12 Facts About Denji in Chainsaw Man You Should Know

12 Facts About Denji in Chainsaw Man You Should Know

Denji, the main protagonist of Chainsaw Man, is beloved by everyone for his ability to slice up enemies with chainsaws protruding from his body. Within weeks of the anime’s debut, Denji has captured the hearts of viewers. However, behind this action-loving teenager lies a plethora of hidden secrets waiting to be unveiled. From his troubled past to an unexpected anime cameo, Denji’s story and character possess profound depths. Let’s delve into some lesser-known facts about Denji in Chainsaw Man.

Facts About Chainsaw Man’s Denji (2022)

Spoiler Warning: This guide contains spoilers about the characters and the plot of Chainsaw Man’s Public Safety Arc. We suggest watching the Chainsaw Man anime or reading the manga, at least till chapter 97, to avoid ruining the story.

1. Young Denji’s Voice Actor Played Armin in AOT

Marina Inoue, the voice actress for young Denji in Chainsaw Man, also voiced Armin Arlert in Attack on Titan. Witness her talent as Mai in Jujutsu Kaisen and Jennifer Walters in the Japanese dub of She-Hulk.

2. Pochita Considers Him a Real Friend

Many believe Pochita, like any devil, uses Denji for survival and power. However, this notion crumbles when we witness Pochita waiting tearfully for Denji’s return home, alone. This poignant scene underscores the deep bond between Denji and Pochita.

We witness Pochita’s devotion to Denji and his aspirations as he diverts to a burger joint mid-fight. Denji had longed to taste a good hamburger before dying, and Pochita, as a true friend, aims to fulfill this wish.

3. Denji Is the Favorite Creation

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Response to Poll Results

Discussing a popularity poll’s results in Shonen Jump, Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto revealed Denji as his favorite character. Given Denji’s popularity among fans, this isn’t surprising. Yet, despite being Fujimoto’s favorite, our protagonist faces numerous challenges.

4. Denji Lacks a Last Name

Since his parents’ death, Denji seemingly abandoned his surname, possibly due to his father’s debts or as a coping mechanism for his loss. Regardless, it’s widely known that Denji lacks a last name in Chainsaw Man. However, we may discover one in the manga’s second arc, where Asa Mitaka is introduced.

5. No Formal Education; Kanji Illiterate

Segments of Chainsaw Man manga suggest that Denji can’t read or do basic calculations. However, in Chapter 50, we witness Denji reading CoroCoro magazine alongside Power, causing confusion for some readers. Let me clarify.

Japan utilizes three writing systems: Hiragana (basic and easiest), Katakana (for foreign words), and Kanji (complex symbols for specific words). CoroCoro, a children’s magazine, employs Hiragana, which Denji appears familiar with. Conversely, he struggles with food menus or serious books, which often incorporate Katakana and Kanji, due to a lack of proper education.

6. Denji is Driven by Basic Desires

12 Facts About Denji in Chainsaw Man You Should Know

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Surprisingly, killing Denji proves incredibly difficult. Particularly evident in later manga segments, Denji experiences multiple revivals. Chapter 83 of Chainsaw Man manga reveals that Pochita can command Denji’s body, transforming him into the Chainsaw devil upon imminent death or loss of hope.

Denji’s contract with Pochita necessitates revealing his dreams, which nullifies upon his proximity to death. This enables Pochita to seize control, ensuring Denji’s survival and contract continuation. As the complete devil, Pochita becomes nearly invincible. Thus, eliminating Denji requires defeating the formidable Chainsaw devil form.

8. Denji’s Appearance in My Hero Academia

Denji subtly appears in Chapter 259 of My Hero Academia, embodying his Chainsaw Man hybrid form with his unmistakable chainsaw head and arms.

9. Denji’s Fatal Disease

Prior to becoming the Chainsaw Man devil hybrid, Denji experienced regular bouts of blood coughing. Given his mother’s demise from a heart disease with similar symptoms, Denji seemed destined for the same fate. However, Pochita intervened, rewriting Denji’s narrative entirely. Upon becoming a devil hybrid, Denji’s body healed, eradicating the fatal disease.

10. Devil Hunting Preceded His Abilities

To repay his father’s debt, Denji took up part-time devil hunting for the Yakuza. Despite lacking special powers, he fought and dispatched devils, relying solely on Pochita, the chainsaw devil, his faithful companion.

Pochita, with its chainsaw protrusion, served as both Denji’s pet and weapon. An early instance of this is seen when Denji confronts the tomato devil, predating his transformation into Chainsaw Man. The tomato devil even earns a mention in the opening song of Chainsaw Man, which is rife with movie references.

11. Denji Contracts Two Devils

Denji famously contracted with Pochita, the chainsaw devil, transforming into Chainsaw Man. However, this wasn’t his sole pact. To confront the antagonist of the Public Safety arc, Denji also bargained with Power, the blood devil, in Chapter 90. Though temporary, this agreement enabled Denji to harness Power’s blood in the decisive battle.

12. Sacrificing “Non-Vital” Organs

Early in the series, Denji’s eyepatch catches attention. He parted with his right eye, a kidney, and even a testicle to alleviate his father’s considerable debts, deeming these organs expendable compared to his financial burden.

Imagine the pressure Denji faced making such a decision despite suffering from a fatal condition. Fortunately, becoming a hybrid enabled Denji to regenerate all his organs, including his right eye.

Lesser-Known Facts About Denji in Chainsaw Man

Now that you know more about Denji, you’re likely eager to resume watching Chainsaw Man anime. Fortunately, our guide on how to watch Chainsaw Man will swiftly get you back on track. The best part? You can legally watch the anime for free through certain sources. Meanwhile, manga readers might be aware that Denji competes for the spotlight with a new protagonist in the second part of CSM. Yes, we’re referring to Asa Mitaka, and you can use one of the top manga apps to explore the new chapters. So, which of these Denji facts surprised you the most? Share in the comments below!