13 Top DJI Spark Accessories You Should Get

13 Top DJI Spark Accessories You Should Get

DJI, the premier brand in the drone industry, launched their smallest and most affordable drone earlier this year, the DJI Spark. It competes with other mini drones like the Yuneec Breeze and Parrot Bebop 2 Power. The Spark boasts DJI’s signature technologies, including intelligent flight controls such as ActiveTrack and TapFly, also found in the Phantom 4 professional drone. Alongside its ability to capture stabilized footage effortlessly, the DJI Spark excels in collision avoidance and offers gesture-based drone control. With a starting price of just $499, these features make the DJI Spark a smart investment. If you’re considering purchasing DJI’s latest mini drone, enhance your flight experience with these 13 top DJI Spark accessories:

1. DJI Spark Remote Controller

The $499 DJI Spark variant excludes a remote controller, necessitating the use of the DJI Go app on smartphones for drone control. However, you can separately purchase the DJI Spark remote controller for a complete drone-flight experience. Attach your smartphone to the controller for dual functionality. It offers a video transmission range of up to 2 km, which is impressive.

Buy from Amazon: ($129)

2. Additional Batteries For DJI Spark

DJI Spark includes a battery offering 12-16 minutes of flight time, which falls short for most users. Unless you’re leisurely flying, the battery life won’t suffice, particularly for capturing high-quality aerial footage. To address this, acquiring extra batteries is essential for seamless swaps when needed.

Available on Amazon: ($49)

3. DJI Spark Battery Charging Hub

So, you acquired extra batteries for your drone to compensate for its sub-par flight time, but how will you charge them? Charging each additional battery individually seems like a complete waste of time. But fear not, DJI offers a battery charging hub that enables you to charge up to 3 batteries simultaneously. The hub optimizes the charging process based on the batteries’ power levels and cell voltage. Additionally, it features intelligent temperature control, which adjusts the charging current to extend battery life and prevent hazards when the battery temperature is low.

Buy from Amazon: ($68.99)

4. DJI Spark Propeller Guards

Despite its intelligence, DJI Spark is susceptible to collisions in certain scenarios. The propellers are the most vulnerable components, necessitating protection. With four propellers requiring safeguarding, acquiring propeller guards is highly recommended. These guards enhance flight safety by shielding both individuals and soft objects from the spinning propellers, ensuring lightweight design to minimize impact on drone performance.

Available on Amazon: ($18.90)

5. DJI Spark Propellers

The propeller of a drone is its most vulnerable part, often the first to sustain damage from collisions or debris during flight. Having spare propellers readily available is crucial for quick replacement when needed. Fortunately, these propellers are inexpensive, with a pair costing under $10.

Available on Amazon: ($9)

6. DJI Goggles

If you own a DJI Spark, you likely use your smartphone with the DJI Go App to view real-time footage. Enhance this experience with DJI Goggles, providing a first-person view of your drone’s recording. Resembling VR headsets, DJI Goggles feature dual Full HD screens and head tracking for controlling the Spark. Choose between 720p/60 fps or 1080p/30 fps for viewing.

Available on Amazon: ($449)

7. Fstop Labs Landing Gear Legs For DJI Spark

Being one of the smallest drones on the market today, the DJI Spark stands out for its omission of landing gear, unlike most other models by the same company. While it does feature bottom padding to assist in landings, this proves insufficient in the long run. Continuous use may lead to wear and tear on the underside. To prevent this, we recommend investing in Fstop Labs’ landing gear legs. These longer legs offer better protection for both the drone’s base and the gimbal camera, all for just under $10.

13 Top DJI Spark Accessories You Should Get

Available on Amazon: ($9.99)

8. Helistar DJI Spark Camera Gimbal Cover

Unlike the Mavic Pro, the DJI Spark lacks a default cover for its camera gimbal, leaving it vulnerable to performance degradation caused by accumulating dust and debris. Hence, we highly recommend purchasing a protective cover designed to shield the camera gimbal from dust, scratches, and water. Crafted from robust ABS material in a transparent grey hue, this cover assures quality without compromise. Additionally, it aids in stabilizing the gimbal and safeguarding against accidental damage during transportation.

Available on Amazon: ($5.99)

9. MC-Cases Professional Carrying Case For DJI Spark

If you plan to use the new DJI Spark professionally, such as shooting stabilized high-quality footage for extended periods, you’ll need a good carrying case to accommodate all your equipment. The MC-Cases professional case for the DJI Spark, though larger than the drone itself, includes compartments for nearly all your accessories, with space for up to 6 batteries to ensure uninterrupted shooting. Moreover, it’s reasonably priced, currently available on Amazon for under $80.

Amazon: ($79)

10. STARTRC Waterproof Hardshell Shoulder Backpack For DJI Spark

If you frequently travel with your DJI Spark, consider this shoulder backpack. It allows you to easily carry your drone and all accessories, wherever you go. Waterproof construction ensures weather resistance. With a durable polycarbonate shell, it protects your drone and accessories from accidental impacts. It’s spacious enough for a remote controller, charger, drone, and up to 5 batteries, with extra room for minor accessories.

Buy from Amazon: ($57.99)

11. PGYTech Drone Landing Pad For DJI Spark

Efficient drone operation hinges on flawless take-offs and landings, particularly in challenging terrain where the risk of damaging the camera gimbal looms. For novice pilots, employing a dedicated landing pad becomes imperative to facilitate smooth and secure landings. Crafted by PGYTech, this pad boasts a waterproof nylon construction, safeguarding both gimbal and camera from potential damage upon landing. Additionally, pegs are provided for anchoring the pad securely to the ground.

Purchase on Amazon: ($15.99)

12. StarRoad DJI Spark Range Extender

The DJI Spark’s remote controller boasts an impressive maximum video transmission range of 2 km. However, for those seeking even greater capabilities, we highly recommend investing in a range extender. This simple addition enhances connection range and stability.

The extender features a remote signal expansion board constructed from aluminum, functioning as an efficient radar antenna. Its outward-facing metal sheet generates a fan beam due to its oval shape. Remarkably, this range extender is available for just under $10.

Available on Amazon: ($9.50)

13. Fstop Labs DJI Spark Car Charger

If you have a car and travel with your DJI Spark drone, you’ll benefit from this car charger by Fstop Labs. You can charge the drone and remote controller to ensure they don’t run out of power while on the move. The USB port used to charge the remote controller can also charge other devices like a smartphone. According to the manufacturer, you can charge your drone in about 40 to 60 minutes, which is impressive.

Buy from Amazon: ($15.99)

The Best DJI Spark Accessories

DJI has a great reputation in the drone industry, and its latest DJI Spark mini drone lives up to the brand’s name with its compelling features. If you’ve purchased the Spark, especially the $499 variant, you’ll need these additional accessories to enhance your drone-flight experience. From batteries to range extenders, there are plenty of options. Which DJI Spark accessories do you plan to buy? Let us know in the comments below.