10 Manhwas Similar to Solo Leveling

10 Manhwas Similar to Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling, crafted by Chugong and illustrated by Dubu, stands as a groundbreaking work that propelled Korean manhwas into the limelight due to its immense popularity. It not only solidified its position among the highest-rated manhwas but also sparked a trend. The widespread acclaim and success of Solo Leveling paved the way for the emergence of numerous manhwas that echo its core elements: protagonists capable of leveling up, encounters with dungeons and dragons, wielding of impressive weaponry, and more. While Solo Leveling didn’t pioneer the leveling-up trope, it significantly amplified its appeal, inspiring many authors to create their own renditions. If you’re eager to explore manhwas (or mangas) akin to Solo Leveling, peruse the list below to embark on your journey.

Spoilers Warning: This list includes manhwas similar to Solo Leveling. Common aspects may contain spoilers. We advise finishing Solo Leveling first to preserve your intended experience.

10. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special (2018 – )

Starting with A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special, this manhwa, based on a popular novel, also has anime adaptations. Desir Herman gets a second chance to save his friends and the world after witnessing the end by a powerful adversary.

Restarting life with acquired knowledge is a significant advantage for the hero as he ascends to become a formidable magician, echoing elements such as dungeons, magic, and unexpected twists akin to Solo Leveling’s climax. The protagonist, Desir, garners similar popularity to Sung Jinwoo within the fandom.

9. Second Life Ranker (2019 – )

Second Life Ranker delves into an emotional narrative centered around brothers, sharing resemblances with Solo Leveling. The protagonist, Yeonwoo, grapples with his brother’s demise, unraveling mysteries and inheriting his legacy.

He embarks on a revenge mission to the Tower of the Sun God, where his brother perished, intending to avenge him by defeating the enemies. This story is driven by revenge, unlike Solo Leveling, yet it also includes a zero-to-hero trope, impressive weapons, and menacing monsters.

This manhwa boasts intense action scenes with a captivating art style worth noting.

8. I’m the Max-Level Newbie (2021 – )

Video game themes merging with reality in anime is a well-known concept, and I’m the Max-Level Newbie follows suit while incorporating real-life elements.

The plot unfolds with Kang Jinhyeok, a streamer, who completes the “Tower of Trials” game but struggles financially afterward. Suddenly, the game transitions into reality, imposing tasks essential for humanity’s survival.

Our protagonist, equipped with extensive game knowledge, reminiscent of Sword Art Online, and having already conquered the game, shines. The manhwa adopts a system akin to Solo Leveling, featuring players advancing through floors. Jinhyeok emerges as an outstanding MC akin to Jinwoo. For avid gamers and manhwa enthusiasts, this series offers an enticing choice.

7. My Blasted Reincarnated Life (2022 – )

Entitled My Blasted Reincarnated Life, this isekai manhwa revolves around the life of a warrior, Eugene Lionheart, who, having been defeated by demon kings, is reincarnated with the blood of the Great Vermouth—a second chance to fulfill unfinished business from his past life.

Endowed with a superhuman physique and exceptional combat prowess, Eugene can now confront challenges that once seemed insurmountable. Unlike SL, the protagonist embarks on a quest for revenge against his previous demise, featuring gripping battle sequences replete with thrilling weaponry and magic. Notably, this manhwa boasts remarkable artwork, appealing not only to fans of SL but to enthusiasts of captivating visuals as well.

6. Overgeared (2020 – )

Overgeared presents a manhwa centered on an MC immersed in a popular VR game. This storyline distinctly echoes Ready Player One, characterized by its exceptional artistry. The narrative follows Shin Youngwoo, the lowest-ranked player in the Satisfy VR game. However, he serendipitously discovers a potent item enabling him to excel as a skilled blacksmith, crafting unique weapons and gear within the game.

Possessing this quasi-cheat item propels him up the ranks, yet it triggers glitches in the game, forcing him to confront unforeseen challenges. This manhwa delves into VR game design, featuring the protagonist acquiring formidable weapons akin to Sung Jinwoo. It unfolds as a classic underdog tale complemented by captivating art and an invigorating storyline, making it a worthwhile read.

Nano Machine (2020 – )

  • MAL Rating: 7.96
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
  • Authors: Hanjung Wolya and Geumgang Bulgoe

Nano Machine, a manhwa merging nanotechnology with martial arts, promises a thrilling sci-fi action led by Yeo-un. Armed with futuristic nano technology, Yeo-un integrates it into his martial skills to combat his half-siblings.

10 Manhwas Similar to Solo Leveling

The MC starts as the weakest and gains a mysterious system to level up and become overpowered, echoing Solo Leveling. It features good art and blends nanotech with martial arts for a unique concept. If you crave action manhwa, try this.

4. SSS-Class Revival Hunter (2020 – )

SSS-Class Revival Hunter, a manhwa reminiscent of Solo Leveling, unfolds in a world of hunters. Our protagonist, Confucious Kim, initially a weak hunter, harbors envy toward the top hunters. However, fate bestows upon him the extraordinary ability to replicate other hunters’ powers, akin to Kakashi and Yuta. Yet, this power exacts a heavy toll—he must sacrifice his own life!

Consequently, the Flame Emperor, a renowned top hunter, ends his life. Mirroring Solo Leveling, Confucius gains a second chance through the ability to time travel, evading his demise. Can he rise to the pinnacle using his newfound powers within the Tower’s dungeon-like challenges? This manhwa offers a captivating narrative complemented by stunning artwork.

3. The Beginning After the End (2017 – )

Now, we delve into the realm of the highest-rated manhwas, commencing with The Beginning After the End, also recognized as TBATE.

TBATE, a reincarnation webtoon, features King Grey reincarnated as Arthur Leywin. This manhwa shares many aspects with SL, notably character design.

TBATE maintains a dedicated fanbase and unfolds in a fantasy world, showcasing a mage’s ascent akin to Solo Leveling’s necromancer, accompanied by captivating art and an enthralling plot. Don’t miss out on this masterpiece, heralded as one of the greatest webtoons.

2. Tower of God (2010 – )

Tower of God, one of the longest-running manhwas, has amassed millions of fans worldwide. It follows the life of Twenty-Fifth Bam, who enters the Tower without being chosen initially. Do you recall Sung Jinwoo’s journey through a dungeon, clearing each floor to reach the top?

This story features a tower-like world teeming with deadly monsters and cunning beings. Similar to the enigmatic system in SL, the Tower harbors numerous hidden secrets, revealed only through overcoming challenges. Can our hero ascend to power in his daring journey and emerge as a formidable force? Witness it firsthand!

1. Omniscient Reader (2020 – )

We’ve all experienced games transitioning into reality. But what if the webtoon you’ve been immersed in becomes a harrowing reality within your world? This is the tale of the Omniscient Reader, where protagonist Kim Dokja finds himself living within the webtoon known as Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse (TWSA).

Armed with extensive knowledge of this fictional universe, can Dokja thrive in this fantastical realm? Unlike Solo Leveling, the power system imposes no constraints, allowing the main character to ascend without limits. With its captivating narrative and stunning artwork, Omniscient Reader stands as the epitome of a manhwa akin to Solo Leveling.

Bonus – Solo Leveling: Ragnarok

The final puzzle piece on our list is Solo Leveling: Ragnarok. While not widely known, this spin-off sequel follows Sung Suho, son of Sung Jinwoo and Cha Hae-In.

Currently a novel, it’s heavily rumored to receive a manhwa adaptation later this year. Keep your eyes peeled—this is the only manhwa where we can relive Jinwoo’s glory, now with his son.

Here’s our list of manhwas or mangas similar to Solo Leveling. Solo Leveling marked a legendary milestone in manhwa history, and we’re thrilled to witness its long-awaited anime adaptation in 2024. This will undoubtedly amplify its popularity, attracting more fans to the realm of manhwas. However, if you believe we’ve overlooked any exceptional manhwa akin to Solo Leveling, kindly share your suggestions with us and fellow readers in the comments below.

Looking for more manhwa like Solo Leveling?

Absolutely! There’s an abundance of manhwa akin to Solo Leveling, including Omniscient Reader, Tower of God, Nano Machine, and more, all featured in our list.

What’s next after Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling has a sequel titled Solo Leveling: Ragnarok, delving into the life of Sung Suho, the son of Sung Jinwoo and Cha Hae-In.

Is Solo Leveling ending?

Solo Leveling has concluded with 179 chapters and an additional 21 epilogue chapters to conclude the story.