Airalo: Affordable Data Roaming Worldwide

Airalo: Affordable Data Roaming Worldwide

International internet data roaming charges stand as one of the significant expenses when traveling abroad. Carriers impose exorbitant prices for this service. While acquiring a local SIM card in the visited country could alleviate this issue, the process is often convoluted. Even with a local SIM, managing multiple cards becomes cumbersome as you switch them in and out. Simplifying this process would be a relief.

Enter Airalo.

Airalo offers a solution to this predicament. Tested by my colleague Rupesh during his trip to Hawaii, Airalo proves to be a boon for international travelers.

Understanding Airalo

Airalo, the world’s first eSIM store, provides access to eSIMs for over 100 countries at affordable prices. These eSIMs are compatible with all eSIM-compatible devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With Airalo, you can purchase multiple eSIMs for different countries and seamlessly switch between them without replacing physical SIM cards. Additionally, Airalo’s eSIMs enable you to keep your primary number active for voice calls, eliminating the need to change numbers when traveling.

Now, let’s explore how Airalo works, its features, and pricing to determine its value.

How Airalo Works?

As mentioned, Airalo utilizes eSIMs for seamless roaming. To grasp Airalo’s functionality, comprehension of eSIMs is essential.

eSIM Explained

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, provides a smarter and more convenient way to stay connected. Remember the large SIM cards of the past? As smartphones became smaller and thinner due to innovations by companies like Apple and Samsung, SIM cards also shrank to save space. Initially, there was the Full-size SIM card (1FF) followed by the Mini-SIM (2FF) in 1996, Micro-SIM (3FF) in 2003, and Nano-SIM (4FF) in 2012. Most of us now use Nano-SIM cards, whether in an iPhone, Samsung, or any other high-end smartphone.

The ultimate evolution is the eSIM, a programmable SIM embedded in the device.

The benefits of eSIM are manifold. It doesn’t occupy physical space, allowing manufacturers to include extra hardware. It enables devices to support multiple SIM connections simultaneously, although only one eSIM is active at a time. However, switching between eSIMs is effortless.

Moreover, eSIMs can be activated online, eliminating the need for in-store purchases. Platforms like Airalo offer convenient online purchasing.

Advantages of Airalo

Airalo offers convenient access to international eSIMs at affordable prices. Setting up an account and activating a US eSIM took me just 5 minutes. During the Qualcomm Summit in Hawaii, my colleague Rupesh used Airalo’s eSIM and experienced seamless high-speed internet access.

How to Set up Airalo eSIM

Airalo: Affordable Data Roaming Worldwide

Setting up an Airalo eSIM is straightforward:

1. Download their app (iOS/Android) or visit their website to create an account.

2. Once your account is created, select your desired country and plan.

3. Pay for the plan (details on pricing later). The eSIM will be added to your account. You can install eSIM via QR code or manually.

4. For the QR code method, navigate to Setting -> Cellular/Mobile -> Add Cellular/Mobile, then scan the QR code to activate the eSIM. Alternatively, enter the details manually, including the SM-DP+ Address, Activation Code, and Confirmation Code (if available).

That’s it. Now the eSIM is active, and you can use the data. If installing multiple eSIMs, assign them unique nicknames for easy identification.

Is My Phone Supported?

One major question people ask is whether their phone is supported. The simple answer: if your device (phone, tablet, or laptop) supports eSIM technology, Airalo will work. Here’s the list of currently supported devices:

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • Nuu Mobile X5
  • Google Pixel 3 & 3XL
  • Google Pixel 4
  • Windows 10 PCs
  • Lenovo Yoga 630
  • HP Spectre Folio
  • iPad Air (3rd Generation)
  • iPad Pro (3rd Generation)
  • iPad Mini (5th Generation)
  • Gemini PDA
  • Motorola Razr 2019
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold

Note: Google Pixel 3 and 3XL devices are eSIM compatible, however, certain Pixel 3s work when they have the “add carrier” option.

Pricing and Availability

Airalo eSIMs cover over 100 countries globally, ensuring availability wherever you travel. Pricing varies based on data volume and validity.

  • $3 – 1GB / 7 days
  • $11 – 3GB / 30 days
  • $16 – 5GB / 30 days
  • $26 – 10GB / 30 days

These data plans offer affordability compared to carrier roaming charges.

Experience Affordable International Data Roaming with Airalo

Airalo offers international travelers peace of mind by eliminating concerns over exorbitant data roaming fees and the hassle of obtaining local SIM cards abroad. Simply purchase an Airalo eSIM and you’re set. For those embarking on multi-country journeys, eSIMs can be effortlessly switched by adjusting your phone settings. Don’t miss out on this essential service if you’re a frequent traveler.