Removing Background from Images with Preview on Mac

Removing Background from Images with Preview on Mac

For PDF markup, photo extraction, or basic editing, Preview for macOS is my go-to. Among its many capabilities, I particularly appreciate its precise background removal feature. Often, I need to eliminate image backgrounds to align with posts. Preview proves invaluable for this task. If you’re interested in exploring this tool, let me guide you through removing image backgrounds using Preview on Mac.

How to Remove Image Backgrounds with Preview on macOS

The best part about the Preview app is its versatile yet familiar interface. Even if you’re new to macOS, mastering this stock image/PDF viewer is easy.

Preview supports various image file types such as JPEG, PNG, PSD, and TIFF. If a photo isn’t compatible, you can convert it to a supported format (File > Export > Format pop-up > file type). Let’s dive into the steps!

1. Open the image in the Preview app on your Mac. (Double click on the image to open it in Preview.) Then, click on the Markup tool at the top right of the toolbar.

  • To maintain the original photo, make sure to duplicate it first. Simply right-click the photo in its folder and select Duplicate. The duplicated image will be labeled with the word “copy” at the end.

2. Then, access the Instant Alpha tool found at the top left of the toolbar.

3. Now, drag across the background of your image to initiate the background removal process.

Removing Background from Images with Preview on Mac

It’s important to note that the Preview app automatically identifies the area you dragged over, as well as the adjacent pixels with matching colors.

  • If the tool fails to precisely select parts of the background, simply click elsewhere ordrag in the opposite direction to deselect.
  • To gain better control, use the Zoom tool to precisely select sections. Simply click on Window and choose Zoom. Alternatively, employ the trackpad gesture for zooming.

4. Next, choose sections of the background for removal and then press the Delete key. You can repeat steps 2 and 3 to delete additional background sections.

Remember, if the current document format lacks transparency support, convert the file format. If prompted, click Convert to proceed.

  • To delete everything outside the selected area, navigate to the Edit menu and choose Invert Selection. Then, press Delete.

Removing Image Backgrounds with Preview on Mac

Here’s a quick method to remove backgrounds from photos on your macOS device using Preview. As mentioned, Preview is proficient not only in basic PDF editing but also in image editing. Make sure to explore this handy app.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding Preview, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below.