15 Top Leather iPhone 11 Pro Cases Worth Buying

15 Top Leather iPhone 11 Pro Cases Worth Buying

Simply put, the iPhone 11 Pro boasts a stunning premium glass design and exceptional optics. Yet, its glass back is fragile and prone to breakage from minor drops. To prevent such mishaps, opt for a case providing protection against both drops and scuffs. Personally, I favor leather cases for their protective and visually striking qualities, as well as their solid grip. Here, we’ve curated a collection of the finest leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro, meticulously chosen with consideration for both price and material quality. Without further ado, let’s explore our selection:

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Let’s dive into our list.

1. Mujjo Leather Case

Mujjo crafts premium leather cases for high-end smartphones, including the iPhone 11 Pro. Utilizing full-grain leather, this case exudes a luxurious feel. Precise cuts ensure a snug fit around buttons and sensors, leaving no room for looseness. What sets the Mujjo leather case apart is its ability to age gracefully, acquiring a natural patina over time. Additionally, it supports wireless charging. Mujjo also offers a wallet version for added convenience in storing cards and cash.

Buy from Mujjo: Starts at €37.11 (~$40)

2. iPhone 11 Pro Leather Case by Apple

Apple offers an official leather case for the iPhone 11 Pro, which looks awesome. Crafted by Apple, the case boasts accurate dimensions and a precise fit. Made of European leather, it’s specially tanned for a unique appearance. Additionally, a microfiber lining protects the device. The raised lip around the screen and camera further guards against scratches and drops. Available in 7 colors, the leather case supports wireless charging. For a premium option, choose the official leather case for your iPhone 11 Pro.

3. Strada Series Case by OtterBox

OtterBox offers its premium leather folio cases in the Strada Series for iPhone 11 Pro, featuring a polycarbonate shell for added durability. The case includes multiple slots for cards or cash, enhancing convenience. With 360-degree protection against drops and scratches, it also supports wireless charging. In summary, for a leather case providing comprehensive protection for your iPhone 11 Pro, the Strada series by Otterbox is an excellent choice.

Buy from OtterBox: $73.95

4. Fly Hawk Wallet Leather Case

Fly Hawk offers a budget-friendly alternative to premium leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro. Made with PU leather like the Lonli Basic, it boasts a comparable hand feel to genuine leather cases. As a folio case, it provides convenient storage for cards and cash. Additionally, it features a kickstand, enhancing the viewing experience for long videos or movies on your iPhone 11 Pro. With comprehensive protection for the display and cameras, the Fly Hawk wallet case ensures security from all sides. For those seeking an affordable leather case, the Fly Hawk wallet case is an excellent choice.

Buy from Amazon: $15.99

5. Lonli Classic

Among the three premium leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro mentioned earlier, Lonli Classic stands out as a more affordable option. Crafted from nappa leather, it boasts a sleek and refined appearance while providing a snug fit for the iPhone 11 Pro. Alongside its aesthetic appeal, Lonli Classic offers ease of grip and features a magnetic latch. Enhanced protection is ensured with microfiber lining and raised edges around the screen and camera to prevent scratches and bumps. At $20.91, Lonli Classic emerges as an excellent and budget-friendly choice for iPhone 11 Pro users.

6. Nomad Rugged Folio

If you seek a protective leather case, consider the Nomad Rugged Folio. Crafted from top-grade Horween leather, it includes rugged PC and TPE interiors for enhanced shock-resistance. This leather wallet case safeguards your iPhone 11 Pro from drops and scuffs. Over time, the Horween leather develops a patina, maintaining its classy look and feel. Notably, the Rugged Folio supports wireless charging, allowing you to charge your iPhone 11 Pro without removing the cover.

Buy from Amazon: $69.95


Examining the TORRO leather wallet case for iPhone 11 Pro, it’s undeniably a premium product at an affordable price. If you seek to outfit your smartphone in a high-quality leather case without breaking the bank, consider this option seriously. Crafted from genuine leather with a silicone interior for impact resistance, the case also boasts multiple card slots and a spacious cash pocket. Its reliable magnetic closure ensures the security of your belongings.

Available on Amazon: $35


For those seeking a minimalist leather case for iPhone 11 Pro, TENDLIN offers a compelling option. Constructed from PU leather, this slim case snugly wraps around the iPhone, providing both style and durability. The interior is designed to withstand minor impacts, and the case includes two slots on the back for storing credit cards. Priced at $15, TENDLIN offers one of the most affordable leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro.

15 Top Leather iPhone 11 Pro Cases Worth Buying

Available on Amazon: $14.99

9. Dreem Fibonacci

If you seek a complete travel companion for all your needs, Dreem Fibonacci is ideal. The case is handcrafted from faux leather with slots for 6 credit cards and a compartment for 10 dollar bills. Its shock-proof TPU interior ensures durability, and the detachable folio reduces bulk. Plus, it’s compatible with magnetic car mounts and doesn’t interfere with wireless charging.

Amazon Price: $44.44

10. JuBeCo

With its sleek design, the JuBeCo leather cover complements the iPhone 11 Pro perfectly. The genuine calfskin leather, combined with a soft TPU frame, provides sufficient strength to withstand shocks without compromising the smartphone’s style. Additionally, the raised lip on both the front and back ensures protection for the 5.8″ Super Retina Display and the triple-lens camera against scratches. Moreover, the JuBeCo leather case is compatible with wireless charging.

Available on Amazon: $19.80

11. Lupa Flip Leather Case

Lupa, among my favored leather iPhone 11 Pro cases, stands out for its diverse color selection. Burgandy, particularly, is my top pick. Beyond colors, Lupa impresses with its use of premium leather at an affordable price. Features include magnetic closure, a cardholder, and wireless charging support. Plus, it offers reliable dual-sided protection. Overall, Lupa is a budget-friendly yet premium choice.

Available on Amazon: $18.99

12. Shieldon Wallet Leather Case

Shieldon offers a wallet leather case crafted from premium cowhide leather, boasting additional features like card slots, kickstand, magnetic closure, and crucially, RFID card blocking to prevent automatic transactions through Apple Pay. These features position Shieldon as one of the best leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro. Moreover, it provides excellent protection for both the screen and camera module. In essence, if you seek a premium leather case with robust protection and added features, Shieldon is a compelling choice.

Buy from Amazon: $29.99

13. ESR Leather Case

ESR, a leading smartphone accessory maker, crafts exceptional leather cases for iPhones. The ESR leather case stands out for its simplicity and premium material. Its high-quality leather develops a natural patina over time, adding to its appeal. Despite its thin and lightweight design, the case offers reliable protection with raised edges around the camera and screen. Additionally, it supports wireless charging. In summary, for a budget-friendly premium leather case, ESR is an excellent choice.

Available on Amazon: $26.99

14. Jijaogara Leather Case

Jijaogara leather case offers a budget-friendly option for iPhone 11 Pro users seeking a leather case. Crafted from PU leather, it provides a tactile experience akin to genuine leather, albeit without developing a patina over time. Despite this, its appearance remains commendable for its price point, while also delivering adequate protection. Featuring a microfiber lining, it shields the phone’s back from scratches and dust. The added benefit? It includes a complimentary screen protector. Additionally, it supports wireless charging, further enhancing its appeal. In summary, for those satisfied with PU leather and seeking affordability, Jijaogara presents a viable choice.

Purchase from Amazon: $12.99

15. Olixar Leather Back Case

Olixar is our final pick for the best iPhone 11 Pro leather case, offering good quality at a reasonable price. Made of PU leather, it features a stylish textured back for enhanced grip and comfort. Inside, a TPU enclosure protects the phone from dust and scratches. Surprisingly, it’s compatible with wireless charging, which is a great bonus. In summary, the Olixar leather case is an excellent choice for those seeking affordability and some level of protection.

Buy from Amazon: $14.99

Discover Stylish Protection with the Best Leather Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

That concludes our list of the top 10 leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro, covering a range of price points to suit your budget. Considering the Pro model’s high cost, investing in a case that offers both style and protection is wise. If you enjoyed our article, please leave a comment below to share your thoughts.