Mastering Split Screen on Mac or MacBook

Mastering Split Screen on Mac or MacBook

If you’re a power user keen on maximizing your MacBook’s potential, mastering split screen is essential. This feature enables seamless multitasking, enhancing productivity by allowing you to use multiple apps simultaneously. Although split screen functionality has long been available on Macs, accessing it isn’t always intuitive. Here, we’ll guide you through utilizing split screen on MacBook and Mac devices.

Access Split Screen on MacBook via Full-Screen Button

MacBook’s split screen feature operates exclusively in full screen mode. Thus, when utilizing two apps with this feature, the dock and menu bar will remain hidden. While this might initially appear inconvenient, it effectively minimizes distractions. Here’s how to enter split view on MacBook using the maximize button:

1. Open two apps on your Mac that you want to view side by side, ensuring neither is maximized or in full-screen mode.

2. Position the mouse pointer over the “Full Screen” (green circle) at the top left corner of either app.

3. A menu will appear presenting three options. Select either “Tile Window to Left of Screen” or “Tile Window to Right of Screen” to arrange the app into split screen view on the desired side.

4. The chosen app will move to your Mac or MacBook’s selected side.

5. Click the other app, and your Mac enters Split Screen mode.

Enter Split Screen on MacBook with Mission Control

1. Open two apps on your Mac.

2. Drag one to the top edge of the screen to access Mission Control and place it in an empty position. Now, a “+” icon appears to create a new desktop.

3. Repeat the process for the other app, placing it on the previous one to open both in split screen.

Alternatively, use keyboard shortcuts to access Mission Control.

1. Press the “Control” + “Command” + “F” keys simultaneously. Then hit the F3 key to enter full-screen view and bring up Mission Control. Drag the other window and place it on the first one.

2. Now, both windows will open in split view.

Working in Split Screen View on Your Mac

Once you enter split screen mode on your Mac, you can work on both apps side by side. Here’s how:

1. Click anywhere on a window to work on it without impacting the other.

Mastering Split Screen on Mac or MacBook

2. Use the Vertical line in the middle to adjust window width.

3. Drag a window to either side to switch positions.

4. Utilize Mission Control or Trackpad gestures to navigate between apps on your desktop. While here, explore how to screen record on Mac.

Exiting Split Screen on Mac or MacBook

Now that you’ve mastered entering split screen on MacBook, understanding how to exit is equally vital. You won’t always want to use split view. Here’s how to exit split view on Mac:

1. Move the pointer to the top edge of the screen to reveal the menu bar.

2. Click the “Full Screen” (green) button, and your Mac will exit Split Screen View.

Note: The other window will enter Full Screen mode, accessible via Mission Control or a trackpad gesture.

3. Press the “Control + Command + F” keys simultaneously to exit the full-screen mode on the other window. That’s it. This is how you can use split screen on MacBook to boost your productivity.

Best Third-Party Split Screen Apps for Mac

If you want more functionality and customizability, there are many well-designed third-party split-screen apps available on macOS. So, just in case you aren’t impressed with the built-in split-screen feature or wish to try out more powerful alternatives, check out these notable options.

1. Magnet

Magnet, a feature-packed split screen app for Mac and MacBook power users, facilitates multitasking with apps by supporting snapping to left/right/top/bottom halves. Simply drag a window to the edge of your Mac display to resize it into half the screen, offering a seamless alternative to the official Split View method.

Additionally, Magnet allows you to sort your windows into sixths, ideal for ultra-wide monitors. It provides customizable keyboard shortcuts for using apps in split screen mode on your Mac. Compatibility-wise, Magnet supports OS X Yosemite or later. Despite the $10 price, its multitasking features justify the cost for power users.

Get Magnet: $9.99

2. Moom

Moom serves as a complete split screen window manager for Mac devices, offering five preset size/location options for window movement and zooming. Furthermore, it enables custom controls for managing windows according to your workflow.

What has drawn my attention is the ability to chain custom controls, streamlining window management on macOS, especially when juggling multiple apps. Moom also permits saving window layouts to recreate preferred arrangements. It automatically invokes saved layouts to hasten tasks, allowing immediate work commencement. Additionally, with keyboard mode constantly available, window snapping becomes expedited, eliminating reliance on a mouse.

Similar to Magnet, Moom (requires macOS 10.9 or later) carries a hefty price tag of $10. Nevertheless, for those seeking a comprehensive Mac window manager, it delivers on expectations.