palms, head to the eastern corner of the location. Look for two graves and a flower tribute near the cliffs, behind a house.

2. Lonely Lodge Pond Gnome

In Lonely Lodge, head north to find a small pond with rocks. The Gnome is on the shores.

3. Maze of Wailing Woods

Locating this Gnome in the Wailing Woods maze can be tricky. Jump on the house in the middle and follow the ! sign.

4. Gnome Location Behind RV in Risky Reels

Hidden Gnome Locations: Fortnite OG Map

Head north in Risky Reels, where trailers, RVs, and cars are parked. Look for a green RV at the end of the park. Behind it, next to the wooden wall, you’ll find a Gnome. It’s one of the easiest Fortnite Gnome spots to locate.

5. Small Pond of Dusky Divot

In Dusky Divot, head north to find a small pond beneath the junkyard. The Gnome awaits in the pond’s center.

6. The Broken Bus on Shifty Shafts Hill

Discovering the Gnome’s hiding place here might prove tricky; he’s underground, upside down. Head to the eastern side of Shift Shafts and scout for hills northeast of the area. There, amidst a broken battle bus, you’ll spot the elusive Gnome right by the bus’s hood.

7. Shifty Shafts Mine Gnome Location

Locating this Gnome is straightforward; it’s also within Shifty Shafts. Navigate to the mines and enter through the northern gateway. Behind a wooden wall, tucked away in the mine’s depths, you’ll find the Gnome. Smash the barrier and claim the Gnome to earn XP.

8. Greasy Grove Statue

If you know the rock face meme, finding this one won’t be difficult. In Greasy Grove, head north from the location towards the hills. Behind the rock face statue hides the pesky little Gnome.

9. Pleasant Park Gnome Camp

Fortnite added a football field in Pleasant Park with another Gnome location nearby. Once you’re at the Pleasant Park football ground, walk south. You’ll spot a camp tent where the Gnome has settled.

10. Junk Junction Llama Statue

The last location on our list is the easiest to find, situated at the northwest end of the map. Locate the Llama statue in Junk Junction, and you’ll see this Gnome relaxing on some scraps on the ground.