Crafting a Smithing Table in Minecraft 1.20

Crafting a Smithing Table in Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft boasts an array of utility blocks. Some facilitate crafting, while others optimize potion-making. Yet, only one propels you towards the pinnacle of armor and tool mastery: the netherite items, exclusively attainable through adept smithing table utilization. So, without delay, let’s unravel the art of crafting a smithing table in Minecraft.

Crafting Process: Smithing Table in Minecraft (2023)

This guide seamlessly caters to both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. Furthermore, we’ve compartmentalized the process into digestible sections for your convenience. Without further ado, let’s delve into the intricacies.

Understanding the Smithing Table

The smithing table upgrades diamond gear into netherite gear. Weapons, tools, and armor can be placed on the table for upgrading. Unlike an anvil, the smithing table requires no experience points (XP) from the player. Upgraded gear retains its durability and enchantments.

Additionally, the smithing table serves as a job block for toolsmith villagers, creating one of the many villager jobs in Minecraft. It commonly spawns inside Minecraft villages, specifically within the huts of toolsmiths. It can be collected by hand or with a pickaxe for faster retrieval.

Creating a Smithing Table in Minecraft

With its basic ingredients, crafting a smithing table becomes achievable on day one of your journey in this blocky survival world. However, its utilization is deferred.

Required Ingredients

  • Four wooden planks (any wood)
  • Two iron ingots

Wooden planks are obtained by placing a log in the crafting area. The crafting recipe of the smithing table doesn’t specify the type of wooden planks needed. To acquire iron, refer to our Minecraft ore distribution guide.

Crafting Recipe

Combine the ingredients on a crafting table to fashion a smithing table in Minecraft. Utilize any adjacent columns in the crafting recipe.

To craft a smithing table, place iron ingots in two adjacent cells of the top row in the crafting area. Then, fill the two rows below the ingots with wooden planks. They don’t need to be of the same wood type. And voila, you’ve crafted a smithing table. Easy, right?

Using a Smithing Table in Minecraft

Crafting a Smithing Table in Minecraft 1.20

The main purpose of a smithing table in Minecraft is to upgrade diamond gear to Netherite gear. If you have a diamond sword, adding a Netherite ingot transforms it into the strongest sword in the game.

To do so, access the smithing table and place the diamond item in the left cell. Then, place the netherite ingot in the adjacent cell. The final result will be a Netherite version of the item. Here’s an example:

Things You Should Know About Smithing Tables

  • You can only use diamond gear at a time.
  • Unlike other ore-based tools, you only need one Netherite ingot to upgrade any tool.
  • It is the sole method to obtain Netherite gear in Minecraft without commands. If you’re interested in Minecraft commands, refer to our guide.

Minecraft 1.20: New UI for Smithing Tables

One significant change in Minecraft 1.20 is the upgraded Smithing table, enhancing armor customization.

Netherite Utilization in New Smithing Table

In the latest Minecraft version, utilizing Netherite is more challenging. However, its strength justifies this balancing adjustment. Rather than directly combining Netherite in the Smithing table, acquisition of Netherite Upgrade Smithing Templates is necessary. These templates exclusively spawn in the treasure rooms of Bastion Remnants within the Nether dimension.

After obtaining the template, place it in the Smithing Table along with a diamond item and a Netherite ingot to combine the three. If obtaining individual templates for each Netherite item feels like too much work, duplicate one template by combining it with 7 diamonds and 1 Netherrack.

Armor Trimming

Other than upgrade templates, find Armor Trim Smithing Templates around overworld structures in Minecraft. Each trim template allows you to add a unique pattern to your armor, reflecting the structure it was found in. Currently, there are 11 armor trim smithing templates in Minecraft, usable in 10 color options.

To use one, place an armor trim, armor piece, and color material on the Smithing table. Currently, there are 10 color options, each utilizing a unique in-game ore material.

Obtaining Netherite in Minecraft

Discovering the smithing table often prompts players to seek out Netherite. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a guide on acquiring Netherite in Minecraft, ensuring a swift process. However, prior to obtaining Netherite, constructing a Nether portal in Minecraft is essential, as this ore is exclusive to the Nether dimension.

Constructing a Smithing Table in Minecraft

With this information, you’re prepared to acquire, craft, and utilize a smithing table in Minecraft. This block facilitates the upgrade of armor, weapons, and tools to Netherite. Enhance your gear further by applying top-tier Minecraft enchantments, rendering them nearly indestructible. Alternatively, fortify your character with the best Minecraft potions, though a brewing stand is required for potion brewing. Unless you’re utilizing Minecraft mods, Netherite gear remains a game-changer. Armed with the knowledge of smithing table functionality, what’s your next Minecraft project? Share in the comments!